Breaking the Language Barrier

The world of translation technology - always state of the art

Intelligence of neural networks
Translate with the intelligence of neural networks: read here what is meant by this and how this new type of technology (for which a patent has been filed) functions.

Linguatec corpus
To optimize the translation performance of Personal Translator, over the years, Linguatec has built up an enormous collection of texts (the Linguatec corpus) in many languages.

Technological bases
Personal Translator is one of the leading programs in the translation technology field. Find out more about its technological bases and method of working.

PT History
Compare Personal Translator technological improvements; from its first beginnings to Version 2008.

First class voice output
First class voice output: the new PT 2008 reads any texts to you with a speech quality barely distinguishable from a human voice. Try it out for yourself!



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