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Voice Reader Studio

New product: Voice Reader Studio 15 Text-to-Speech

The cost-effective alternative to the recording studio

Voice Reader Studio has the professional features that save time and money-intensive trips to the recording studio. Videos, presentations, etc. are recorded in no time at the touch of a button. The audio files created can be circulated to a large listenership.

The key advantages Voice Reader Studio

  • Professional text recording
    Constant lack of time and a visual information overflow are often the causes of even the most important texts being overlooked. With audio files your readers can decide themselves what information they want to listen to. Your readers gain flexibility; you gain greater coverage.

  • The Studio edition: Professional and simple
    Voice Reader Studio has the complete functionality of the Voice Reader Home - and a good deal more. What's the same? Text is converted to audio with a simple touch of a button and quick as a flash - as usual!

  • "Hello, my name is Marc"
    Voice Reader Studio now also has a male voice in the exceptional Voice Reader quality. And you can also have a friendly male avatar as an animated speaker if you like (available only for Voice Reader Studio German and British).

  • Simply correct pronunciation
    There will always be words that are not pronounced quite properly. Not a problem: With an easy to use pronunciation editor, even non-linguists can very easily set the pronunciation. The Editor has two entry possibilities: By using a simple coding in SAMPA (the Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet) or by entering in text format, e.g. the pronunciation of "Beckenbauer" will be saved as "Bekenboua".

  • Flexible sound quality setting
    Depending on the required application, you can set the sound quality that you actually require. After all, telephony has different requirements to a radio production. With Voice Reader Studio you can set sound qualities from 32 KBit/s to 160 KBit/s.

  • Easy dialog management
    You want to generate a dialog with different voice profiles? With simple commands you can control dialogs with allocated speaker roles, adjust pronunciation and control pauses.
    Listen to Julia and co. in the roles of Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.

  • Create speaker profiles
    To implement allocated speaker roles, simply create profiles with Voice Reader Studio. Save the combination of one-time set volume, speech speed, pitch and gender under the speaker name. Situation-dependent pronunciation changes, e.g. intentionally slower speaking or higher volume effectively emphasize the basic profile.

  • Import sound effects
    Voice Reader Studio allows you to integrate sounds very easily. You can import an elegant applause, or replenish the spoken word with original sounds, as in a radio play. Simply enter the path of the sound file in Wav format (mono) into the text to be read out.

  • Practical shortcuts
    Voice Reader Studio can also be operated using shortcuts. It is quick and practical and is a particular advantage for those who are blind or are visually impaired. Mr. P. Darras tested Voice Reader Studio and attests to its quality: "The program is easy to use for those of us who are blind." Listen for yourself and see just how creative he was when playing around with the program.

  • Reproduce generated MP3 files as much as you want
    With Voice Reader Studio you have no boundaries - not for your creativity, and certainly not for your audience. Make your work available to as big a listenership as you want. Whether it be website content as MP3s, your breakthrough as an audiobook author or learning material for your students: generate once - reproduce x times! For more information, please read the license agreement.

  • The most diverse application scenarios
    Embellish your websites, presentations, training documents, Flash demos or company videos professionally, easily and cost-effectively with sound! We have arranged the applications that this is best applied to here. But of course there are no limits placed on your creativity!

  • Add-on options
    Even more to choose from! If you are interested in an integration interface for integrating into your own workflow, or batch processing for rapidly recording large text volumes, just contact us. We have a solution for everything.

Many of our customers already use Voice Reader in extremely creative applications; let yourself be inspired.

System requirements:
Windows 2000 (SP4 minimum), Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7; 70 MB free RAM, 450 MB free hard disk space; Internet access for product activation; Internet Explorer (Version 6 or higher)
Application integration:
MS Word, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint 2002 (XP), 2003 or 2007
Text file format:
Audio file export:
MP3 (16-160kBit/s), WAV (PCM 8000/11025/22050 kHz 8/16 Bit Mono)

The product can only be activated via the Internet.

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Voice Reader Studio: Your benefits at a glance

  • Fast and efficient conversion from text to audio (MP3: 16-160 kBit/s oder WAV: PCM 8000/11025/22050 kHz 8/16 Bit Mono)
  • Male and female voices to choose from (only available for British English and German)
  • Easy to use editor function for correcting default pronunciation
  • Saving specific pronunciation properties in speaker profiles
  • Integrating sound effects
  • Easy pronunciation, dialog and pause control
  • Licensed unlimited distribution of created audio files

Advantages of Voice Reader Studio versus Voice Reader Home


€ 49
€ 499
Platform / Type Desktop application Desktop application
Usage Private use

Have texts read out loud or create audio files for personal use
Professional use

With its variety of settings options, use as an alternative to sound studios for creating audio files for publication
Audio format settings Wav, MP3 Wav, MP3
Publication permission -- ok
Supported applications: Microsoft® Word
Microsoft® Outlook
Microsoft® PowerPoint
Adobe Acrobat
iTunes (1)
Microsoft® Word
Microsoft® Outlook
Microsoft® PowerPoint
Adobe Acrobat
iTunes (1)
Female voice ok ok
Male voice -- ok(2)
Number of avatars 2 4 (3)
Playback options Volume
Creation of speaker profiles -- ok
Special effects -- Integrate sound effects
Change speakers (4)
Change language (5)
Editor for improving pronunciation -- ok
Stop list of words and punctuation marks that are left unpronounced -- ok
Tone quality setting -- MP3: 16-160 kBit/s
WAV: PCM 8/11/22 kHz 8/16 Bit Mono
Audio file export MP3, WAV: 16 Bit 22 kHz MP3: 16-160 kBit/s
WAV: PCM 8/11/22 kHz 8/16 Bit Mono
Shortcuts as an alternative to mouse navigation -- ok
Product activation via the Internet ok ok
Available languages (see below) 11 15
(recommended price)
49,- € per language 499,- € per language
System requirements Windows 2000 SP2 or higher, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7; Internet access for product activation; Internet Explorer (version 6 or higher) Windows 2000 SP4 or higher, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7; Internet access for product activation; Internet Explorer (version 6 or higher)

(1) Microsoft® Office 2002 (XP), 2003 or 2007; Adobe Acrobat (version 7.0 or higher); iTunes

(2) only for Voice Reader Studio German and British English

(3) only for Voice Reader Studio German and British English; all other languages: 3

(4) It is only possible to change between the male and female voices with Voice Reader Studio German and British English.

(5) It is only possible to change between languages that have been installed.

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Best references for Voice Reader Studio

The audio sector is experiencing a massive upswing. iPod, MP3-Player and co. are in everyone's ears - and not without good reason!

This produces endless usage options for Voice Reader Studio. We have put some of the most interesting and most creative ideas together. Let yourself be inspired!

LQM 4.0s Radio Amateurs
Even in the amateur radio world Voice Reader Studio has arrived. More and more radio messages are read out by Julia and the other voices of Voice Reader. Result: Roger that!
 Example 1 (German)  Example 2 (German)

LQM 4.0s LQM 4.0
For LQM 4.0 boring text newsletter are a thing of the past. The newsletter from LQM 4.0 are colorful, animated and sound-tracked with the female voices of Voice Reader Studio. The result is a completely new newsletter experience. Have a look for yourself ...

Brockhaus Brockhaus multimedial
The Brockhaus encyclopedia is the knowledge reference in Germany. The recently released version Brockhaus multimedial premium provides up-to-date information in 265,000 articles. All lexicon articles are available as MP3 files, completely sound-tracked with Voice Reader! Here you'll find some audio samples.

KVB Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe
Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe AG (KVB) in Cologne is one of Germany's largest public transport companies. It offers a large range of bus and light railway services in and around the city. Recently, the KVB started using Julia, the pleasant voice from Voice Reader Studio, to announce the stops on the different transport lines in the city of Cologne.

Audio samples:
 Waiting time Stop Gunther Plüschow Straße
 Stop Ikea Godorf

Other transport operators who use Voice Reader Studio:

RSV Reutlingen Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH
SWB Bonn VIP Verkehrsbetrieb Potsdam GmbH
Weser-Ems-Busverkehr Maier OHG, Villingen-Schwenningen

BSH Bosch und Siemens Haushaltsgeräte GmbH Staff training
BSH Bosch and Siemens Haushaltsgeräte GmbH are making use of Voice Reader Studio in the area of staff training and learning. To teach English and German they have now "hired" a new tutor. See what Julia's colleague has to say for herself.
German version
English version

Institut für Sozialdienste Vorarlberg Video presentation
The Vorarlberg Institute for Social Services is part of the welfare service and offers people assistance in emotional or social emergency situations. Apart from dubbing the website of the institute, IfS has prepared a multimedia presentation using the voices of Marc and Julia from Voice Reader Studio, which explains the services available at IfS.

Mobilinga Mobile learning
Mobilingua GmbH develop phrase book applications (Apps) for mobile phones and iPhones, and lets Julia, the pleasant voice from Voice Reader Studio, demonstrate her languages skills, for example in English or Spanish. Such novel and trendsetting educational applications turn mobile phones into small self-study labs that you can take anywhere. Learning by enjoying!

Ahrens Film Julia sets the tone in films
Julia is the new reliable and charming member of the service team at Ahrens Film. As the speaker of choice, she helps to cut production costs during the post production of films, and at the same time improves quality. Expensive voice recordings can be avoided, since the human speaker in the sound studio does not begin to work until image and audio have been finely tuned. Before that, Julia from Voice Reader Studio is the star at Ahrens Film.

ets learning eLearning
The following course unit on the topic of "successful time management" gives an excellent insight into how Voice Reader can be used in the eLearning segment. It was recorded with Voice Reader by the eLearning specialist e/t/s didactic media as part of the "IQC InteractiveQualificationContent" program.

Improve EU closing report as an audiobook
Voice Reader was put to innovative use in the closing report of the EU project, "Improving EQuality. Models of Relationship between Public Authorities and Providers of Social and Labour Market Services": Chapter 7 Audiobook - All Chapters as Sounds contains the individual chapters as MP3 files. This report is therefore the first EU closing report as a combined eBook and audiobook!

Tronicom The agency, tronicom, has created multimedia Internet presences for itself and for its customer, EHS Energie GmbH. Julia's serious-sounding Voice Reader voice explains the carefully prepared content very vividly.

Kampa MFDATA Internet Solutions has produced and recorded an impressive advertising video with the Voice Reader voice for Kampa's top quality prefabricated houses. The combination of the warm voice with unobtrusive background music provides an ideal supplement to the image material.

Topos Online Video tutorial for professional speech preparation
Voice Reader can serve as a valuable aid when preparing speeches, as it can read the text back to you aloud. Jolty formulations or logical discrepancies can be easily read over, but they're noticed immediately when heard. You'll see how to do it in the video tutorial by Dr. Peter Troy, publisher of the "knowledge" page on organizational development, Topos online.

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Voice Reader Studio simply sounds great!

The quality of the audio files recorded with Voice Reader Studio sounds astonishingly natural. Why not listen to them yourself!

We have compiled some serious and funny examples from the most varied application areas.

Traffic & Announcements

 Public announcement: The Tube
 British Radio: Traffic news
 British Radio: Rail travel news
 A38 Cornwall
 A40 City Of London

Tongue Twisters

 Peter Piper
 Pheasant Plucker
 She sells

Weather Report

 Weather Report Fuerteventura (English)
 Weather Report Fuerteventura (Spanish)
 Weather Report Fuerteventura (German)

Marketing and Press

 Publikumsbegrüßung in 5 Sprachen
 Tutorial zum Zeitmanagement


 Computer Course
 Bank Transfer
 Presentation Personal Translator

(recorded with Voice Reader Studio)

 Making my own audio book

Sound recording for the blind:
By using shortcuts even those who are blind can
use Voice Reader Studio without a problem.


 Nobel Peace Prize
 Kurzmeldung: Ausbildungsmarkt
 Kurzmeldung: Friedensnobelpreis
 Feuilleton: Eisbär Knut

Voice Reader Studio Chinese

新闻 (News)
保险 (Business)
笑话 (Joke)

Click here for more information about the application areas of Voice Reader Studio as well as pilot projects and reference customers.

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Voice Reader Studio Application Scenarios

  • Add sound to apps (applications for iPhone and other mobile devices)
    You think you have a great idea for an app but you know that with speech the app might satisfy your customers expectations better. Then simply add your sound to it with Voice Reader Studio. The pleasant voice and natural intonation of Julia speaks to you in 15 languages. Add sound to news or information apps, language learning programs or game apps, there will be no obstacles to your imagination.

  • Professional presentation
    Have your PowerPoint slides, training documents, Flash demos or company videos spoken by a pleasant Voice Reader presenter. Professional speakers have provided Voice Reader with their voices, and in combination with intelligent algorithms, Voice Reader almost attains the quality of a human voice.

  • Advertising platform
    Record your advertising material with Voice Reader Studio and attract the attention you're looking for. Your customers will sit up and listen – and the message will get through.

  • Podcast & Co.
    The quality of “listening” has soared in recent years – just take a look at iPod, MP3-players and MP3 mobile phones. The audio offering is also part of the same trend. With Voice Reader Studio you’ll also be very easily on board: simply create your own podcasts, audio newsletters, etc.

  • Record your websites
    Even if the content of your website changes rapidly: With Voice Reader Studio you can effortlessly stay up-to-date. Create the desired MP3s offline and link them to your website. In this way you can provide visitors to your website with content in the form of MP3s to download. Also in combination with Content Management Systems (CMS).
    Voice Reader Web is the professional solution for the automatic sound-tracking of websites.

  • Your attention please – here is an announcement!
    Announcements in public, on train station platforms, recorded messages on phones, in German, English or multilingual: with Voice Reader Studio all announcements can be produced quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Create an audio book
    Voice Reader Studio’s versatile setting options allow you to record your texts as audio books. Dialogs between male and female voices, pauses, effective voice changes and background noises are the perfect components for a lively audio book!

  • Sound recording for the blind
    By using shortcuts, even those who are blind can use Voice Reader Studio without a problem. Mr. P. Darras tested it out and has provided us with his own small audio book
  • .
  • Further education and e-Learning
    The benefits of Voice Reader for efficient information recording have an extremely positive effect on recording teaching and learning materials. Voice Reader provides corresponding explanations to make tutorials so much more demonstrative. Recorded educational materials make learning easier for the listeners, many of whom use the time they spend commuting in the car to catch up.

  • Achieve more range online
    The best option for ensuring greater range. Against the backdrop of the time constraints that seem to be ever-present in today's world, you can decisively increase the range of your information if readers can decide when they want to read the texts. So provide your website content, newsletter or blogs, not just as text, but also as an audio file to download.

  • Understand documentation, instructions and manuals easier
    Visibly improve the comprehension of your texts! Long texts demand undisturbed and concentrated reading. They are often only skimmed over or just ignored because of time constraints. A study by the University of Regensburg reveals that the ability to absorb information is increased by 40% with simultaneous reading and hearing.

  • Ideal for all e-Learning applications
    Where language is part of the program. Voice Reader Studio is the ideal tool for the e-Learning area in particular. Whether it be recording training documents, computer-based training (CBT) or speech samples in foreign language lessons, Voice Reader Studio allows you to convert text into speech - quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Audio as a barrier-free medium
    Simplify access to your content. It's not just authorities and public facilities that want to communicate as barrier-free as possible. If you also offer your information in audio form, you help those that wouldn't otherwise be in a position to read texts without some difficulty (the visually impaired, dyslexics, etc.).

There are endless usage options for Voice Reader Studio. We have put the best examples together on our reference page.

We are particularly proud of the fact that Brockhaus multimedial premium is completely sound-tracked with Voice Reader Studio. All 260,000 lexicon articles, a total of 2,200 hours of knowledge that can be listened to (in German)!

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Voice Reader Studio User Reports

Voice Reader offers a wide range of application possibilities for professionals. Here are some user reports from a few of our top customers who already use Voice Reader. You can hear the feedback!

"The decision to use Voice Reader Studio was taken primarily because of the very good speech quality. Furthermore, we are very fond of being able to adjust the speech speeds in Voice Reader Studio. Service means increasing quality. But not costs."
Helga Ahrens, Managing Director

Read the ful user report from Ahrens Film- und Fernsehproduktion (PDF)

"The idea to provide the lexicon articles in MP3 format for mobile use was welcomed by users like the trade press."
Martin Koch, Head of Content & Learning

Read the full user report from Brockhaus AG (PDF)

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03 Nov 2014
Charité in Berlin uses Voice Reader Studio 15

Charité is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe. The department of disaster prevention and emergency response in Berlin uses Voice Reader Studio 15 for automatic telephone announcements under the use of a communications server.

27 Oct 2014
Why Personal Translator Professional 18?
See the most important benefits in our new video

In this 5 minute video we explain how Personal Translator Professional 18 can make your translation work more efficient and professional.

03 Oct 2014
Fit for the future: The new Personal Translator 18

Available in 3 versions: Professional, Net and Intranet.
Optimized for Windows 8. Extended to more than 4 million dictionary entries for the 7 languages.
Incl. two specialized dictionaries Engineering Technology and Medicine for the language pair German <> English. Translate safely on your PC or in your company network without accessing the internet.

11 Aug 2014
German online portal „Netzsieger“ rated Personal Translator 14 with 4.4 of 5 points

The editors of “Netzsieger” tested our Personal Translator 14 with a very positive result (4.4 of 5 points). Their conclusion: Personal Translator 14 Professional is the right solution for translating texts with business and technical terms in a short time. Read the complete report on (in German language) (PDF).

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