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Voice Reader offers you premium class text-to-speech

Text-to-speech Voice Reader 15

The very easy to use software converts any kind of text (e-mails, websites, etc.) to audio files.

The voice output quality of the Voice Reader is further enhanced by pleasant voices and astonishingly natural pronunciation and intonation.

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Test for Free

Test Voice Reader 15 text-to-speech with your own texts directly in our online demos.

Application areas

Our text to speech programmes in the Voice Reader line can be practical and useful in a wide range of situations. Whether you want to study languages or prefer “easy listening”: Familiarize yourself with the many applications of Voice Reader!


Our customers and the press are impressed by the voice output quality of Voice Reader TTS. The University of Regensburg has confirmed that using Voice Reader results in a significant increase in efficiency. Read more here.

Interesting Facts

Further improve your knowledge on Voice Reader TTS! Here you will find useful information on this first class voice output program, including speech samples, background information, etc.



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