Breaking the Language Barrier

Personal Translator 2008 World Edition

Customized global communication

If you are interested in more than one language pair, we recommend the World Edition: This package includes all 7 language pairs at an unbeatable price!

Your benefits: Pay for two language pairs, and get seven language pairs. It's worth it!

PT World Edition

The World Edition contains all 7 language pairs and is available in the usual three desktop versions of Personal Translator 2008: Home (more than 1.8 million dictionary entries), Advanced (more than 2.4 million dictionary entries) and Professional (more than 3.8 million dictionary entries).
In terms of functionality, every version of the World Edition (Home, Advanced, Professional) is identical with the respective version of the individual language pair. In other words, Personal Translator 2008 Home World Edition has the same functionality as Personal Translator 2008 Home German↔ English, just for 7 language pairs instead of just one language pair.

Cost-effective updates

Do you already have a version of Personal Translator? Then it would be even more cost-effective, as you are eligible for an update! one individual language pair (regardless of language pair) will be fully credited when you purchase a 2008 World Edition.*
Go to your offer calculator, which will show you what your update price will be exactly.

Company and Group solutions

Personal Translator 2008 Net and Intranet

There is also a World Edition for Personal Translator 2008 Net and Personal Translator 2008 Intranet.

* The price for Personal Translator 2008 Home World Edition will always be € 99,-, regardless of your existing version.

System requirements

  • PC: Pentium processor, 450 MHz min., at least 512 MB free RAM, CD-ROM drive (PT World Edition Professional: DVD drive); PT Professional: Sound card for voice output
  • Operating system: Windows 2000 (SP 4), Windows XP (SP 2) or Windows Vista (32-Bit), Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 6.0 (SP 1) or higher. The product can only be activated online.
  • Available hard-disk space (per language pair):
    PT Home: 100 MB
    PT Advanced: 150 MB
    PT Professional: 300 MB, additional 600 MB for voice output When installing several language pairs, less disk space is required due to the use of shared components.
  • For Office Add-Ins (PT Professional): Microsoft Office 2002 (XP), 2003 or 2007 or respective versions of applications Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint (always with latest service pack)



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