Breaking the Language Barrier

Basics of speech recognition

Spoken language is one of the most important means of human communication. As language is a matter of course for us, we do not spend any time thinking about it. It is easy for people to understand words and sentences.

If naturally spoken text could be understood by computers, this would not just make human-machine dialogue easier, but also open up new fields of application for the computer.

Decades of research in speech recognition has progressed in leaps and bounds recently. For general text processing, telecommunications and access to databases and dialogue with expert systems, especially powerful speech recognition systems are currently being researched.

The development process of a speech recognition solution

includes the following elements:

  • Programming and computer technology
  • Phonetics
  • Linguistics
  • Pattern recognition
  • Artificial intelligence

An automatic speech recognition system attempts to emulate human speech comprehension. Along with the keyboard and mouse, the microphone now allows data to be directly entered into computers.



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