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  Read brechen (v) break (v)   Read  Read
  Read brechend breaking   Read  Read
  Read hereinbrechen break   Read  Read
  Read herausbrechen break   Read  Read
  Read zusammenbrechen break   Read  Read
  Read brechen break off   Read  Read
  Read umbrechen break down   Read  Read
  Read losbrechen break out   Read  Read
  Read losbrechen break off   Read  Read
  Read herausbrechen break out   Read  Read
  Read zusammenbrechen break down   Read  Read
  Read Ballenbrechen bale breaking   Read  Read
  Read auseinanderbrechen break in two   Read  Read
  Read Bahn brechen break fresh ground   Read  Read
  Read das Brot brechen to break bread   Read  Read
  Read den Bann brechen to break the ice   Read  Read
  Read js. Willen brechen to break s.o.'s will   Read  Read
  Read das Eis brechen to break the ice   Read  Read
  Read sein Wort brechen to break one's word   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen (v) break (v)   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen break off   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen break away   Read  Read
  Read abbrechend breaking off   Read  Read
  Read brechen (v) refract (v)   Read  Read
  Read brechen refracted   Read  Read
  Read brechend refractive   Read  Read
  Read lichtbrechend refractive   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen (v) abort (v)   Read  Read
  Read Abbrechen abort   Read  Read
  Read Abbrechen abortion   Read  Read
  Read abbrechend aborting   Read  Read
  Read brechen (v) crack (v)   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen (v) cut (v)   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen cut short   Read  Read
  Read brechen (v) breach (v)   Read  Read
  Read brechend breaching   Read  Read
  Read brechen (v) founder (v)   Read  Read
  Read brechen (v) sunder (v)   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen sunder   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen (v) sever (v)   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen (v) stop (v)   Read  Read
  Read brechen (v) quarry (v)   Read  Read
  Read brechen (v) violate (v)   Read  Read
  Read umbrechen (v) fold (v)   Read  Read
  Read Abgebrochen (n m) DM (n)   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen (v) quit (v)   Read  Read
  Read brechen (v) rupture (v)   Read  Read
  Read brechen (v) rebound (v)   Read  Read
  Read brach (adj) fallow (adj)   Read  Read
  Read brechen (v) forswear (v)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read Brechreiz nausea   Read  Read
  Read Brecheisen jimmy   Read  Read
  Read brechen overcome   Read  Read
  Read brechen fracture   Read  Read
  Read Brecheisen jemmy   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen cancel   Read  Read
  Read Brechanlage mill   Read  Read
  Read Abbrechen Cancel   Read  Read
  Read ABBRechen CANCEL   Read  Read
  Read gebrochen broken   Read  Read
  Read brechen infringe   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen abandon   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen timeout   Read  Read
  Read Brechtopf breaker   Read  Read
  Read Brechen fracturing   Read  Read
  Read Brecheisen crowbar   Read  Read
  Read gebrochen ruptured   Read  Read
  Read Brecheisen prybars   Read  Read
  Read hereinbrechen fall   Read  Read
  Read abgebrochen broken   Read  Read
  Read gebrochen forsworn   Read  Read
  Read Brechmittel emetic   Read  Read
  Read herausbrechen bust   Read  Read
  Read gebrochen brokenly   Read  Read
  Read abgebrochen abrupt   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen truncate   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen time-out   Read  Read
  Read gebrochen refracted   Read  Read
  Read abgebrochen severed   Read  Read
  Read Brechstange crowbar   Read  Read
  Read abgebrochen aborted   Read  Read
  Read Rollbrechstange pry   Read  Read
  Read umbrechend wrapping   Read  Read
  Read Brecheisen crowbars   Read  Read
  Read herausbrechen prise   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen interrupt   Read  Read
  Read herausbrechen prize   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen dismantle   Read  Read
  Read gebrochen fractured   Read  Read
  Read hereinbrechen befall   Read  Read
  Read abbrechend terminate   Read  Read
  Read zusammenbrechen drop   Read  Read
  Read Abbrechen truncation   Read  Read
  Read brechend diffractive   Read  Read
  Read gebrochen fractional   Read  Read
  Read Brechmittel vomitive   Read  Read
  Read Brechstange wrecking   Read  Read
  Read Brechstangen crowbars   Read  Read
  Read hervorbrechen debouch   Read  Read
  Read zusammenbrechen crash   Read  Read
  Read herausbrechen crumble   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen discontinue   Read  Read
  Read gebrochen heartbroken   Read  Read
  Read zusammengebrochen down   Read  Read
  Read abgebrochen dismantled   Read  Read
  Read abbrechend dismantling   Read  Read
  Read gebrochen fractionally   Read  Read
  Read Brechwert refractivity   Read  Read
  Read losbrechend eruptively   Read  Read
  Read abgebrochen broken-off   Read  Read
  Read zusammenbrechen crumple   Read  Read
  Read Hereinbrechen irruption   Read  Read
  Read Brechstangen handspikes   Read  Read
  Read Kantenbrechen bevelling   Read  Read
  Read Abbrechen cancellation   Read  Read
  Read lichtbrechend deflective   Read  Read
  Read zusammenbrechen collapse   Read  Read
  Read brechen be sick   Read  Read
  Read lichtbrechend diffractive   Read  Read
  Read brechen throw up   Read  Read
  Read brechen bring up   Read  Read
  Read umbrechen make up   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen pull down   Read  Read
  Read abbrechen tear down   Read  Read
  Read Brechnuß nux vomica   Read  Read
  Read Brechwalze crush roll   Read  Read
  Read Brechbolzen shear pin   Read  Read
  Read Brechstange pinch bar   Read  Read
  Read hereinbrechen gush in   Read  Read
  Read herausbrechen get out   Read  Read
  Read Brechkoks broken coke   Read  Read
  Read Brechkoks rubbly coke   Read  Read
  Read Brecheisen pinch bars   Read  Read
  Read Brechgas vomiting gas   Read  Read
  Read Brechsand crushed sand   Read  Read
  Read Brechstangen claw bars   Read  Read
  Read hereinbrechen close in   Read  Read
  Read abgebrochen broken off   Read  Read
  Read Brechkohle rubbly coal   Read  Read
  Read nicht brechend aclastic   Read  Read
  Read hervorbrechen burst out   Read  Read
  Read zusammenbrechen cave in   Read  Read
  Read Brechtopf breaker block   Read  Read
  Read Brechnüsse nux vomicas   Read  Read
  Read brechen (Akkord) spread   Read  Read
  Read Erzbrechen ore crushing   Read  Read
  Read Brechhammer stone hammer   Read  Read
  Read Brechstange wrecking bar   Read  Read
  Read Brechpunkt brittle point   Read  Read
  Read gleich brechend isotropic   Read  Read
  Read gebrochen weiß off-white   Read  Read
  Read Brechreizgas vomiting gas   Read  Read
  Read Brechschotter broken stone   Read  Read
  Read Brechzahl refraction index   Read  Read
  Read ehebrechen commit adultery   Read  Read
  Read Brechstangen wrecking bars   Read  Read
  Read Brechanlage crushing plant   Read  Read
  Read Brechzahl refractive index   Read  Read
  Read Brechkraft refracting power   Read  Read
  Read gebrochener Akkord arpeggio   Read  Read
  Read gebrochenes Herz heartbreak   Read  Read
  Read Brechwalzwerk crushing mill   Read  Read
  Read gebrochenes Weiß off-white   Read  Read
  Read Vorbrechen primary crushing   Read  Read
  Read Panzer brechend tank-busting   Read  Read
  Read Koksbrechanlage coke crusher   Read  Read
  Read Abgebrochen disconnected mode   Read  Read
  Read Losbrechen (Starter) cranking   Read  Read
  Read Brechschotter crushed ballast   Read  Read
  Read Losbrechmoment release torque   Read  Read
  Read gebrochener Farbton off-shade   Read  Read
  Read Brechzahlprofil index profile   Read  Read
  Read umbrechen make into pages   Read  Read
  Read brechen burst (burst, burst)   Read  Read
  Read Brechpunkt point of refraction   Read  Read
  Read Berthold Brecht Berthold Brecht   Read  Read
  Read Ehe brechen commit adultery   Read  Read
  Read gebrochenes Gelübde broken vow   Read  Read
  Read Kanten brechen chamfer edges   Read  Read
  Read gebrochenes Bein broken leg   Read  Read
  Read gebrochener Faden broken thread   Read  Read
  Read brach liegend lying idle   Read  Read
  Read brechende Welle parting wave   Read  Read
  Read gebrochene Wellen broken waves   Read  Read
  Read gebrochene Linie broken line   Read  Read
  Read Abbrechen der Borte edge removal   Read  Read
  Read brach liegendes Geld idle money   Read  Read
  Read Brecheisen mit Finne claw bar   Read  Read
  Read brach liegende Mittel idle funds   Read  Read
  Read eine Blockade brechen to run a blockade   Read  Read
  Read jm. brechen die Augen to pass away   Read  Read
  Read Brechkraft einer Linse power of a lens   Read  Read
  Read das Eis ist gebrochen the ice is broken   Read  Read
  Read in die Knie brechen to fall to one's knees   Read  Read
  Read ein gebrochener Mann sein to be a broken man   Read  Read
  Read auf Biegen oder Brechen by hook or by crook   Read  Read
  Read in die Knie brechen to sink to one's knees   Read  Read

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