Breaking the Language Barrier

Increase your productivity by over 50%!

A user study says you can type 55% faster!The results of studies conducted by the independent testing agency, NSTL, have shown that ViaVoice can significantly increase PC user productivity. Their tests have also demonstrated that, by using IBM ViaVoice, you can increase your productivity by an average of 55%.

How many words can you or your colleagues "type" per minute? How many of those words are free of errors? What if you could just dictate to your PC what you want to type and the PC could recognize what you say? With ViaVoice, this wish becomes reality. By using IBM ViaVoice, dialogue with your computer can become over 50% more efficient!

Independent European studies have shown that a 55% improvement in productivity can be achieved! A reason for this huge time savings is that typing words is often very time consuming. With ViaVoice, it's possible to avoid this. The speech recognition programme immediately converts what you say into written text.

Another benefit that emphasizes this increase in productivity is the fact that the user no longer has to concentrate on the act of "typing". Just think of those times when you need your hands free to work on other tasks (e.g. clinical examinations, machine operation, etc.) or when concentrating on the content of the text is more important than PC skills (e.g. creating documents, contracts, etc.).

You, too, can benefit from the advantages of using the latest in ViaVoice technology and can increase your productivity by using speech recognition software!



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