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e-Translation Server

e-Translation Server

This comprehensive language portal for translation on the company intranet can be accessed worldwide with minimum administration effort.

Functional scope: Full-text, Web, and e-mail translation, plus a dictionary with over 620,000 entries. All functions can be accessed via browser.

The basic package permits access by 25 simultaneous users. It can be extended with additional English and French licenses and with the technical dictionaries Automotive Engineering and Medicine.

System requirements:
Any Web server (e.g., Windows, Linux, Apache, ISS), Pentium III 933 MHz with 768 MB RAM and 16 GB; for the translation engine Win 2000/NT
Any client (e.g., Windows, Unix, Mac) with intranet access via Web browser

e-Translation Server basic package G - E: ISBN 3-936021-07-4
e-Translation Server basic package G - F: ISBN 3-936021-08-2

Price: Euro 4,975 per language pair (basic package), additional languages on request
Per additional English or French license: Euro 199
Per additional technical dictionary license: Euro 119,-



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