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Personal Translator 2008 Net

PT Net

RRP (language pair) : EUR 799,00

Sales arguments

  • Excellent translation technology with highest user comfort
  • Basic package contains 5 licences for use in business networks
  • High ROI of up to 500% and more, with fast return
  • 61 of the Top FT 100 European Companies already rely on Personal Translator

Outstanding translation quality, identical to PT Professional

  • Unique SmartTranslation™ technology for excellent translations
  • SmartAnalyse™ for best results, especially with long and complicated sentences
  • SmartCorrect™, for a translation document free of typos and spelling errors, as “nobdoy is perrfect“
  • SmartMemory™ for time saving re-use of translations already completed

Client-server architecture

  • Easy central installation of the client versions
  • Dynamic user licences
  • Uniform company terminology by central administration of dictionaries
  • Increased efficiency by simultaneous access of all users to shared resources


  • Translate directly in Microsoft® Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
  • Professional translation of PDFs and websites
  • Natural sounding speech output to read out foreign language and English texts with attractive speaker

German ↔ English
German ↔ French

English ↔ French
English ↔ Italian
English ↔Portuguese
English ↔ Spanish

Englisch ↔ Chinese

World Edition „All in one“ – includes all 7 language pairs

1.000.000 Entries
800.000 Entries

400.000 Entries
400.000 Entries
400.000 Entries
400.000 Entries

400.000 Entries

> 3,8 Mio. Entries


  • Server: Local network, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Citrix, Windows Peer-to-Peer
  • Client: Windows 2000 (SP4), XP Home or XP Professional (SP2), Vista (32 bit); Internet Explorer from Version 6.0 (SP1); Pentium Processor, 512 MB RAM; 300 Mb free disk space
  • Microsoft Office integration: : Office XP (2002), 2003 or 2007



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