Breaking the Language Barrier

The numerous advantages of Voice Pro 11

Only available in German language

Voice Pro USB Edition starting at €99.00 Buy now


  • Dictate into emails, SpeakPad and all Microsoft Office documents.
  • Format and edit Microsoft Word documents using natural speech commands.
  • Easily navigate in your Web browser and navigate the Windows interface without having to lift a finger.

The consumer safety rating:

  • best recognition performance, highest level of versatility, and particular resistance to background noises.


  • The latest in IBM ViaVoice technology with an increased recognition rate
  • Top results without speech training
  • Enhanced acoustic models
  • Improved macro handling for quick and efficient dictation

Mobile dictation

  • Convenient dictation into a dictation device (e.g. a digital dictation device by Olympus) and later automatic conversion by Voice Pro
  • Improved transcription support for loading speech files directly into Word
  • Support for sound files in Wave format (*.wav)

Excellent price-performance ratio

  • Linguatec's Voice Pro 11 USB Edition, Legal Edition and Medical Edition all contain the latest in IBM ViaVoice technology, a high-quality USB headset by Sennheiser and additional specialized glossaries.
  • The complete package is available starting at €199.00. Order here...
  • Particularly reasonably priced updates are available starting at €99.00. Order here...

The high-quality USB headset

  • Recommend for use with Voice Pro 11: The completely new digital headset Sennheiser PC-25 USB, which was developed especially for speech recognition using Voice Pro.
  • Digital microphone technology for significantly better results than when using analogue microphones
  • Excellent noise filter for reduced error rates (up to 50% less than competitors' products)
  • USB connection for convenient use and easy operation
  • Plug & play without the need for special drivers

High compatibility

  • Optimized software for use with modern Intel and AMD processors (1.5 GHz and up)
  • Time and cost savings by applying user data from previous versions of ViaVoice.

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