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Recommended Dictaphones for Voice Pro 12

Professional dictation when you're on the go

Digital dictation with Voice Pro 12 Premium, Premium Wireless, Legal or Medical is the professional solution for everyone who wants to do their job on the move, quickly and flexibly.

  • Immediate recording of your thoughts and notes using your dictaphone on the move
  • Speedy conversion of the dictation into written text on the PC or laptop
  • Your dictaphone provides for quick and easy use.
  • Suitable file formats: MP3, WAV and WMA (from 16 kHz 16 bit mono)
  • Compatible with a wide range of dictaphones, now under 100 €

With the help of the professional speech recognition software Voice Pro 12, you can convert your dictations directly into text documents without the need for playback or typing. Also ideal for delegating work!

Supported dictaphones

The following dictaphones are available in specialist stores. The price indicated is either the RRP or the customary market price.
Olympus WS-110
€ 89.90

Olympus WS-210S
€ 99.90

Olympus VN-3100
€ 59.90

Olympus VN-3500PC
€ 59.90

Olympus VN-4100
€ 59.90

Olympus VN-6500PC
€ 79.90

Olympus DS-2400
€ 299.00

Olympus DS-5000
€ 599.00

Philips Digital
Pocket Memo 9600
€ 569.00

Philips Voice Tracer 660
€ 89.90

Philips Voice Tracer 860
€ 149.00

Philips Voice Tracer 880
€ 149.00



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