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Voice Reader Studio

Voice Reader Studio

RRP (per language): EUR 499.00

Sales arguments

  • The cost-effective alternative to a recording studio
  • Natural sounding speech output to read out English and foreign language texts
  • Professional export of sound files as MP3 or WAV
  • Available in 6 languages

Outstanding sound quality

  • Unique TTS technology (text-to-speech) for excellent, natural speech output
  • Various settings for easy script control including pauses
  • Inserting sound effects, i.e. applause or original soundtrack
  • Three animated speakers can be shown. Choose your favourite one: Julia, Lara, or maybe Mark?

Use cases

  • Present your PowerPoint slides, Flash demos or company videos on a professional scale
  • Provide your website content in audio form
  • Ideal as a cost-effective advertising platform
  • Create your own audio book or podcast
  • Record teaching and learning materials – as the study carried out by the University of Regensburg confirms receptivity by listening is 29% greater than just reading.
  • In short, any announcement for a broader audience can be converted into an audio file by a single click.

Technical details for professional use

  • Adjustable options for volume, pitch, speed, and echo
  • Editor to improve pronunciation of unusual words or names
  • Sound quality settings between 32 bps and 128 bps
  • Optimised for Microsoft Windows Vista® and Office 2007

On our reference website, we have compiled examples of the possible applications of Voice Reader Studio.

We are particularly proud of the fact that Brockhaus multimedial premium is completely sound-tracked with Voice Reader Studio. All 260,000 lexicon articles, a total of 2,200 hours of knowledge thatcan be listened to!

System requirements: Windows 2000 (SP4 minimum), XP, Vista; Internet access for product activation; Internet Explorer (Version 6 or higher)

Application integration : Microsoft Office 2002 (XP), 2003 or 2007; Adobe Acrobat (version 7.0 or higher); iTunes

Text file format: DOC, RTF, TXT, HTML

Audio file export: MP3, WAV (16Bit 22KHz)

Product name Man Part N° RRP EAN
Voice Reader Studio
British English
VRS02 499,00 € 9783866910614
Voice Reader Studio
US English
VRS03 499,00 € 9783866910621
Voice Reader Studio
Deutsch (German)
VRS01d 499,00 € 9783866910553
Voice Reader Studio
Español (Spanish)
VRS06 499,00 € 9783866910652
Voice Reader Studio
Français (French)
VRS04 499,00 € 9783866910638
Voice Reader Studio
Italiano (Italian)
VRS05 499,00 € 9783866910645



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