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Your photo of a sign!

Wherever we choose to look, everyday life can be so amusing.
Whether unintended humor or creative pun: life writes the most incredible stories.

And if you too see an amusing sign, pull out your camera or your photographic mobile phone, and we shall be pleased to publish your photo in our column! Every entry published receives a small reward.


Warning signs(s) in African

A dangerous crossing? We use a traffic sign with warning lights to inform people about this danger. The warning lights don’t work? We use a sign to inform people of this. You just have to be resourceful! And people are made aware of the dangerous crossing.

Seen in Shanghai

As is well known, Chinese characters are hard to decipher, especially for non-Chinese people. For this reason, pictograms and graphic representations are much better. In most cases! For those who don't understand it immediately: here's the sign to the toilets. It's amusing how the Chinese characterize genders! Women carry shoes, and men are associated with pipes…

Pay attention, tattletales!

Seen in Shanghai: What is a "talking girl", if you please? The fact that a waitress must be able to speak is obvious anyway. However, it's not so clear why it's necessary to put it in the job description.

CNN draws a new map of Europe

We completely missed the friendly takeover of the Czech Republic by the Swiss navy in 2001.

Computers give us to understand mostly bad news with message windows. This time, it is reported that there has been no error.
An error that says it isn't one? This can only really be a systems error.

Seen in a London restaurant:

The gent's toilet is out of order at the moment, that's why...really? This can only be misunderstood! Ladies, best leave straight away.

Seen in Shanghai:

yes, we also share the same view: spitting should definitely be banned, before somebody slips on the resulting puddles.

The second tip is also nice: "Throwing litter everywhere is forbidden." Let's hope so.



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