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PT Intranet

e-Translation Server

RRP (language pair): EUR 4975,00

Sales arguments

  • Server based translation portal in own company’s intranet
  • Excellent translation technology with highest user comfort
  • Time saving and improved efficiency throughout the company
  • Basic package with 25 User Licences in Concurrent User Licensing
  • 61 of the Top FT 100 European Companies are already using Personal Translator

Superior translation quality

  • Innovative SmartTranslation™-Technology for excellent translations
  • Uniform company terminology thanks to central administration of dictionaries
  • SmartMemory™ saves time by using previously edited translation texts

Server based translation solution

  • Purely server based: no client installation necessary
  • Scalable: flexible distribution of jobs for improved workload distribution
  • Secure: sensitive data remains within the company’s intranet
  • Stable: services provide virtually maintenance free operation
  • Easy configuration and flexible translation options
  • Improved efficiency via simultaneous access for all users to common resources


  • Existing customers: Siemens and Textron have been using Personal Translator Intranet successfully for years
  • According to the Fraunhofer Institute (Germany) using Personal Translator can save up to 40% of your time

German ↔ English
German ↔ French

English ↔ French
English ↔ Italian
English ↔ Portuguese (BR)
English ↔ Spanish

Englisch ↔ Chinese

World Edition „All in one“ – includes all 7 language pairs

1.000.000 entries
800.000 entries

400.000 entries
400.000 entries
400.000 entries
400.000 entries

400.000 entries

> 3,8 Mio. entries

System requirements



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