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Linguatec Voice Pro 11

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An impressive cost-benefit ratio!

Do the math with us and you'll see that

Voice Pro 11 is an investment that quickly pays off!

The use of speech recognition software has the following advantages:

  • You save time, especially on frequently dictated texts.
  • You don't have to depend on the availability of typists (e.g. at night, the weekend).
  • You can make more productive use of your employees since less time will be required for mere writing tasks.
  • After the familiarization phase, both you and your colleagues can easily use the software without the need for typing skills.
  • You no longer have to pass around dictation cassettes.

The following sample calculations show you the impressive cost-benefit ratio of Voice Pro 11, using the example of Voice Pro USB Edition:

On average, an employee spends 1 hour per day writing letters and reports. *According to an independent user study, the same employee would save 25% of his time by using speech recognition software,

thereby resulting in the following potential monthly time savings:

1 hour x 20 days x 25% time savings = 5 hours

With an average hourly salary of €40.00, this means a monthly cost savings of:

5 hours x €40.00 = €200.00

As you can see, Voice Pro USB Edition, which was purchased for €199.00, has already paid for itself after one month.



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