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Press release, Oct. 24, 2007

Out with it! Dub texts yourself with Voice Reader Studio

From now on, there is a new alternative to the usual way of working in a recording studio, developed by Linguatec, the Munich specialists in language technology. Voice Reader Studio is an innovative software solution for everyone that would like to dub texts for their target groups quickly, cost-efficiently and with convincing quality.

The audio market is booming

The trend for listening is incalculable, as shown by the ongoing boom in the sales of audio books, audio magazines and podcasts. However voice applications are gaining importance for companies as well, since dubbing brings added value and improves their attractiveness. Last but not least can this be seen on the Internet: There has been an increase in audio offers, Internet users can listen to entire newspaper articles or download them.

Technological breakthrough for speech synthesis

When confronted with the term speech synthesis, everyone, without meaning to, thinks about the monotonic droning voice from the computer or android in the old science fiction films. The innovative Voice Reader technology makes this a thing of the distant past. The audio files recorded by the Voice Reader Studio sound amazingly real and can hardly be distinguished from a voice recording of a real person. Behind this software there is a system: for the Linguatec Voice Reader's voice material, very elaborate audio recordings were made with qualified studio speakers. These recordings are cut into phonetic units and then put back together again by the program using the master version of the texts. The synthetic part of the Voice Reader's speech synthesis is not the actual voice, but the intelligent piecing together of the natural linguistic elements. Complex linguistic algorithms ensure a natural word emphasis in the context of the sentence.

Professional Functionality

The pioneer of the studio edition is the Linguatec Voice Reader Home, a reading program in 11 languages for use in the home. Voice Reader Studio, in comparison, has been expanded by a range of additional features for professional dubbing. Now an Editor makes the pronunciation adaptation of difficult words possible, by using a simple phonetic transcription. Dramaturgical productions and dialogue direction can be easily achieved using profiles that assign voice qualities like male or female, light or dark, fast or slow to specific speakers. Even lulls in the conversation can be produced and sound effects such as applause, bird song, wailing of sirens or even original sound tracks create lively background noise.

Diverse applications

"The range of possible applications for efficient and individualized dubbing is immense, says Dr. Reinhard Busch, Managing Director of Linguatec GmbH, in his analysis of the demand for audio files that can be created quickly and flexibly. Especially with contents that constantly change such as news articles and podcasts, the costs of conventional dubbing in a recording studio are often too high and therefore unprofitable. The software creates a well sounding audio version of the text at the touch of a button, so that a high return on investment with considerable cost savings can be established as a business argument. "The purchase costs are generally paid off after 30 minutes of recording. Voice Reader Studio shows its strengths where audio texts have to be quickly and cheaply brought to a wide audience. This ranges from traffic reports and announcements in public transport to dubbing presentations and videos and even to reading the contents of websites. Not to mention podcasts and audio magazines."

Voice Reader Studio (German) is now available in shops at the price of € 499. Further languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian) will soon be available.

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About Linguatec:
Linguatec GmbH is the leading provider of language-technology software in Germany. The core product fields are automated translation, speech recognition and speech output. Linguistic is the only company to have won the European Information Technology Prize three times.

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