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  Read senden (v) (v)   Read  Read
  Read senden dispatch   Read  Read
  Read aussenden drive   Read  Read
  Read senden broadcast   Read  Read
  Read Sendenetz network   Read  Read
  Read absenden dispatch   Read  Read
  Read Senden (n) send (n)   Read  Read
  Read Senden/Block send/block   Read  Read
  Read absenden send off   Read  Read
  Read hochsenden send up   Read  Read
  Read rundsenden send round   Read  Read
  Read zurücksenden send back   Read  Read
  Read senden (v) forward (v)   Read  Read
  Read nachsenden forward   Read  Read
  Read Nachsenden forwarding   Read  Read
  Read senden (v) mail (v)   Read  Read
  Read per Luftpost senden airmail   Read  Read
  Read mit der Post senden mail   Read  Read
  Read Gesandt (n) envoy (n)   Read  Read
  Read Sondergesandte special envoy   Read  Read
  Read senden (v) telecast (v)   Read  Read
  Read im Fernsehen senden telecast   Read  Read
  Read senden (v) transmit (v)   Read  Read
  Read aussenden (v) send (v)   Read  Read
  Read aussenden send out   Read  Read
  Read zusenden (v) send (v)   Read  Read
  Read zusenden send (sent, sent)   Read  Read
  Read aussenden (v) emit (v)   Read  Read
  Read aussendend emitting   Read  Read
  Read senden (v) send (v)   Read  Read
  Read Senden (n) sending (n)   Read  Read
  Read absenden (v) mail (v)   Read  Read
  Read GESENDET (n) SENT (n)   Read  Read
  Read senden (v) package (v)   Read  Read
  Read Sendeturm (n) mast (n)   Read  Read
  Read senden (v) air (v)   Read  Read
  Read zusenden (v) remit (v)   Read  Read
  Read senden (v) route (v)   Read  Read
  Read Sendefilter (n) TXF (n)   Read  Read
  Read senden (v) beam (v)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read Absender sender   Read  Read
  Read Sendezähler TC   Read  Read
  Read Sendefrequenz fT   Read  Read
  Read Sendegebiet area   Read  Read
  Read Senderaum studio   Read  Read
  Read Sendesaal studio   Read  Read
  Read Sendespeicher TXM   Read  Read
  Read Sendefolge series   Read  Read
  Read Sendbote emissary   Read  Read
  Read Sendehaus studios   Read  Read
  Read Sendereihe serial   Read  Read
  Read Sendebereich area   Read  Read
  Read Sendebaustein TXU   Read  Read
  Read Absender addressor   Read  Read
  Read Absender consigner   Read  Read
  Read Abgesandt emissary   Read  Read
  Read Absender consignor   Read  Read
  Read Sendbote ambassador   Read  Read
  Read Sendebeginn sign-on   Read  Read
  Read Senderäume studios   Read  Read
  Read Sendeempfänger TRX   Read  Read
  Read Absender originator   Read  Read
  Read Sendeaufruf polling   Read  Read
  Read Sendboten emissaries   Read  Read
  Read Nachsendebeginn SSDI   Read  Read
  Read Sendeleiter producer   Read  Read
  Read ACE-Sendeseite ACE-TX   Read  Read
  Read Sendebereitschaft CTS   Read  Read
  Read Sendschreiben epistle   Read  Read
  Read Leitungsendgerät LTE   Read  Read
  Read Sendepläne schedules   Read  Read
  Read Sendebereitschaft RTS   Read  Read
  Read Sendschreiben missive   Read  Read
  Read Sendeaufforderung RTS   Read  Read
  Read Sendschreiben epistles   Read  Read
  Read Sendeschluss closedown   Read  Read
  Read Sendeschluß closedown   Read  Read
  Read Sendezeichen call-sign   Read  Read
  Read Sendeschluss close-down   Read  Read
  Read Sendepause intermission   Read  Read
  Read Sendeschluß close-down   Read  Read
  Read Radarsendebaken ramarks   Read  Read
  Read Sendeberechtigung token   Read  Read
  Read Sendedatei TransmitFile   Read  Read
  Read Verbindungsendpunkt CEP   Read  Read
  Read Sendepostfach out-basket   Read  Read
  Read Sendefilterbaustein TXCU   Read  Read
  Read Sendeanlagen transmitters   Read  Read
  Read Sendeübergabe submission   Read  Read
  Read Sende-/Empfangspuffer TRB   Read  Read
  Read Sendeumsetzer up-converter   Read  Read
  Read Signalisierungsendpunkt SP   Read  Read
  Read Rundsendebetrieb broadcast   Read  Read
  Read Übertragungsendeblock ETB   Read  Read
  Read Sendelauf send run   Read  Read
  Read Sendezeit air time   Read  Read
  Read Sendefeld send item   Read  Read
  Read Sendetaste send key   Read  Read
  Read Sendeader send wire   Read  Read
  Read Sendedatum send date   Read  Read
  Read Sendefeld send field   Read  Read
  Read Sendemodus send mode   Read  Read
  Read Sendebus transmit bus   Read  Read
  Read Sendezeit on-air time   Read  Read
  Read Sendepause send pause   Read  Read
  Read Sendetimer send timer   Read  Read
  Read Sendefilter Tx filter   Read  Read
  Read Sendetiefe send depth   Read  Read
  Read Sendespule send coils   Read  Read
  Read Sendeturm radio tower   Read  Read
  Read Sendesperre send lock   Read  Read
  Read Sendezeichen call sign   Read  Read
  Read Sendemodul send module   Read  Read
  Read Sendeseite sending end   Read  Read
  Read Sendeeinheit send unit   Read  Read
  Read Senderaum radio studio   Read  Read
  Read Sendebetrieb send mode   Read  Read
  Read Senderöhre radio tube   Read  Read
  Read Sendedatei source file   Read  Read
  Read Sendeleitung send line   Read  Read
  Read Sendezug transmit path   Read  Read
  Read Sendezustand send mode   Read  Read
  Read Sendezeit station time   Read  Read
  Read Sendetag broadcast day   Read  Read
  Read Sendesystem send system   Read  Read
  Read Sendeformat send format   Read  Read
  Read Sendefeld sending field   Read  Read
  Read Absender return address   Read  Read
  Read Sendezeit transmit time   Read  Read
  Read Sendetext transmit text   Read  Read
  Read Sendering transmit ring   Read  Read
  Read Sendeweiche send filter   Read  Read
  Read Sendemischer send mixer   Read  Read
  Read Sendereihe radio series   Read  Read
  Read Sendediode source diode   Read  Read
  Read Sendestelle sending site   Read  Read
  Read Senderöhren power tubes   Read  Read
  Read Sendetakt transmit clock   Read  Read
  Read Sendegebiet service area   Read  Read
  Read Sendeseite transmit side   Read  Read
  Read Sendemodus transmit mode   Read  Read
  Read Sendedaten transmit data   Read  Read
  Read Sendewert transmit value   Read  Read
  Read Sendefenster send window   Read  Read
  Read Sendetag broadcasting day   Read  Read
  Read Sendeweiche transmit gate   Read  Read
  Read Sendeteil einschalten RTS   Read  Read
  Read Sendestation send station   Read  Read
  Read Hauptsendezeit prime time   Read  Read
  Read Sendbrief circular letter   Read  Read
  Read Senderoutine send routine   Read  Read
  Read Sendezähler send counter   Read  Read
  Read Sendepegel transmit level   Read  Read
  Read Sendeauftrag transmit job   Read  Read
  Read Sendebereich service area   Read  Read
  Read obere Sendefensterkante US   Read  Read
  Read Sendeteil transmitter part   Read  Read
  Read Sendezustand transmit mode   Read  Read
  Read Sendeteil transmit section   Read  Read
  Read Senderahmen transmit frame   Read  Read
  Read Sendeformular mailing form   Read  Read
  Read Sendebetrieb transmit mode   Read  Read
  Read Sendeleitung transmit line   Read  Read
  Read Sendeplan transmittal plan   Read  Read
  Read Sendeempfänger radio unit   Read  Read
  Read Sendeanschluß source port   Read  Read
  Read Sendeeinheit transmit unit   Read  Read
  Read Sendeleitung outgoing line   Read  Read
  Read Sendesystem sending system   Read  Read
  Read Sendemast transmitter mast   Read  Read
  Read Sendebereich transmit area   Read  Read
  Read Senderaum broadcasting room   Read  Read
  Read Sendezeit broadcasting time   Read  Read
  Read Senderate transmitting rate   Read  Read
  Read untere Sendefensterkante LS   Read  Read
  Read Sendeanweisung send command   Read  Read
  Read Entsendestaat sending state   Read  Read
  Read Sendeterminal send terminal   Read  Read
  Read Sendezähler terminal count   Read  Read
  Read Sendekanal transmit channel   Read  Read
  Read Senderegister send register   Read  Read
  Read Sendeeingang transmit input   Read  Read
  Read Sendeeinsatz transmit inset   Read  Read
  Read Sendesteuerung send control   Read  Read
  Read Sendestation master station   Read  Read
  Read Sendemodus transmittal mode   Read  Read
  Read Sendeseite transmitting end   Read  Read
  Read Sendemast transmitting mast   Read  Read
  Read Sendelänge transmit length   Read  Read
  Read Sendedaten transmitted data   Read  Read
  Read Sendevorgang send operation   Read  Read
  Read Sendeschaltung send circuit   Read  Read
  Read Sendeleitung outgoing trunk   Read  Read
  Read Sendetakt transmitter clock   Read  Read
  Read Sendebereich listening area   Read  Read
  Read Sendeprozess sending process   Read  Read
  Read Sendefrequenz line frequency   Read  Read
  Read Sendelicht transmitted light   Read  Read
  Read Sendeablauf sending sequence   Read  Read
  Read Sendereihe television series   Read  Read
  Read Sendegerät transmitting set   Read  Read
  Read Sendeleistung transmit power   Read  Read
  Read Sendetelegramm send telegram   Read  Read
  Read Sendetelegramm input message   Read  Read
  Read Sendeausgang transmit output   Read  Read
  Read Sendepostfach outgoing queue   Read  Read
  Read Sendeseite transmitting side   Read  Read
  Read Rücksendeadresse return tag   Read  Read
  Read Sendefenster transmit window   Read  Read
  Read Senderechner source computer   Read  Read
  Read Sendepegel transmission level   Read  Read
  Read Sendekette transmission chain   Read  Read
  Read Sendepause transmission break   Read  Read
  Read Sendestation broadcast outlet   Read  Read
  Read Sendepegel transmitting level   Read  Read
  Read Sendeteilnehmer sending party   Read  Read
  Read Sendeauftrag transmission job   Read  Read
  Read Senderoutine transmit routine   Read  Read
  Read Senderechner sending computer   Read  Read
  Read Senderöhre transmitting tube   Read  Read
  Read Sendegebiet broadcasting area   Read  Read
  Read Rücksendeteil retrieval part   Read  Read
  Read Sendeantenne transmit antenna   Read  Read
  Read Sendeauftrag transmit request   Read  Read
  Read Sendepriorität send priority   Read  Read
  Read Sendebetrieb transmittal mode   Read  Read
  Read Sendezustand transmittal mode   Read  Read
  Read Senderaum broadcasting studio   Read  Read
  Read Sendewarteschlange send queue   Read  Read
  Read Sendersuchlauf station search   Read  Read
  Read Absender addresser, addressor   Read  Read
  Read Sendeaufruf message retrieval   Read  Read
  Read Code-Sendetaste-Byte CDS byte   Read  Read
  Read Sendeimpuls transmitted pulse   Read  Read
  Read Senderecht send authorization   Read  Read
  Read Sendeimpuls transmitter pulse   Read  Read
  Read Absendebeleg dispatch receipt   Read  Read
  Read Sendeeinheit transmitter unit   Read  Read
  Read gottgesandt sent from God   Read  Read
  Read Absendetag date of mailing   Read  Read
  Read Sendeart class of emission   Read  Read
  Read Absendetag date of shipment   Read  Read
  Read sendewillig wishing to send   Read  Read
  Read EA-Sendemodul EA send module   Read  Read
  Read EM-Sendemodul EM send module   Read  Read
  Read Kursendedatum course end date   Read  Read
  Read vom Himmel gesandt heaven-sent   Read  Read
  Read Sendeaufruf invitation to send   Read  Read
  Read Sendeleistung send power level   Read  Read
  Read sendeseitig at transmitting end   Read  Read
  Read Sendeschrittakt send pulse rate   Read  Read
  Read Sendebereitschaft clear to send   Read  Read

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