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Personal Translator 14 Advanced

Spot on translations for any occasion

Personal Translator 14 Advanced is an indispensable tool for swift and reliable translations. Whether web pages or e-mails – Personal Translator is an unfailing and easy-to-use translation tool.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Convincing: Understand and produce foreign-language texts effortlessly
  • Sophisticated: A whole range of clever features for reliable results
  • Secure: Translate on your PC, not on the Internet
  • Inexpensive: One price – 7 languages

Personal Translator Advanced The Personal Translator 14 Advanced is no longer available.

Please order our new version Personal Translator Professional 18.

8 good reasons to choose Personal Translator 14 Advanced

  1. Excellent translation quality:
    Even complicated nested sentences and idioms pose no translation problems for SmartAnalyse.

  2. Fault-tolerant:
    Automatic correction of spelling mistakes makes the translation much better.

  3. Global communication:
    Personal Translator 14 Advanced contains 7 language pairs:
    German ↔ English
    German ↔ French
    English ↔ French
    English ↔ Italian
    English ↔ Portuguese (BR)
    English ↔ Spanish
    English ↔ Chinese

  4. Intelligent context analysis:
    Even words with several possible meanings, like coach (Bus/Trainer) or Gericht (meal/court) are now translated correctly.

  5. Huge dictionaries:
    The dictionaries contain 2.4 million entries with explanatory sample sentences.

  6. High data security:
    In contrast to the online translators, your locally installed Personal Translator does not represent a security risk.

  7. Great for saving time:
    A study by the Fraunhofer Institute has found that using the Personal Translator can help you save over 40% time.

  8. Certified for Windows 7:
    The certification for Windows 7 guarantees that the Personal Translator meets standards that make it particularly user-friendly and easy to use. Compatible with 32 and 64 bit processors.

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The functions of Personal Translator 14 Advanced in detail

  • Your own personal translator for all events
    Personal Translator 14 Advanced will translate any foreign-language texts, such as e-mails, business letters or web pages. It is a reliable partner for everyone who values language quality and high efficiency. What’s more, the Personal Translator has a complete word processor.

  • Using it has never been so easy
    Personal Translator 14 Advanced uses modern Windows 7 standards from Microsoft. This makes the interface very clear and intuitive.

  • A sophisticated translation solution!
    Personal Translator is a translation software that thinks for itself. The intelligent SmartTranslation™ technology guarantees optimal translation results with minimum user effort. Personal Translator 14 Advanced features SmartAnalyse™, SmartCorrect™ and SmartLookup™.

  • Whether straightforward or complex,
    SmartAnalyse™ is the clever application that allows the Personal Translator to analyze and translate even complex structures, like nested sentences and long phrasing horrors correctly.

  • More than just a spellchecker
    With other programs, typos and spelling mistakes can easily slip into documents, leading to translation complications. SmartCorrect™ knows how to correct the mistakes it detects while translating!

  • Instant reference!
    Forget laborious leafing through thick heavy books. Looking up vocabulary has never been easier. Simply place the cursor over a word, and the SmartLookup™ mouse over function immediately gives you the definition in a small window.

  • Huge, expandable vocabulary
    Thousands of documents from a vast range of subject areas were analyzed when compiling the new dictionaries for Personal Translator 14. Personal Translator 14 Advanced offers a basic vocabulary of an amazing 2.4 million entries. Always up to date: Even new words like “Zickenkrieg” (cat fight) or “Twittern” (tweeting) are included. And why stop there? Adding your own words to the dictionary couldn’t be easier!

  • Versatile aid
    Personal Translator thinks for itself and automatically relieves you of a large part of your work!
    The software recognizes the language direction, automatically selects the relevant field or subject and translates the entire text, highlighting afterwards if and where any extra editing is necessary.

  • Now with Wikipedia!
    Direct connection to Wikipedia for looking up and researching information that goes beyond the realm of translation.

  • Neural transfer handles words with several possible meanings
    Patent stamp The Personal Translator combines rule-based translation technology with intelligent neural transfer techniques (patent pending).
    Your benefits: a clear improvement of translation capacity in the event of ambiguous words, blurred expressions, proper names and incomplete sentences. Considerably reducing the effort needed for manual editing!

  • Optimal data security
    With the insecure nature of Internet data traffic, these days you never know who will read your texts and queries, or where they will be saved and even rated. The dangers of free online translators range from breaches of your integrity to data theft and espionage. With a locally installed translation software you won’t be taking any chances!

  • A host of intelligent features designed to save you time
    In a user trial, the Fraunhofer Institute certified that using Personal Translator was on average 40% quicker than using a conventional dictionary.

  • Certified for the future
    Naturally, all the versions of PT 14 are perfectly compatible with Windows 7. Certified for Windows 7 by Microsoft! The innovative ribbon technology ensures a uniquely simple and modern interface, as well as an optimal workflow.

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The Versions at a Glance

Personal Translator 14 Standard
Personal Translator 14 Advanced
Personal Translator 14 Professional
Personal Translator 14 Net

Translation in 7 languages ok ok ok ok
SmartAnalyse™: This intelligent algorithm is able to analyse long, complicated sentences and to translate them correctly. ok ok ok ok
SmartCorrect™: automatically corrects typos and spelling errors throughout the translation process via intelligent context analysis.   ok ok ok
SmartLookup™: an independent background programme to PT Direct, SmartLookup's™ convenient mouse over function makes translation and checking definitions easy. ok ok ok ok
SmartMemory™: this intelligent translation memory function archives and recalls previously translated (and edited) sentences, while it is able to recognise proper names, places and dates, thus maximizing the chances of a match between archived and new sentences. Also includes TMX converter for use with other translation memory software (e.g. TRADOS®).     ok ok
Neural transfer: a neural network analyses the text preceding a sentence to ensure the correct translation is selected for terms with multiple definitions. ok ok ok ok
Automatic selection of the language direction and automatic recognition of the sector/industry to ensure technically correct translations. ok ok ok ok
Automatic recognition of names (people, businesses, places, dates) minimizes manual editing.     ok ok
Revised and updated dictionary: with detailed definitions for vocabulary assistance. Entries: 1,8 Mio 2,4 Mio 3,8 Mio 3,8 Mio
Look-up inflected forms from within the text via mouse over ok ok ok ok
Direct link to Wikipedia: research further information concerning the text ok ok ok ok
Integrated specialist terminology: for business and technology     ok ok
Business English translation archive: approx. 25,000 phrases for perfect business correspondence     ok ok
Dictionary of idioms: approximately 35,000 expressions and examples of usage for reference or directly placing into the text (language pairs with German)
    ok ok
Expandable dictionary: a huge number of terms can be added by the user if wished   ok ok ok
Creation of extended word definitions with context-specific variants
    ok ok
Exporting/importing of user dictionaries, importing of pre-prepared word lists   ok ok ok
Extended XML export/import function (language pairs with German)     ok ok
Word processing and working environment
Internal word processor: features all common formatting commands and print functions; opens and saves RTF and text files
ok ok ok ok
Opening and saving of Word (.doc) and PDF documents     ok ok
Integrated web browser for translating web pages ok ok ok ok
Microsoft Office integration: translate and look up words directly in Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint     ok ok
Batch translation: Translate files in the background     ok ok
Natural-sounding voice output with new TTS technology: reads out both the original and translated texts.
Perfect for pronunication work
    ok ok
Expansion options (programmes not included)
German-English specialist dictionaries: Linguatec medical and automotive dictionaries   ok ok ok
PT Net network solution: offers central installation and administration for corporate customers       ok

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Screenshots from PT 14 Advanced

Here are some screenshots from Personal Translator 14 in action, to give you an idea of what is available to you. The interface is minimalist and straightforward, and the modern ribbons make using the program so much easier.

Translation of a German letter into
As you want: translation into British
or American English

Translation of an English letter into
SmartCorrect: automatic correction of
typos and spelling mistakes

Translation of a French letter into
Looking up in the dictionary

Translation of a chinese letter into
Looking up information in PT Direct

Looking up information in Wikipedia
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This video demonstrates the benefits and the functionality of Personal Translator 14.

The full presentation takes about 10 minutes and runs as a Flash application (approx. 10 MB).

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System requirements:

Personal Translator 14 Advanced

  • Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Internet Explorer (version 6.0 or higher)
  • Pentium processor 1 GHz with 512 MB free RAM
  • 600 MB free hard-disk space
  • Internet access for product activation

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