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The new user interface from Voice Pro 12 is chic, consistent and extremely easy to use. It offers sophisticated functions for adjusting the profile.

CeBIT highlight voice recognition
Hobnobbing with your computer and a television that listens for your word. This is not a distant dream, but very much a reality at the CeBIT in Hanover.
Voice Pro 12 is a programme that not only allows users to type texts, but even gives them control over their computer.

Result: Voice Pro ensures considerably greater efficiency and productivity when carrying out your office work.

Type as if by magic
Up until now, voice recognition programmes have not proven themselves in day-to-day life. The new generation of Voice Pro is not only fun, it really works!

"Google banana-kiwi cocktail" – the browser window will open and the search engine will display all the hits related to the search. The best hits are highlighted in color by Voice Pro 12 and each one is given a number so that the user simply has to say "one", "two" or "three" to assume complete control over that particular link – highly practical and, more importantly, fast!

With Voice Pro 12, the computer can be controlled entirely using voice commands. Without the need of a single click, the browser will open and display the desired website. It’s simple: all you need to do is dictate everything to the PC without the need for a keyboard.

The program basically allows you to compose texts faster than it takes you to bring pen to paper – you simply need to know how to dictate texts that are ready to be printed. In addition, the Voice Pro 12 software allows you to control the desktop by voice, whereby a mixture of voice commands and keyboard use has proven to be a good technique in practice.

Voice Pro 12 offers the new and innovative Speech Correct function for distinguishing between words that sound the same but are spelled differently.

More performance – more quality
Voice Pro 12 eclipses all of its predecessors. The programme, which is a clear improvement on previous versions, achieves a recognition accuracy of up to 99%. For users, this means that they can write as fast as they speak.

High performance
...To improve speech recognition quality, you can let the dictation software analyze your previously written texts. In this way, Voice Pro expands its vocabulary on its own. The PC voice control works well. The programme pretty much recognizes all voice commands for controlling Windows from the get-go.

The first written statements were dictated without a problem. VoicePro immediately recognized all of the words. The correction function is also impressive. To be commended is the fact that the the software package contains a good USB headset by Sennheiser so that the thrifty lawyer doesn't have to go out and buy a brand new microphone just to go along with it.

Test score: Very good
Test rating: Best in price and performance

Linguatec Voice Pro works wonderfully when you follow the rules of the software. In other words, speak quickly and clearly.
You can then easily dictate into any word processing programme. It even does a good job recognizing popular foreign words. One highlight of Voice Pro is the feature that allows you to easily control any programme using voice commands. What is more, the software has a very simple, well-structured user interface with numerous setting options including multi-user control.
Also liked is the high-quality Sennheiser headset for the USB port that comes with the software package.
Test score: 2 (75%)

Forget everything you've every heard about speech recognition systems. These programs will impress you with their remarkable recognition rates.
Never before have you been able to put your thought onto paper so quickly.
All you have to do is put on the headset and run through the quality and volume test. And that's it! Even inexperienced users can get going with a speech recognition accuracy of over 90%.
PC Pro



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