Breaking the Language Barrier

Useful Information on all Aspects of Personal Translator

Smart Translation™-Technology:
What’s behind the new intelligent SmartAnalyse™, SmartCorrect™, SmartLookup™ and SmartMemory™ technologies?

Intelligence of Neural Networks:
Translate with the intelligence of neural networks: read here what is meant by this and how this new type of technology (for which a patent has been filed) functions.

Translation Examples:
The translation examples on the following page illustrate how Personal Translator translates in comparison with conventional translation programs.

Linguatec Corpus:
To optimize the translation performance of Personal Translator, over the years, Linguatec has built up an enormous collection of texts (the Linguatec corpus) in many languages.

Technological Bases:
Personal Translator is one of the leading programs in the translation technology field. Find out more about its technological bases and method of working.



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