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Workflow Description of Voice Reader Web

See on our website Voice Reader Web in action. Next to each heading there is a "Read" button. Clicking on it opens the Voice Reader Web Flash Player and the program immediately begins to read out. You can also test the features "Select and read" and "Control player via shortcuts"

Voice Reader Web will be integrated as a JavaScript link into your websites. Once you have received your Voice Reader Web access data, you can easily add the "Read" button for voice output to your website. Our web tool provides a JavaScript code which you have to copy directly into your website code, wherever you wish the button to appear. Simply carry out the following steps:

1. Use your access data to log in to the Voice Reader Web customer access area. You will receive an email with the corresponding link and access data after you have ordered Voice Reader Web

2. In the customer access area you can define all the settings for Voice Reader Web on your website. You can find out more about each setting by clicking on the question mark next to it. First, enter the settings for the button's appearance on your website: the type of icon, its language, and its color or just upload your own "Read" button.

3. The setup tool then lets you choose the settings for the voice output. This includes the encoding of your website, the language, speed and pitch for voice output and the quality of the audio file produced.

4. Next, you can define the settings for the HTML parser. These parameters let you set which areas of your website should be read out. You can thus choose voice output to cover only the content areas of your pages, and ignore menus, etc.

5. Here you can define the player type. There are three different Flash Players available. Embedded Player (opens up on top of the web page), Hover Player (completely movable on the website), Pop-up Player (opens up in a separate web page).

6. If you want to offer your website visitors the possibility to control the player via shortcuts, you may choose here the possible shortcuts. We have predefined shortcuts for you however you can change them as you like by just overwriting them. We recommend communicating the final shortcuts to your visitors on your website. In addition the defined shortcuts can be found by clicking on the "question mark" on the player.

7. In addition you have the possibility to integrate the read out option "Read out selected text" in your website. As soon as your website visitors mark any text on the webpage, they will find a "Read" button at the end of the marked text. If they click on this button the selected text will be read out. Customize your button here or upload your own button.

8. You will now have entered all settings for Voice Reader Web. The tool is now automatically producing a JavaScript code using these settings. Copy this JavaScript code from the code area and paste it into your HTML code. The Voice Reader Web button will appear wherever you add the code to your website, and visitors will be able to use the service immediately.

Enjoy using Voice Reader Web!



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