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Voice Reader Home 15 Text-to-Speech Software

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Voice Reader Home 15 is the text-to-speech software for private users. It is now available with improved and amazingly natural-sounding voices. The language and voice selection has been substantially extended and offers an enormous selection of voices and languages. Convert any text such as Word documents, Emails, Epubs or PDFs into audio and listen to them directly on a PC or mobile device.

Recommended for private users. Create audio files for private use. Do you need to publish audio files? Then, the professional solution Voice Reader Studio 15 is exactly right for you!

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Video on Voice Reader Home 15 text-to-speech

Voice Reader Home 15 Text-to-Speech

Voice Reader Home 15 text-to-speech software is available in 67 voices

Select here your requested voice

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Why listen? 7 interesting advantages of our text to speech software

  1. Understand texts better
    A study of the University of Regensburg has shown that absorption of information is 29% higher when listening than when reading; and reading and listening at the same time leads to a 44% increase in efficiency

  2. Better use of time
    In leisure time, when travelling, in the office or during sport you can now also "read", without having to stare at a computer screen or paper.

  3. Detect errors faster
    Listen to your manuscripts for speeches, lectures or presentations to check their effectiveness! Ugly wording, incorrect word order, forgotten words... Errors that are easy to oversee are immediately noticed when listened to.

  4. Listen and relax
    Put together your own audiobooks and listen to great works of literature.

  5. Set yourself free from the screen
    Give your eyes a break or move freely in your office, while listening to PDFs, Word documents, Epubs, Emails or Memos.

  6. Learn more easily
    Convert your educational material to audio to listen to again and again. Mobile, where ever you want.

  7. There are 45 languages with 67 voices available.
    With additional languages, you can also use Voice Reader Home 15 with foreign-language texts and sustainably improve your listening and pronunciation skills.

    The following voices are available for Voice Reader Home 15:

  8. Arabic
    Male (Tarik)
    French Canadian
    Female (Amelie)
    Female (Ewa)
    Female (Miren)
    French Canadian
    Male (Nicolas)
    Female (Joana)
    Female (Montserrat)
    Female (Satu)
    Portuguese Brazilian
    Female (Luciana)
    Male (Jordi)
    Female (Carmela)
    Portuguese Brazilian
    Male (Felipe)
    Cantonese Hong Kong
    Female (Sin-Ji)
    Female (Anna)
    Female (Ioana)
    Female (Zuzana)
    Female (Petra)
    Female (Milena)
    Female (Sara)
    Male (Markus)
    Male (Yuri)
    Male (Magnus)
    Male (Yannick)
    Female (Laura)
    Dutch Belgian
    Female (Ellen)
    Female (Melina)
    Female (Monica)
    Dutch Netherlands
    Female (Claire)
    Male (Nikos)
    Male (Jorge)
    Dutch Netherlands
    Male (Xander)
    Female (Carmit)
    Spanish Argentine
    Male (Diego)
    English American
    Female (Ava)
    Female (Lehka)
    Spanis -Colombian
    Female (Soledad)
    English American
    Male (Tom)
    Female (Mariska)
    Spanish Colombian
    Male (Carlos)
    English Australian
    Female (Karen)
    Female (Damayanti)
    Spanish Mexican
    Female (Paulina)
    English Australian
    Male (Lee)
    Female (Alice)
    Spanish Mexican
    Male (Juan)
    English British
    Female (Serena)
    Male (Luca)
    Female (Alva)
    English British
    Male (Daniel)
    Female (Kyoko)
    Male (Oskar)
    Female (Veena)
    Male (Otoya)
    Female (Kanya)
    Female (Moira)
    Female (Sora)
    Female (Yelda)
    English Scottish
    Female (Fiona)
    Mandarin China
    Female (Tian-Tian)
    Male (Cem)
    English South African
    Female (Tessa)
    Mandarin Taiwan
    Female (Mei-Jia)
    Female (Empar)
    Female (Audrey)
    Female (Nora)
    Male (Thomas)
    Male (Henrik)

Convert texts - quickly, easily and conveniently

Intuitive editor

Editor of Voice Reader Home 15 text-to-speech

The clearly laid-out editor offers you everything that you need for professional text to speech. You can change the speed, pitch or volume and also set the reading and export options you want.

The reading bar of Voice Reader Home 15

Reading Bar Voice Reader Home 15

Use the Pause and Play buttons to stop and continue reading. Clicking Stop will end playback prematurely. The Forward and Reverse buttons allow you to navigate through the text with ease.

Quick access through Voice Reader Home 15 Direct

Voice Reader Home 15 Direct

Voice Reader Home 15 Direct gives you fast access to voice output from any other program.

System requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows Vista, 7 or 8 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Available disk space: Up to 1 GB for each voice
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Internet access for product activation

Text file format: .txt, .rtf, .docx, .doc, .htm, .html, .mht, .epub, .pdf, .odt

Audio file export: MP3, WAV

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Listen to Voice Reader Home 15 TTS!

High quality speech synthesis with unrivaled pronunciation accuracy and improved reproduction of foreign language terms: Almost impossible to tell the difference from a real human voice.

Listen to the different languages and voices.



 Tarik, male  Miren, female

Cantonese (Hong Kong)


 Sin-Ji, female  Montserrat, female
 Jordi, male



 Zuzana, female  Sara, female
 Magnus, male

Dutch (Netherlands)

Dutch (Belgium)

 Claire, female  Ellen, female
 Xander, male

English (American)

English (Australian)

 Ava, female  Karen, female
 Tom, male  Lee, male

English (British)

English (Indian)

 Serena, female  Veena, female
 Daniel, male

English (Irish)

English (Scottish)

 Moira, female  Fiona, female

English (South African)


 Tessa, female  Satu, female


French (Canadian)

 Audrey, female  Amelie, female
 Thomas, male  Nicolas, male



 Carmela, female  Anna, female
 Petra, female
 Yannick, male
 Markus, male



 Melina, female  Carmit, female
 Nikos, male



 Lekha, female  Mariska, female



 Damayanti, female  Alice, female
 Luca, male



 Kyoko, female  Sora, female
 Otoya, male

Mandarin (China)

Mandarin (Taiwan)

 Tian-Tian, female  Mei-Jia, female



 Nora, female  Ewa, female
 Henrik, male


Portuguese (Brazilian)

 Joana, female  Luciana, female
 Felipe, male



 Ioana, female  Milena, female
 Yuri, male



 Laura, female  Mónica, female
 Jorge, male

Spanish (Argentine)

Spanish (Colombian)

 Diego, male  Soledad, female
 Carlos, male

Spanish (Mexican)


 Paulina, female  Alva, female
 Juan, male  Oskar, male



 Kanya, female  Yelda, female
 Cem, male


 Empar, female  

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100% mobile with Voice Reader Home 15 text to speech

       when travelling         in leisure time            during sport            in the office

Quickly and easily convert any text such as Word documents, PDFs and Epubs into spoken words and save them with a single mouse click as an audio file (MP3 or WAV).

Use the time you spend on the go every day: In the car, on the train or bus, on the plane, during sports or leisure activities:

  • Listen to key reports
  • Learn a new specialist area
  • Immerse yourself in your subjects
  • Listen to your manuscripts for speeches, lectures or presentations
  • Listen to your own audiobooks
  • Practice your pronunciation and your listening comprehension in foreign language learning

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Voice-Demo of our Voice Reader Home 15 TTS

Voice-Demo Voice Reader Home 15 TTS

Enter your text and listen to the selected language and voice. zum Seitenanfang

Why listening is better than reading - Arguments for text to speech

The University of Regensburg has thoroughly tested Voice Reader in a user study. It clearly showed that use of Voice Reader reduces the processing time for texts and noticeably increases text comprehension: our ability to take things in by listening is 29% higher than by reading. The best results were achieved by experimentees who read and listened to a text simultaneously. Here the improvement compared with those who just read the text was an impressive 44%.

Our recommendation:

If you really want to maximize your understanding of a text, have it read out to you by Voice Reader. Maximum convenience is ensured with the adjustable reading tempo and synchronized text highlighting.

Comparison Listening versus Reading

Efficiency = Text comprehension / processing time
Source: University of Regensburg, Department of Computer Science

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User views on Voice Reader Home TTS

Linguatec Voice Reader has been very useful. We have been able to make information accessible in audio format efficiently professionally for our visually impaired clients. They have given very positive feed back on how well the information is read.
Pauline R., Shrewsbury, UK

Linguatec Voice Reader is THE tool to use for reading out books. Having it read out: allows us to find even the most hidden spelling mistakes, and people stumble over awkward phrasing.
Peter M.,Berlin (Translated into English)

Dear Linguatec Team,
I have had your "Voice Reader" for 2 weeks now and I am extremely impressed with its scope and performance. The area of application and output quality totally exceeded my expectations – by miles!
I wish you continued success with your product, and will not hesitate to recommend it to others.
Sincerely, Wolfgang N. from Fahlenbach (Translated into English)

I am frequently on trips in the car and I prefer to listen to something I find that bit more "interesting". So I simply make an audio file with the Voice Reader, which I can then listen to. I just love it!
Jan F., Austria (Translated into English)

Dear Linguatec Team,
your Linguatec Voice Reader CD arrived by mail today. What a pleasant surprise because I expected it to take much longer from Germany. I installed it on my computer, activated it over the internet as instructed and gave it a page of Spanish to read. Your program worked flawlessly and I am very happy with it (and with your company Linguatec). Thank you for all of your help and consideration. Robert D., Ashland, Oregon (USA)

"Dear Linguatec Team,,
In case you are interested in how your product is being applied: I am a copywriter and I use the Voice Reader to read my texts back to me, because this gives me the ultimate feedback on how well the text flows - an uncompromising speaker that reads it as it is written! I am very happy with the product, though it would be nice if there was some way for me to add or correct pronunciations (for words that are wrong in the Voice Reader database as well as to add product names and jargon that I would not expect to find in there), and some way of treating commas in a list as shorter than commas for sub-clauses. A very nice and very helpful product!" David H.

First of all, credit where credit is due for the Voice Reader. It really was a pleasure for me to be able to test and present this software, considering all the bad quality on the market (software), and not just voice output-related! It really is "simply satisfying" to be able present an absolutely top product in both ease of use and features.
Kind regards from Austria Dr. Peter T. (Translated into English)

This program is very impressive, standing out very positively from other similar products. Best regards from Heidelberg! Paul B. (Translated into English)

Thank you for your software. I have just tested it and think the voice output is simply brilliant :-)
C. Lupo

"It simply has to be said: your product "Voice Reader" is phenomenal! Operating convenience and speech output quality are excellent! For me, it is the product of the year! Commuters and people who are frequently on the move should order an mp3 car radio and your program straightaway when buying a new car. Perhaps consider a strategic distribution alliance with car manufacturers/dealers...
And so forth! Now I am toying with the idea of getting your attorney's dictation software (so far the "dragon" has not really convinced me). "Hans-Jürgen K., Frankfurt (Translated into English)

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01 Dec 2015
With the Bike around the world

With worldwide bike tours according to the motto inclusion needs action two cyclists try to remove “barriers in mind” against disabled persons. The tour 2016 – Siberia - North Cape – Brazil is also sponsored by Linguatec. We wish the team a great deal of attention during the tour!

19 Nov 2015
Invitation to our first MULTISENSOR-EUMSSI User Day on November 26th, 2015

We are excited to announce our first MULTISENSOR-EUMSSI User Day to be hosted in Bonn, Germany. Discover the latest developments of multilingual multimodal analysis technologies. Take this excellent chance to experience first-hand the analysis tools to interpret, relate and summarize economic information and multimedia news items. Visit us in Bonn – we will be happy to meet you!

11 Nov 2015
Let your website read out loud!

Our 5-minute video explains the main functions of Voice Reader Web 15 and the numerous convincing advantages for every website.

06 Oct 2015
Attention please! 5 year old Max is looking for his mum!

The Shopping Center Loop 5 in Weiterstadt now uses Voice Reader Studio 15 for its announcements. Whether for opening hours, special events or emergencies: Voice Reader Studio 15 delivers announcements in professional quality.

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