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Personal Translator PT 2006 Intranet

Installation and system requirements

The translation power of the translation engine is available to all users who have access to the corporate network. Access (Text Translation, Webpage Translation, Dictionary) is thus possible from any web browser, thereby making laborious installations on client PCs and restrictions to the client platform a thing of the past. In addition to the universally useable HTML user interface, special client applications can also be specified, e.g. for integration into Microsoft® Office or Lotus, or for use with a PDA.

PT Intranet is a consistently modular solution which can be expanded and customised at any time. The individual client applications do not directly access a translation engine, but instead are linked via Java servlets to the central distribution server, which in turn establishes the connection to one or more translation clients.


The PT Intranet server can be installed completely on just one system or, if need be, distributed over several systems.

On smaller networks with 10 to 20 clients and rather low translation volumes, the entire solution can be installed on a single PC.
In the standard configuration, the web server together with the HTML GUI and the servlets is installed on a different PC to the distribution server and the translation client.
On large networks it is recommended that you run the web server (with HTML GUI and servlets), the distribution server and each translation client in use all on separate systems.

System requirements

For installation on one system and for the standard configuration, the following are required:
Pentium, 3GHz with 2048 MB RAM and 16 GB hard disk space; Windows XP or Windows 2003.
There are no special requirements for the web server.

For installation on large networks, the following are required:
Dual Pentium, each 3GHz with 4096 MB RAM and 16 GB hard disk space; Windows XP or Windows 2003.


The most important administrative tasks such as user- and dictionary maintenance can be carried out conveniently from the browser via a special HTML page. The document can be easily customised to suit individual requirements.



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