Breaking the Language Barrier

Voice Reader Studio Application Scenarios

  • Professional presentation
    Have your PowerPoint slides, training documents, Flash demos or company videos spoken by a pleasant Voice Reader presenter. Professional speakers have provided Voice Reader with their voices, and in combination with intelligent algorithms, Voice Reader almost attains the quality of a human voice.

  • Advertising platform
    Record your advertising material with Voice Reader Studio and attract the attention you're looking for. Your customers will sit up and listen – and the message will get through.

  • Podcast & Co.
    The quality of “listening” has soared in recent years – just take a look at iPod, MP3-players and MP3 mobile phones. The audio offering is also part of the same trend. With Voice Reader Studio you’ll also be very easily on board: simply create your own podcasts, audio newsletters, etc.

  • Record your websites
    The content of your websites is also changing rapidly. With Voice Reader Studio you stay effortlessly up-to-date. One click and visitors to your website can immediately listen to your content as MP3. Also ideal in combination with “Content Management Systems (CMS)”.

  • Your attention please – here is an announcement!
    Announcements in public, on train station platforms, recorded messages on phones, in German, English or multilingual: with Voice Reader Studio all announcements can be produced quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Create an audio book
    Voice Reader Studio’s versatile setting options allow you to record your texts as audio books. Dialogs between male and female voices, pauses, effective voice changes and background noises are the perfect components for a lively audio book!

  • Sound recording for the blind
    By using shortcuts, even those who are blind can use Voice Reader Studio without a problem. Mr. P. Darras tested it out and has provided us with his own small audio book
  • .
  • Further education and e-Learning
    The benefits of Voice Reader for efficient information recording have an extremely positive effect on recording teaching and learning materials. Voice Reader provides corresponding explanations to make tutorials so much more demonstrative. Recorded educational materials make learning easier for the listeners, many of whom use the time they spend commuting in the car to catch up.

  • Achieve more range online
    The best option for ensuring greater range. Against the backdrop of the time constraints that seem to be ever-present in today's world, you can decisively increase the range of your information if readers can decide when they want to read the texts. So provide your website content, newsletter or blogs, not just as text, but also as an audio file to download.

  • Understand documentation, instructions and manuals easier
    Visibly improve the comprehension of your texts! Long texts demand undisturbed and concentrated reading. They are often only skimmed over or just ignored because of time constraints. A study by the University of Regensburg reveals that the ability to absorb information is increased by 40% with simultaneous reading and hearing.

  • Ideal for all e-Learning applications
    Where language is part of the program. Voice Reader Studio is the ideal tool for the e-Learning area in particular. Whether it be recording training documents, computer-based training (CBT) or speech samples in foreign language lessons, Voice Reader Studio allows you to convert text into speech - quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Audio as a barrier-free medium
    Simplify access to your content. It's not just authorities and public facilities that want to communicate as barrier-free as possible. If you also offer your information in audio form, you help those that wouldn't otherwise be in a position to read texts without some difficulty (the visually impaired, dyslexics, etc.).

There are endless usage options for Voice Reader Studio. We have put the best examples together on our reference page.

We are particularly proud of the fact that Brockhaus multimedial premium is completely sound-tracked with Voice Reader Studio. All 260,000 lexicon articles, a total of 2,200 hours of knowledge that can be listened to (in German)!

System requirements:
Windows 2000 from SP4, Windows XP, Vista; Internet access for product activation; Internet Explorer (from version 6)
Application integration: Microsoft Office 2002 (XP), 2003 or 2007, Adobe Acrobat (from version 7.0); iTunes
Text file formats: DOC, RTF, TXT, HTML
Audio file export: MP3, WAV (16Bit 22KHz)

The product can only be activated via the Internet.

Available languages:
German, British English

Coming soon:
American English, French, Italian, Spanish

Further languages on request.



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