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Press Release March 8th, 2005

Translation Program Linguatec Personal Translator 2006

Unique Translation Performance with Neural Transfer

Presenting its new version of Personal Translator at CeBIT 2005, Linguatec is again proving its technological lead in the field of automatic translation systems. With its newly developed translation technology based on neural transfer and with automatic subject area and name recognition, Personal Translator 2006 offers a much improved translation quality. The new PT is also easier and more efficient to work with, thanks to a completely redesigned user interface, an automatic spellchecker, seamless integration in MS Outlook, direct translation of PDF documents, and the new high-quality speech-output module.

Translating with the intelligence of neural networks

Personal Translator 2006 is the first translation system based on hybrid technology. In addition to conventional rule-based translation technology, it uses a specially developed neural transfer process . This new technology, for which a worldwide patent has been filed, simulates the thinking process of the human brain according to the principle of neural networks and makes it usable for translation. If the current sentence does not give a pointer to the suitable translation of a word with several meanings, the neural transfer extends the analysis to include previous and following sentences. This allows Personal Translator to find the correct term in the target language even in complex cases, ensuring unique translation results.

The automatic recognition of subject areas is also a key factor for the high quality of PT translations. The program analyses the document and assigns the correct subject areas to the text to be translated. This ensures, for example, that instead of the general translation (e.g. board = Brett) a suitable specialist term is used (e.g. Aufsichtsrat if a business context has been identified).

Thanks to the automatic name recognition function, PT even translates texts correctly which contain proper names that also have a general meaning: "Der Politiker Fischer traf in Oberammergau das Parteimitglied Metzger. Das Thema war die Fusion der Vogt Elektronik Werke mit der Elf Aquitaine S.A." Conventional translation technology would make Minister Fischer a “fisherman”, the meeting would be relocated from Oberammergau to “top bunting district”, and who would recognize “church advocate electronics works“ as a company named Vogt? Personal Translator 2006, on the other hand, translates the text into English ready for press.

The outstanding translation quality of Personal Translator 2006 can be attributed to the Linguatec text corpus which holds more than 1.5 billion words. “It’s this enormous text corpus which enables the innovative use of a neural network in Personal Translator”, explains Dr. Reinhard Busch , Managing Director of Linguatec. “Our corpus is one of the largest in the world. If you printed it out on DIN A4 paper, you’d get a stack of paper 125 metres high.”

Modern and flexible – simply efficient

Personal Translator 2006 sets standards in translation quality and makes translating more efficient. The completely revamped user interface guarantees that all functions are easy to use. The automatic spellchecker already finds errors in the source text, before valuable translation time is lost. The entire functionality of Personal Translator can be easily integrated in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. The program now also translates documents in the widespread PDF format. The new speech-output function with SVOX technology helps users when checking texts and with pronunciation problems – in a quality that can barely be distinguished from the human voice.

Linguatec PT 2006 Home (English or French)
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Linguatec PT 2006 Pro (English or French)
Linguatec PT 2006 Network (incl. 5 licences)

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