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Voice Reader Web Product Description

Your benefits at a glance

Voice Reader Web dynamically sound-tracks your website, i.e. “on demand”. The service can be installed quickly and easily. Our tutorial will show you how easy it is. The web site visitor just clicks on the link and the site contents can be heard immediately.

Advantages for your webmaster

  • Easy installation of the Internet service (ASP solution) via a web form
  • No memory requirements for linked, ready-made audio files on your server
  • No effort required for the creation, linking, etc. of audio files - an invaluable advantage for rapidly changing contents
  • Also for mobile phone browsers for the mobile reading aloud of your websites
  • Available in 15 audio languages

Advantages for your website visitors

  • Flash Player, exclusively developed for Voice Reader Web
  • No waiting with long texts thanks to the special Split&Stream™ technology
  • Click&Play: No installation effort required for website visitors
  • Option to download the dynamically generated MP3 file
  • Flexible navigation options in the Player, for example, pause, mute, back, etc.
  • Choose your own discrete background music!

Voice Reader Web Basic Package
Can be accessed up to 1,000 times per month

German €270.00 Cart_put  Buy now
British English €270.00 Cart_put  Buy now
American English €270.00 Cart_put  Buy now
French €270.00 Cart_put  Buy now
Canadian French €270.00 Cart_put  Buy now
Spanish €270.00 Cart_put  Buy now
Mexican Spanish €270.00 Cart_put  Buy now
Italian €270.00 Cart_put  Buy now
Portuguese €270.00 Cart_put  Buy now
Chinese €270.00 Cart_put  Buy now
Dutch €270.00 Cart_put  Buy now
Czech €270.00 Cart_put  Buy now
Russian €270.00 Cart_put  Buy now
Swedish €270.00 Cart_put  Buy now
Polish €270.00 Cart_put  Buy now

All prices incl. VAT

Workflow Description

Voice Reader Web in action can be found on our websites. Next to each heading there is a "Read" link. Clicking on it opens Voice Reader Web Flash Player in a pop-up window and the program immediately begins to read aloud.
For this site, for example, it sounds like this:

The Flashplayer was developed exclusively for Voice Reader Web. Simply ingenious: The Split & Stream™ technology reduces the response time to a minimum. Where users previously had to wait until the whole article text was processed, Voice Reader Web can get started immediately after the first sentence.

The flexible user options offered by the Flash Player are very practical. What is particularly convenient is that the dynamically created audio files can be downloaded with a simple click of the mouse. Pauses and volume can of course be adjusted as well.

Voice Reader Web can be integrated as a Read link into your websites. You will receive the access information to our Voice Reader Server from us. You can then configure the service to your requirements by using an intuitive web form. Its that easy!

Or would you like to host your Voice Reader Server yourself? Then contact us please! We look forward to hearing from you.

System requirements:

  • On your web server: none
  • On the client computers:
    • Works with all current web browsers
    • Requires JavaScript to be activated
    • Requires a Flash plug-in. The installation of the plug-in is automatically suggested if it is absent. Furthermore, the user can switch to an alternative player which works with every browser.



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