Breaking the Language Barrier

Go on YouTube and laugh about languages

Have you done it already? YouTube is the forerunner, a portal with countless videos. You can find anything there! We have compiled a selection of the best funny pictures, videos and sketches. Enjoy!

And if you find or even have a funny video, then feel free to send it in! You will receive a small surprise for every published contribution.


I speak English,
I learn it from a book

Can you speak English?

Mayday, Mayday...

Learning a not so
useful German sentence

Ze beautifulest American
accent in ze werld

I speak perfect English

Yip Yip Martians
meet alien telephone

George Bush's
political Who's-who

Learning Engrish:
you laugh, you lose

German tongue twister

Trappatoni's Italo-German

Lerning Englisch
wiz Oliver Pocher

Medieval user helpdesk

Intelligent indeed...

What time is it?



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