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Voice Reader Web

Pimp your website!

Voice Reader Web is the cool Internet service that automatically tunes up your website and gives it sound. The audio function of our web reader is perfect for packing your site full of punch and range. And all that without the pain of installation and maintenance expenses!

Those who visit your website can quickly and easily listen to the content of your website or even download it as an MP3 by clicking on a discretely placed "Read" link.

Voice Reader Web                                € 228,00 Buy now
(Basic package)

*Our Licensing Scheme: Prices apply per domain and depend on the number of times Voice Reader is accessed. The basic package at 19,-  € per month (corresponds to an annual fee of € 228) contains a convenient contingent of 1,000 Voice Reader accesses per month.

Here's how simple Voice Reader Web is:

You, as the website operator, simply integrate a "Read" link into all of the webpages that you would like to be made audibly available to visitors. It's as simple as filling out an intuitive web form, and you're all set!

Visitors to your website click on this link and immediately begin hearing the desired page content on demand via their own Flash Player. That means that you don't have to store the audio files on the server.

→ For a closer look at the product description.

How can you use Voice Reader Web to make your website more appealing and give it more actual value?

  • More attention:
    Reading texts on the screen, even short ones, can be pretty tiresome. Often we catch ourselves not really reading, but simply glancing over the page instead. Of course, it's difficult to really get a good grasp of the text that way!
    Printing out the entire text isn't an option either since, most of the time, it just gets thrown away after one read-through anyway. Help out your readers by giving their eyes a break with Voice Reader Web! And, as proven in a study by the University of Regensburg, our ability to take things in by listening is higher than by reading.

  • Distinguish yourself from your competitors!
    Not everyone's website features a multimedia performance. Impress visitors to your website with the excellent speech quality of Voice Reader Web. The voice output sounds so natural because it is based on the voices of real trained speakers. Intelligent algorithms assemble the small phonetic snippets into a natural-sounding, pleasant intonation.
    We can sure "tell" you a lot in writing, but if you don't believe us and if you want to know just how good the speech quality of Voice Reader Web really is, then listen to this page!
    As an option, website visitors may choose to listen to the text accompanied by discrete background music. Three musical genres are available. Why not listen for yourself? Enjoy a pleasant sound experience!

  • Always up-to-date and worry-free:
    Website content changes very quickly. It's not that uncommon for it to change daily or even several times each day. With Voice Reader Web, you don't have to worry about how to keep your audio files up-to-date. The program automatically reads exactly what the text on your website says. Outdated audio files and dead-end links are a thing of the past. And, you don't have to pay any maintenance or administrative expenses!

  • Reach a larger audience with expanded service!
    Voice Reader Web is a service for website operators that place value on appeal, comfort and quality. According to the German government's Act on Barrier-Free Information Technology (BITV, Barrierefreie Informationstechnik-Verordnung), it enhances your website and complies with W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Whether your visitors are looking for barrier-free Internet and better accessibility or are simply looking to listen to MP3s at any time while on the go: they'll thank you for this added service.

    By the way, this "read aloud" service also works on your Internet-enabled cell phone! Instead of having to go through the cumbersome task of scrolling through the tiny display, the desired webpages can be read aloud right from the mobile phone browser.

Those who have something to say no longer have to remain speechless on the Internet. Make yourself heard – with Voice Reader Web.



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