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Personal Translator PT 2006 Office

The solution for all translation tasks!

  • Unique intelligent hybrid technology with neural network* that produces impressive translation quality even with complicated sentences
  • Automatic recognition of language direction
  • Automatic recognition of subject areas*
  • Automatic background spell-check*
  • Revised and updated quick-reference dictionary* with over 490,000 words
  • Dictionary can be extended by simply adding as many words as you want
  • Integrated Web browser* for opening and translating Web pages
  • Numerous options such as automatic compound analysis, formal/personal form of address (Sie/du), American/British English

* New in version 2006

PT 2006 Office English-German

RRP Euro 99.00, ISBN3-936021-31-7, EAN 9783936021318

PT 2006 Office English-French

RRP Euro 99.00, ISBN 3-936021-41-4, EAN 9783936021417

PT 2006 Office English-Italian

RRP Euro 99.00, ISBN 3-936021-44-9, EAN 9783936021448

PT 2006 Office English-Portuguese

RRP Euro 99.00, ISBN 3-936021-47-3, EAN 9783936021479

PT 2006 Office English-Spanish

RRP Euro 99.00, ISBN 3-936021-50-3, EAN 9783936021509

System requirements: Windows 2000, XP Home or XP Professional;
Pentium processor with 256 MB RAM; free disk space: 400 MB;





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