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  Read Welle (n) wave (n)   Read  Read
  Read Langwelle long-wave   Read  Read
  Read Sinuswelle sinewave   Read  Read
  Read Kurzwelle shortwave   Read  Read
  Read Lichtwelle lightwave   Read  Read
  Read Oberflächenwelle wave   Read  Read
  Read Millimeterwelle MM-wave   Read  Read
  Read Raumwelle sky wave   Read  Read
  Read Raumwelle free wave   Read  Read
  Read Langwelle long wave   Read  Read
  Read Sinuswelle sine wave   Read  Read
  Read Kurzwelle short wave   Read  Read
  Read Raumwelle space wave   Read  Read
  Read kleine Welle wavelet   Read  Read
  Read Welle antinoise wave   Read  Read
  Read Stoßwelle shock wave   Read  Read
  Read Stoßwelle blast wave   Read  Read
  Read Ozeanwelle ocean wave   Read  Read
  Read Lichtwelle light wave   Read  Read
  Read Grundwelle ground wave   Read  Read
  Read Meereswelle ocean wave   Read  Read
  Read Grundwelle direct wave   Read  Read
  Read Raumwelle indirect wave   Read  Read
  Read Stehwelle standing wave   Read  Read
  Read Oberwelle harmonic wave   Read  Read
  Read Millimeterwelle mm wave   Read  Read
  Read Lichtwelle optical wave   Read  Read
  Read Stoßwelle impulse wave   Read  Read
  Read Plasmawelle plasma wave   Read  Read
  Read Wanderwelle running wave   Read  Read
  Read Trägerwelle carrier wave   Read  Read
  Read Rechteckwelle square wave   Read  Read
  Read Langwelle kilometric wave   Read  Read
  Read Raumwelle ionospheric wave   Read  Read
  Read Wanderwelle traveling wave   Read  Read
  Read Sinuswelle sinusoidal wave   Read  Read
  Read Millimeterwelle MM-wave IC   Read  Read
  Read Millimeterwelle dwarf wave   Read  Read
  Read Stoßwelle detonation wave   Read  Read
  Read Stoßwelle percussion wave   Read  Read
  Read Wanderwelle transient wave   Read  Read
  Read Grundwelle fundamental wave   Read  Read
  Read Wanderwelle travelling wave   Read  Read
  Read Langwelle longwave radiance   Read  Read
  Read Stoßwelle shockwave pulses   Read  Read
  Read Stoßwelle shock-wave front   Read  Read
  Read Langwelle longwave radiation   Read  Read
  Read Kurzwelle shortwave radiance   Read  Read
  Read Millimeterwelle MM-wave tube   Read  Read
  Read Kurzwelle shortwave radiation   Read  Read
  Read Stoßwelle Shock wave front   Read  Read
  Read Stoßwelle oblique shock wave   Read  Read
  Read Meereswelle ocean wave spectra   Read  Read
  Read biegsame Welle flexion wave   Read  Read
  Read brechende Welle parting wave   Read  Read
  Read dynamische Welle dynamic wave   Read  Read
  Read ebene Welle plane wave   Read  Read
  Read einfallende Welle incident wave   Read  Read
  Read elastische Welle elastic wave   Read  Read
  Read verzerrte Welle distorted wave   Read  Read
  Read gebeugte Welle diffracted wave   Read  Read
  Read stehende Welle stationary wave   Read  Read
  Read stehende Welle standing wave   Read  Read
  Read harmonische Welle harmonic wave   Read  Read
  Read seismische Welle seismic wave   Read  Read
  Read innere Welle internal wave   Read  Read
  Read Grüne Welle green wave   Read  Read
  Read reflektierte Welle back wave   Read  Read
  Read Hertzsche Welle Hertzian wave   Read  Read
  Read Hertzsche Welle radio wave   Read  Read
  Read Neue Welle new wave   Read  Read
  Read laufende Welle running wave   Read  Read
  Read lineare Welle linear wave   Read  Read
  Read innere Welle internal gravity wave   Read  Read
  Read Welle von Verbrechen crime wave   Read  Read
  Read die neue Welle the New Wave   Read  Read
  Read KW (Kurzwelle) SW : short wave   Read  Read
  Read LW (Langwelle) LW : long wave   Read  Read
  Read Wellen (n pl) waves (n)   Read  Read
  Read Kurzwellen shortwaves   Read  Read
  Read Ätherwellen airwaves   Read  Read
  Read Raumwellen sky waves   Read  Read
  Read Langwellen long waves   Read  Read
  Read Randwellen edge waves   Read  Read
  Read Hirnwellen brain waves   Read  Read
  Read Sinuswellen sine waves   Read  Read
  Read Stoßwellen shock waves   Read  Read
  Read Lichtwellen light waves   Read  Read
  Read Grundwellen ground waves   Read  Read
  Read Stehwellen standing waves   Read  Read
  Read Primärwellen primary waves   Read  Read
  Read Schwerewellen gravity waves   Read  Read
  Read Rechteckwellen square waves   Read  Read
  Read Trägerwellen carrier waves   Read  Read
  Read Wanderwellen travelling waves   Read  Read
  Read elastische Wellen elastic waves   Read  Read
  Read zerhackte Wellen chopped waves   Read  Read
  Read gebrochene Wellen broken waves   Read  Read
  Read geleitete Wellen guided waves   Read  Read
  Read Plätschern der Wellen lap of the waves   Read  Read
  Read hohe Wellen werfen to whip up high waves   Read  Read
  Read Wolle (n) wool (n)   Read  Read
  Read wollen woollen   Read  Read
  Read Holzwolle wood-wool   Read  Read
  Read ganzwollen all-wool   Read  Read
  Read Glaswolle glasswool   Read  Read
  Read Unterwolle underwool   Read  Read
  Read Holzwolle wood wool   Read  Read
  Read reine Wolle all-wool   Read  Read
  Read reinwollen pure wool   Read  Read
  Read Glaswolle glass wool   Read  Read
  Read Glaswolle loose wool   Read  Read
  Read Baumwolle cotton wool   Read  Read
  Read Entwollen wool pulling   Read  Read
  Read Mineralwolle rock wool   Read  Read
  Read Mineralwolle mineral wool   Read  Read
  Read verfilzte Wolle cotty wool   Read  Read
  Read schottische Wolle scotch wool   Read  Read
  Read indische Wolle indian wool   Read  Read
  Read rein wollen pure wool   Read  Read
  Read klettige Wolle burry wool   Read  Read
  Read kurzhaarige Wolle short wool   Read  Read
  Read nitrierte Wolle nitrated wool   Read  Read
  Read langstapelige Wolle long wool   Read  Read
  Read in der Wolle gefärbt dyed in the wool   Read  Read
  Read Welle (n) shaft (n)   Read  Read
  Read Nockenwelle camshaft   Read  Read
  Read Kardanwelle propshaft   Read  Read
  Read Nockenwellen camshafts   Read  Read
  Read Kurbelwelle crankshaft   Read  Read
  Read Kurbelwellen crankshafts   Read  Read
  Read Welle (n) waves (n)   Read  Read
  Read Ätherwelle airwaves   Read  Read
  Read Millimeterwelle dwarf waves   Read  Read
  Read Stoßwelle water shockwaves   Read  Read
  Read wellen (v) wave (v)   Read  Read
  Read Wellen... waved   Read  Read
  Read Langwellen long wave   Read  Read
  Read wollen (adj) wish (adj)   Read  Read
  Read wollend wishing   Read  Read
  Read Übelwollende ill wisher   Read  Read
  Read Übelwollende ill wishers   Read  Read
  Read Übelwollender ill wisher   Read  Read
  Read übelwollen wish a person ill   Read  Read
  Read wollen (adj) want (adj)   Read  Read
  Read wollen to want to   Read  Read
  Read hinauswollen want to get out   Read  Read
  Read zurückwollen want to go back   Read  Read
  Read wollen können may want to have   Read  Read
  Read Wolle (n) wools (n)   Read  Read
  Read Glaswollen glass wools   Read  Read
  Read Mineralwollen mineral wools   Read  Read
  Read wellen (v) curl (v)   Read  Read
  Read wellen curl up   Read  Read
  Read Welle (n) billow (n)   Read  Read
  Read Wellen billows   Read  Read
  Read wellen (v) wavy (v)   Read  Read
  Read Randwellen wavy edges   Read  Read
  Read Wolle (n) woolen (n)   Read  Read
  Read Welle (n) arbor (n)   Read  Read
  Read Welle (n) axle (n)   Read  Read
  Read Welle (n) warp (n)   Read  Read
  Read wollen (adj) care (adj)   Read  Read
  Read gewellt (adj) waved (adj)   Read  Read
  Read wollen (adj) woolen (adj)   Read  Read
  Read Wollen (n) desire (n)   Read  Read
  Read wollen (adj) prefer (adj)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read wollen choose   Read  Read
  Read Stoßwelle SW   Read  Read
  Read Welle outbreak   Read  Read
  Read wellend waving   Read  Read
  Read wellen crinkle   Read  Read
  Read wellen undulate   Read  Read
  Read wollen desirous   Read  Read
  Read wollend willing   Read  Read
  Read gewellt undulate   Read  Read
  Read Stoßwelle surge   Read  Read
  Read Oberwelle ripple   Read  Read
  Read Baumwolle cotton   Read  Read
  Read Stoßwelle shock   Read  Read
  Read wellen corrugate   Read  Read
  Read hinauswollen have   Read  Read
  Read wollend intending   Read  Read
  Read baumwollen cotton   Read  Read
  Read gewellt undulated   Read  Read
  Read wellend undulating   Read  Read
  Read hinauswollen drive   Read  Read
  Read Wellen... udulated   Read  Read
  Read Oberwelle harmonic   Read  Read
  Read gewellt corrugated   Read  Read
  Read Holzwolle excelsior   Read  Read
  Read Welle(nform) ripple   Read  Read
  Read wellend corrugating   Read  Read
  Read Oberwelle harmonics   Read  Read
  Read Millimeterwelle EHF   Read  Read
  Read Sturzwellen breakers   Read  Read
  Read Wellen... undulating   Read  Read
  Read Ultrawelle ultrasound   Read  Read
  Read Holzwollen excelsiors   Read  Read
  Read übelwollend malevolent   Read  Read
  Read Kardanwellen propellers   Read  Read
  Read Ultrawellen ultrasounds   Read  Read
  Read wollen to will   Read  Read
  Read übelwollend malevolently   Read  Read
  Read Schießbaumwolle guncotton   Read  Read
  Read nicht wollen nill   Read  Read
  Read kleine Welle ripple   Read  Read
  Read Gegenwelle odd mode   Read  Read
  Read Glaswolle spun glass   Read  Read
  Read Übelwollen ill will   Read  Read
  Read ungedämpfte Welle CW   Read  Read
  Read Nutwellen slot ripple   Read  Read
  Read Raumwelle indirect ray   Read  Read
  Read Übel wollend sinister   Read  Read
  Read Glaswolle glass padding   Read  Read
  Read Holzwolle wood shavings   Read  Read
  Read Grundwelle dominant mode   Read  Read
  Read Kurzwelle high frequency   Read  Read
  Read Schwerewelle LIGO project   Read  Read
  Read Gleichtaktwellen even modes   Read  Read
  Read Schießbaumwolle gun cotton   Read  Read
  Read Grundwelle fundamental mode   Read  Read
  Read akustische Welle acoustic mode   Read  Read
  Read tote Baumwolle dead cotton   Read  Read
  Read hinauswollen (auf) drive at   Read  Read
  Read The WELL The WELL   Read  Read
  Read das wolle Gott! please God!   Read  Read
  Read so Gott will God willing   Read  Read
  Read Wie Sie wollen! Please yourself!   Read  Read
  Read Willst du rauchen? Have a smoke?   Read  Read
  Read will sagen that is to say   Read  Read
  Read so Gott will, ... God willing   Read  Read
  Read Mach, was du willst! Do your worst!   Read  Read
  Read komme, was da wolle come what may   Read  Read
  Read ich will verdammt sein I am jiggered   Read  Read
  Read geschehe, was da wolle come what may   Read  Read
  Read Das will ich meinen! I should say so!   Read  Read
  Read Was willst du denn? Whatever do you want?   Read  Read
  Read Ganz wie du willst. Just as you please.   Read  Read
  Read Ganz wie Sie wollen. Just as you like.   Read  Read

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