Breaking the Language Barrier

Application scenarios of Voice Reader Web

Voice Reader Web is a service for website operators that place value on appeal, comfort and quality. Profit from the many benefits of using Voice Reader Web:

  • Distinguish yourself from your competitors
    The read-aloud function of Voice Reader Web is an appealing service that helps you ensure the attractiveness and sustainability of your information. Impress visitors to your website with the excellent speech quality of Voice Reader Web.

  • Reach a larger audience with more service
    Voice Reader Web automatically dubs your websites. This is "fully in tune" with the concept of a barrier-free Internet! Your visitors can also easily download the audio files and listen to them anywhere while on the go. Very practical: This "read aloud" service also works directly in the browser of Web-enabled mobile phones!

  • More attention
    Reading from the monitor is pretty taxing on the eyes. Often we catch ourselves not really reading, but simply glancing over the page instead. Help out your readers by giving their eyes a break with Voice Reader Web! Plus, in this way, your information will go straight into the ears of your readers and they'll remember it longer.

  • Also for mobile surfing!
    The current trend is obvious: More and more people are using their mobile phones to go on the Internet. Voice Reader Web is also simple to use in the mobile phone browser: Click the read-out function to hear the content of the website.

  • Trendsetting technology
    With Voice Reader Web, you stay on the cutting edge of technology! Your website is more than just your calling card on the web. It’s the way that you present yourself to the world. The impression that your website makes on visitors reflects back on you. The new read-aloud function for the web is an added bonus to your website, showing visitors just how innovative and tech-savvy you are.

  • Barrier-free Internet
    Offering the content of websites in an audible form is an important component of a barrier-free Internet and supplements all your other activities so that your website is optimally accessible to all visitors.

  • No need for administrative work
    And the best thing: All of the above-mentioned advantages are completely low-maintenance - both for the operator and for visitors to the site. Website content changes very quickly. It's not that uncommon for it to change daily or even several times each day. In this aspect, Voice Reader Web guarantees you that your audio files are kept up-to-date. The programme automatically reads exactly what the text on your website says, which means that you don't have to worry about manually creating, updating and linking MP3 files.

System requirements:

  • On your web server: none
  • On the client computers:
    • Works with all current web browsers
    • Requires JavaScript to be activated
    • Requires a Flash plug-in. The installation of the plug-in is automatically suggested if it is absent. Furthermore, the user can switch to an alternative player which works with every browser.

Available languages:
British English, American English, German, French, Canadian French, Italian, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Chinese, Russian, Swedish, Polish.

Further languages on request.



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