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Personal Translator PT 2006 Intranet

The comprehensive language portal for translation on the Internet

As a standard feature, users have access to the Full Text Translation, Dictionary and Webpage Translation functions via an intranet/Internet page. The start page and the function pages are set up on the web server during installation. They can be customised easily according to individual requirements.


Full Text Translation

With Full Text Translation, a text document is translated sentence by sentence into the desired target language. The text to be translated can be input directly, or pasted from the clipboard. Before translation, the desired direction of translation must be selected. The user can also choose which of the installed dictionaries should be referenced and whether unknown words should be marked in the text (with or without context). The translation quality can be improved by selecting appropriate subject areas.


The Dictionary function allows a word to be looked up in the system dictionary (more than 600,000 words) and in one or more user dictionaries. Before submitting a job, the appropriate language direction and the desired dictionary must be selected.
Company-specific dictionaries are set up with the single-user version of Personal Translator Pro. This is included in delivery.

Webpage Translation

The Webpage Translation function allows translation of complete Internet sites while largely retaining the original layout. To translate a webpage, simply enter the address (URL) and select the appropriate direction of translation. Text which is embedded in images, however, cannot be recognised as text and is therefore not translated. As with the text translation, the dictionaries, subject areas and handling of unknown words can be customised.

Thanks to its modular construction and the use of standardised interfaces, the architecture of PT Intranet makes for highly flexible and efficient usage. This results in the following advantages (amongst others):


  • No installation or administration work is required on the user's computer. The translation and look-up functions can be accessed via any browser; additional programs or plug-ins are not necessary.
  • PT Intranet supports the widest range of web server platforms. Independence is assured both in terms of software (Apache, ISS etc.) as well as with operating systems (Windows, UNIX etc.).
  • Any HTTP port can be used, rendering additional firewall settings unnecessary.
  • Different user interfaces with location- or user-specific properties can be easily defined, without having to make changes to the translation program itself. This also applies, for example, to defining user interfaces in different languages or assigning customised user privileges.
  • Both named-user and concurrent licensing schemes are supported.
  • Additional language pairs for translation from/to other languages can be integrated quickly and easily.
  • Intelligent features such as load balancing and high error tolerance also make for a smooth and rapid program operation.

Language pairs:

German ↔ English
German ↔ French
Coming soon:
English ↔ French
English ↔ Italian
English ↔ Portuguese
English ↔ Spanish
English ↔ Chinese

Installation and system requirements for PT Intranet.

Comparison of PT Net and PT Intranet

Shipment includes:

  • CD-ROM PT Intranet
  • Installation guide
  • Licence agreement
  • Personal Translator Pro (single-user version)

Price list and licensing scheme:

Find out about the price of PT Intranet and the various licensing schemes

30 day trial version:

Get an overview with the trial version, valid for 30 days.
The trial version comprises the basic package with 25 licences as well as our Business English. During the 30 day trial period you may use our telephone support free of charge. Price of trial version: 580,- € incl. VAT. This amount will be deducted when you purchase.



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