Breaking the Language Barrier

Version comparison

Personal Translator 2008 Net and Intranet

Personal Translator 1008 Net
Personal Translator 2008 Intranet
Personal Translator 2008 Net
Basic Package from € 799.00
Personal Translator 2008 Intranet
Basic Package from € 4,975.00
Central installation on the server ok ok
Installation on clients ok  
Laptop licenses included ok  
Operating system independence   ok
Translation process runs on clients ok  
Separate word processor ok  
Word integration, also *.xls, *.ppt and *.pdf ok  
Web page translation ok ok
E-Mail Translation ok ok
Direct translation from within any application ok  
Central dictionary maintenance ok ok
Individual dictionary maintenance ok  
Dictionaries individually selectable ok ok
Local and central dictionaries can be automatically synchronized ok  
Subject area individually selectable ok ok
Translation options ok ok
Read-out functionality ok  
SmartCorrect™ ok ok
SmartMemory™ ok ok
SmartAnalyse™ ok ok
SmartLookup™ ok  



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