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Great new applications and technologies presented at the Mobile Innovation Global Award competition: Linguatec, Inc. allows the phone to be used to “shoot and translate.” The user takes a picture of a foreign word or phrase, presses a "translate" button and gets both text and text-to-speech translation. The system uses the mobile Internet to run the image through three OCR engines, then through language translation software to convert from text to speech, all within about 30 seconds, according to Linguatec.
SYS-CON Media                 June 08

Besuch auf der CeBIT
Kabel 1 In a special feature about CeBIT 2008, The German TV channel Kabel 1 especially mentioned the trade fair highlight Shoot & Translate.
Programme: “Abenteuer Leben” (Living the adventure) 10.03.2008

In a video clip (wmv), novelty tester Philipp Schäfer demonstrates the latest high-tech craze at the CeBIT.
He concludes: “This is a technically mature gadget that is ready for use in the industry.”

Device Management Forum                March 08
The makers of Shoot & Translate realized this and went straight to work. Their solution: the first photo translation software for mobile phones. The software works in three simple steps: take a picture, scan the text, and translate.

The software then extracts the text from the picture using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software and translates the text into the user’s language using the SmartTranslation Technology from Linguatec's Personal Translator solution.
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Mobile Marketing Magazine
March 08

                March 08
Our mobile phone is our constant companion through all of life's endeavors. When used in combination with the translation software Shoot & Translate, it becomes the practical translator that's always at hand when we need it.
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A remarkably clever piece of software for smartphones and PDAs
Very handy indeed and much more portable than one of those so called pocket Spoken (insert language here) Dictionaries.
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pocket picks
                        March .08

pocket picks
                     March .08
Below is a continuation of the list of notable product highlights from the CeBIT exhibit floor. Though many of these companies are European and may not be familiar in the United States, we thought it worthwhile to bring you a glimpse of what's going on across the Atlantic. Language technology expert Linguatec unveiled a world first at CeBIT. Shoot & Translate, the first translation software for cell phones and smart phones, uses the built-in camera and Internet access popular in today's cell phones to its full potential.


Programme recorded on 07.03.08 at the CeBIT

The technology trends of tomorrow
Mobile phones are now translators as well.
Conclusion: A really good idea, this mobile phone software.

The segment on Shoot & Translate begins after 2 minutes and 8 seconds (in German language).

Computer expert Jörg Schieb from WDR at the recording of the TV segment at the Linguatec stand.

Global innovation … the first translation software for mobile phones and smartphones
February 08

Revolutionary software for mobiles.
Translation of restaurant menus, newspaper text, travel information.
Mobile World Congress
February 08



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