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The innovative SmartCommand technology in Voice Pro 12 is an invention which goes far beyond simple dictation functionality. In the past, users have been able to control simple tasks with their voice, such as “Close window” or “Print file”. With Voice Pro 12, however, the user can perform several distinctive tasks with one single command, all in one go.

This is particularly handy when using Outlook: For instance, if you say “Write an e-mail to John Smith with the subject Our meeting”, this automatically opens Outlook, retrieves the contact “John Smith” from the address book, enters his e-mail address in the recipient line and writes “Our meeting” in the subject line. The cursor is then placed in the text field, so that you may start to write your message, ideally by dictating it. This saves you a lot of steps! Meetings and appointments can also be added to Outlook with just a word.

Even searches can now be carried out using simple voice commands. A local search for files on the desktop saves the users several mouse clicks and makes the process easier to use, since unaccustomed users often don’t even know where to look for the search function on the computer. With the corresponding SmartCommand, all you need to do is say “Search files for voice recognition” and the search program is opened, the search term is entered, the search is started and the results are displayed. Looking for pictures using voice commands is similarly convenient: Tell the computer: “Find pictures of Simon at a Christmas party”, and it will display all pictures with the tags “Simon” and “Christmas party”. Compared to searching with the mouse and the keyboard, it is immensely convenient and nifty – and above all, quicker.

SmartCommands also facilitate Internet searches: You can now conduct an Internet search on Google, eBay, Wikipedia and so on in the wink of an eye, using a simple SmartCommand. The simple words “Look for the Easter bunny on the Internet” opens the Internet browser, calls up the default search engine, e.g. Google, enters the search term “Easter bunny”, conducts the search and shows the list of hits. Surfing the web, just like writing, can be done without the mouse: the user just needs to read out the required link in order to select it.

What makes Voice Pro 12 such a revolutionary program, is that it combines increased productivity with attractive recreational functionality. Apart from facilitating your working life, voice recognition can be used to simplify your home entertainment, for example when listening to songs with the Media Player. This means smart voice commands such as “Play the song You’re the voice” or “Play the artist John Farnham” are now reality! The Windows Media Center can be operated almost like in the world of Harry Potter: merely utter a “spell” to change TV channels on the computer or record a program. Who doesn’t think it’s neat to be able to select the movie in the home cinema with a voice command? Now, like Captain Picard, you may say: “Starship Enterprise, on screen!”



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