Breaking the Language Barrier
Press release March 2002

New: linguaChat - Automatic Internet Chat Interpreter

Linguatec language technologies GmbH Munich has just released a new translator for internet chatrooms. With linguaChat you can chat in your own language even if the other participants speak a different language.

Many participants in foreign language chatrooms must realize that they cannot express their thoughts fast enough. When they are ready to form their phrases the discussion has already taken another direction. This scenario was the reason why many internet users avoided chats in foreign languages.

Here is the solution to this problem - linguaChat provides free translation upon your request! Just type in your own language and ask the program to provide real time translation of all your chat entries. This is the result: on your screen all chat entries appear in your own language, other participants see all entries in their language. You can optionally have the original text on display, too.

linguaChat offers not only value added entertainment and information. Chat platforms are important components for virtual conferences, where linguaChat contributes to overcome language barriers. In addition to that, this fast and multilingual information exchange can be used for international communication in company owned intranets. Meetings or conferences do not necessarily mean long business trips any more.

linguaChat is based on the award-winning Personal Translator Technology of Linguatec and development work within the research project INVITE. Its dictionary comprises more than 550,000 words which cover the standard communication vocabulary. The dictionary can be adjusted for technical discussions.

Presently linguaChat translates German, English and French. linguaChat can be tested under



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