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  Read warten (v) tune (v)   Read  Read
  Read warten (v) wait (v)   Read  Read
  Read warten (v) stay (v)   Read  Read
  Read Warten (n) wait (n)   Read  Read
  Read warten (v) await (v)   Read  Read
  Read warten (v) watch (v)   Read  Read
  Read warten (v) listen (v)   Read  Read
  Read warten (v) anxious (v)   Read  Read
  Read Warten (n) waiting (n)   Read  Read
  Read warten (v) service (v)   Read  Read
  Read warten (v) maintain (v)   Read  Read
  Read warten (v) maintenance (v)   Read  Read
  Read warten (v) hang on (v)   Read  Read
  Read wartend (adj) pended (adj)   Read  Read
  Read wartend (adj) waiting (adj)   Read  Read
  Read Wegwarten (n) chicories (n)   Read  Read
  Read Sternwarten (n pl) observatories (n)   Read  Read
  Read zuwarten (v) wait patiently (v)   Read  Read
  Read warten (v) maintain; to service (v)   Read  Read
  Read Wetterwarten (n pl) weather stations (n)   Read  Read
  Read Wartentechnik (n) control room technique (n)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read Warten auf Verbindung camp-on   Read  Read
  Read wartet queued   Read  Read
  Read Warteliste WL   Read  Read
  Read WARTET WAITING   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeit wait   Read  Read
  Read Torwart goalie   Read  Read
  Read Wartemusik MOH   Read  Read
  Read Wartefeld queue   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeit delay   Read  Read
  Read gewartet waited   Read  Read
  Read Wartezustand DM   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange Q   Read  Read
  Read Wartestatus wait   Read  Read
  Read Wegwarte chicory   Read  Read
  Read Warte standpoint   Read  Read
  Read Bannwart forester   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeit latency   Read  Read
  Read Wartezustand hold   Read  Read
  Read Schmierwart oiler   Read  Read
  Read gewartet serviced   Read  Read
  Read Torwart goaltender   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlage queue   Read  Read
  Read Torwart goalkeeper   Read  Read
  Read Warteliste standby   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange queue   Read  Read
  Read Torwart goal-keeper   Read  Read
  Read Warteliste stand-by   Read  Read
  Read gewartet maintained   Read  Read
  Read Platzwart groundsman   Read  Read
  Read Kassenwart treasurer   Read  Read
  Read Hauswart lodge-keeper   Read  Read
  Read Befehlswarteliste CWL   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange line-up   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange queuing   Read  Read
  Read Wartestatus waitstate   Read  Read
  Read Wartelisteposition WP   Read  Read
  Read Wartelistenbuchung WL   Read  Read
  Read Warteraum waiting-room   Read  Read
  Read Sternwarte observatory   Read  Read
  Read Kassenwarte treasurers   Read  Read
  Read Warteeinheit waitstate   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange tailback   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange queueing   Read  Read
  Read Wartesaal waiting-room   Read  Read
  Read Kassenwarte cashkeepers   Read  Read
  Read Warteliste waiting-list   Read  Read
  Read Wartehalle waiting-room   Read  Read
  Read Fehlerwartezeit time-out   Read  Read
  Read Wartemusik music-on-hold   Read  Read
  Read Wartezimmer waiting-room   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlangenbetrieb QUO   Read  Read
  Read Jobwarteschlange job-queue   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeit wait time   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeit idle time   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeit Tack time   Read  Read
  Read Torwart goal keeper   Read  Read
  Read Wartefeld wait field   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeit queue time   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeit sleep time   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeit delay time   Read  Read
  Read Wartezimmer ante room   Read  Read
  Read Torwarte goal keepers   Read  Read
  Read Wartegeld waiting pay   Read  Read
  Read Wartegraph wait graph   Read  Read
  Read Wartedauer call delay   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange line up   Read  Read
  Read Warteaufruf wait call   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeit waiting time   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeichen wait sign   Read  Read
  Read Wartesaal waiting hall   Read  Read
  Read Wartestatus wait state   Read  Read
  Read Wartesaal waiting room   Read  Read
  Read Warteverlust idle time   Read  Read
  Read Wartetext queuing code   Read  Read
  Read Warteraum waiting room   Read  Read
  Read Warteraum holding area   Read  Read
  Read Blockwart block leader   Read  Read
  Read Wartezyklus wait cycle   Read  Read
  Read Warteraum control room   Read  Read
  Read Wartezyklus wait state   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeit join latency   Read  Read
  Read Wartebereich wait area   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeit standby time   Read  Read
  Read Wartekette queue chain   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeit queuing delay   Read  Read
  Read Wartehalle waiting room   Read  Read
  Read Warteliste waiting list   Read  Read
  Read Wartelinie waiting line   Read  Read
  Read Warteschleife wait loop   Read  Read
  Read Warteseite holding page   Read  Read
  Read Wartesignal wait signal   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange job queue   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange wait list   Read  Read
  Read Wartebit wait indicator   Read  Read
  Read Wartemodus standby mode   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeichen stop board   Read  Read
  Read Warte observation point   Read  Read
  Read Forstwart forest helper   Read  Read
  Read Wartesystem wait system   Read  Read
  Read Schlange (Warte-) queue   Read  Read
  Read Wartefeld waiting field   Read  Read
  Read Platzwart ground keeper   Read  Read
  Read Wartepunkt waiting room   Read  Read
  Read Wartefeld queuing field   Read  Read
  Read im Wartezustand waiting   Read  Read
  Read Schaltwarte switch room   Read  Read
  Read Warteplatz wait position   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeit waiting period   Read  Read
  Read Sportwart sports manager   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange line (Am.)   Read  Read
  Read Wartesystem delay system   Read  Read
  Read Wartegelder waiting pays   Read  Read
  Read Wartezimmer waiting room   Read  Read
  Read Wartegleis holding track   Read  Read
  Read Leitwarte master display   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange queue size   Read  Read
  Read Schaltwarte control room   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeit attendance time   Read  Read
  Read Wartelisten waiting lists   Read  Read
  Read Wartezimmer waiting rooms   Read  Read
  Read Wartegraph wait-for graph   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange queue state   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange queue (Br.)   Read  Read
  Read Schaltwarte control stand   Read  Read
  Read Wartefunktion wait action   Read  Read
  Read Wartestatus waiting state   Read  Read
  Read Wartefrist waiting period   Read  Read
  Read Schaltwarte Control rooms   Read  Read
  Read Wartezyklus queuing cycle   Read  Read
  Read Warteräume waiting rooms   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange cells queue   Read  Read
  Read Warteschleife turning loop   Read  Read
  Read Platzwart groundsman [Br.]   Read  Read
  Read Seewarte naval observatory   Read  Read
  Read Wartesystem queuing system   Read  Read
  Read Wartestand inactive status   Read  Read
  Read Faxwarteschlange fax queue   Read  Read
  Read Wartezustand waiting state   Read  Read
  Read Wartesystem queueing delay   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange queuing line   Read  Read
  Read Wartezimmer reception room   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange queue length   Read  Read
  Read Wartehäuschen bus shelter   Read  Read
  Read Wartebereich swapping area   Read  Read
  Read Platzwart groundsman (Br.)   Read  Read
  Read Wartesystem queueing model   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange waiting line   Read  Read
  Read Jobwarteschlange job queue   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange queuing delay   Read  Read
  Read Wartefunktion wait function   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange queued packet   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange queue buildup   Read  Read
  Read Wartesystem queuing results   Read  Read
  Read Wartesystem queueing system   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange queueing line   Read  Read
  Read Wartehalle departure lounge   Read  Read
  Read Tankwart gas-pump attendant   Read  Read
  Read Tankwart gasoline attendant   Read  Read
  Read Luftschutzwart fire watcher   Read  Read
  Read Warteschaltung wait circuit   Read  Read
  Read Meßwarte measuring station   Read  Read
  Read APC-Warteschlange APC queue   Read  Read
  Read Anrufwarteverfahren camp on   Read  Read
  Read Wetterwarte weather station   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange waiting queue   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeichen waiting signal   Read  Read
  Read Wartesteuerung wait control   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange queue overflow   Read  Read
  Read Seewarte Hydrographic Office   Read  Read
  Read verteilte Warteschlange DQDB   Read  Read
  Read Warteverkehr queue operation   Read  Read
  Read Wartestruktur wait structure   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange priority queue   Read  Read
  Read Wartesystem queueing network   Read  Read
  Read Wartestation passive station   Read  Read
  Read Luftschutzwart block captain   Read  Read
  Read Wartespeicher queuing memory   Read  Read
  Read Warteprinzip delay principle   Read  Read
  Read PAD-Wartezustand PAD waiting   Read  Read
  Read abhängiger Wartezustand NDM   Read  Read
  Read Wartebetrieb delay operation   Read  Read
  Read Wartebetrieb queue operation   Read  Read
  Read Wartebefehl wait instruction   Read  Read
  Read Warte-Routine suspend routine   Read  Read
  Read Haltewarteschlange hold queue   Read  Read
  Read Warteschleife holding pattern   Read  Read
  Read Datenwarteschlange data queue   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange queueing length   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange queue stability   Read  Read
  Read Warteprogramm waiting program   Read  Read
  Read Warteschlange queuing network   Read  Read
  Read Meldewartezeit ringing length   Read  Read
  Read Luftschutzwart airraid warden   Read  Read
  Read Portokassenwart petty cashier   Read  Read
  Read Platzwart groundskeeper [Am.]   Read  Read
  Read Erdbebenwarte seismic station   Read  Read
  Read Sendewarteschlange send queue   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeit time of delay   Read  Read
  Read Wartemusik music on hold   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeit time of waiting   Read  Read
  Read Warteton call queuing tone   Read  Read
  Read Warteschaltung camp on busy   Read  Read
  Read Wartelampe call storage lamp   Read  Read
  Read Anzeige 'Nachricht wartet MWI   Read  Read
  Read Tankwart gas station operator   Read  Read
  Read Tankwart gas station attendant   Read  Read
  Read Wartesignal amber light signal   Read  Read
  Read Tankwart petrol pump attendant   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeit waiting time priority   Read  Read
  Read Wartesaaluhr waiting room clock   Read  Read
  Read aus dem Wartezustand holen unpend   Read  Read
  Read Wartezeichen stop and stay signal   Read  Read
  Read in den Wartezustand versetzen pend   Read  Read

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