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Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
Voice Reader Web: Your expert for website-reading with 32 voices, clever browser functionality and a feature for saving webpages offline.
LinguaDict: Professional offline dictionary app with speech output and daily jokes.(A smile a day keeps the doctor away!)
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  Read gut (adv) well (adv)   Read  Read
  Read gut gehen well   Read  Read
  Read gut dran well-off   Read  Read
  Read gut gebaut well-knit   Read  Read
  Read gut situiert well-off   Read  Read
  Read gut gebaut well-built   Read  Read
  Read gut bezahlt well-paid   Read  Read
  Read gut genährt well-fed   Read  Read
  Read gut gemeint well-meant   Read  Read
  Read gut bekannt well-known   Read  Read
  Read gut gewachsen well-grown   Read  Read
  Read gut abgepaßt well-timed   Read  Read
  Read gut besetzt well-staffed   Read  Read
  Read gut abgepasst well-timed   Read  Read
  Read gut verwendet well-spent   Read  Read
  Read gut sitzend well-fitting   Read  Read
  Read gut erzogen well-educated   Read  Read
  Read gut sortiert well-assorted   Read  Read
  Read gut gekleidet well-dressed   Read  Read
  Read gut angepasst well-adjusted   Read  Read
  Read gut beleuchtet well-lighted   Read  Read
  Read gut ausgewählt well-chosen   Read  Read
  Read gut angepaßt well-adjusted   Read  Read
  Read Gut (n) good (n)   Read  Read
  Read Gut good one   Read  Read
  Read gut tun good   Read  Read
  Read ganz gut goodish   Read  Read
  Read gut gelaunt good-humored   Read  Read
  Read gut gelaunt good-humoured   Read  Read
  Read B (n) B (n)   Read  Read
  Read NTCA/B NTCA/B   Read  Read
  Read UPCQA/B UPCQA/B   Read  Read
  Read b B flat   Read  Read
  Read Güteklasse B b   Read  Read
  Read gut (adv) O.K. (adv)   Read  Read
  Read gut aussehend fine-looking   Read  Read
  Read gut aussehend nice-looking   Read  Read
  Read gut aussehend good-looking   Read  Read
  Read Gut (n) best (n)   Read  Read
  Read gut the best   Read  Read
  Read gut best thing   Read  Read
  Read gut (adv) rope (adv)   Read  Read
  Read Gut property   Read  Read
  Read Ge.B (n f) LAT (n)   Read  Read
  Read Ben (n) Ben (n)   Read  Read
  Read B (n) boron (n)   Read  Read
  Read N.B. (n) NB (n)   Read  Read
  Read BM (n) BM (n)   Read  Read
  Read gut (adv) beta (adv)   Read  Read
  Read BS (n) OS (n)   Read  Read
  Read A/B (n) e/w (n)   Read  Read
  Read BS (n) BS (n)   Read  Read
  Read B (n) M (n)   Read  Read
  Read b.w. (adv) PTO (adv)   Read  Read
  Read gut (adv) OK (adv)   Read  Read
  Read gut (adv) fine (adv)   Read  Read
  Read gut (adv) much (adv)   Read  Read
  Read gut (adv) very (adv)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read gut many   Read  Read
  Read gut okay   Read  Read
  Read Z.B. e.g.   Read  Read
  Read Gut manor   Read  Read
  Read gut right   Read  Read
  Read gut close   Read  Read
  Read gut Merry   Read  Read
  Read best best   Read  Read
  Read z.B. e.g.   Read  Read
  Read gut Happy   Read  Read
  Read B meaning   Read  Read
  Read gut snugly   Read  Read
  Read gut easily   Read  Read
  Read Gut estate   Read  Read
  Read gut better   Read  Read
  Read gut nicely   Read  Read
  Read Gut product   Read  Read
  Read B:... B:...   Read  Read
  Read gut alright   Read  Read
  Read B:SYP B:SYP   Read  Read
  Read B:CMY B:CMY   Read  Read
  Read Gut freight   Read  Read
  Read B.w. p.t.o.   Read  Read
  Read Güter good   Read  Read
  Read B:CPI B:CPI   Read  Read
  Read B:IOC B:IOC   Read  Read
  Read Güter goods   Read  Read
  Read Ladegut load   Read  Read
  Read gut positive   Read  Read
  Read Gut material   Read  Read
  Read gut reliable   Read  Read
  Read Güter asset   Read  Read
  Read I.B.M I.B.M.   Read  Read
  Read F.O.B. F.O.B.   Read  Read
  Read Gutgrenze AQL   Read  Read
  Read Ge.B latitude   Read  Read
  Read Leergut empty   Read  Read
  Read B:SIMP B:SIMP   Read  Read
  Read Hofgut domain   Read  Read
  Read besser better   Read  Read
  Read b.i.b. b.i.b.   Read  Read
  Read Landgut manor   Read  Read
  Read gut favorable   Read  Read
  Read Mahlgut grist   Read  Read
  Read B:SILT B:SILT   Read  Read
  Read gut proficient   Read  Read
  Read Güter product   Read  Read
  Read Ideengut ideas   Read  Read
  Read Weingut winery   Read  Read
  Read Bessere better   Read  Read
  Read Gutsherr laird   Read  Read
  Read Güter freight   Read  Read
  Read Pachtgut croft   Read  Read
  Read Beste goodness   Read  Read
  Read Lehensgut fief   Read  Read
  Read gut favourable   Read  Read
  Read gut handsomely   Read  Read
  Read Saat(gut) seed   Read  Read
  Read Landgut estate   Read  Read
  Read Gutshof estate   Read  Read
  Read Rollgut freight   Read  Read
  Read Rittergut manor   Read  Read
  Read Frachtgut cargo   Read  Read
  Read Schmelzgut melt   Read  Read
  Read Leergut empties   Read  Read
  Read Frachtgut goods   Read  Read
  Read Gutsherr squire   Read  Read
  Read Gut-Menge yield   Read  Read
  Read Ladegut freight   Read  Read
  Read gut efficiently   Read  Read
  Read B.P.a. pat.pend.   Read  Read
  Read Treibgut flotsam   Read  Read
  Read Staatsgut domain   Read  Read
  Read Weingut vineyard   Read  Read
  Read Gutquittung ACK0   Read  Read
  Read besser preferable   Read  Read
  Read Best... top-notch   Read  Read
  Read Frachtgut freight   Read  Read
  Read besser superiorly   Read  Read
  Read Feingut undersize   Read  Read
  Read Wrackgut wreckage   Read  Read
  Read Gutsbesitz estate   Read  Read
  Read bestens optimally   Read  Read
  Read Gutstoffe accepts   Read  Read
  Read bestens intimately   Read  Read
  Read Lehensgüter fiefs   Read  Read
  Read Versatzgut tailing   Read  Read
  Read Z. B. eg   Read  Read
  Read Wortgut vocabulary   Read  Read
  Read Pachtgüter crofts   Read  Read
  Read Sammelgut groupage   Read  Read
  Read gutgehend thriving   Read  Read
  Read Mahlgut granulates   Read  Read
  Read gutgelaunt cheerful   Read  Read
  Read Weingüter wineries   Read  Read
  Read Güterbahnhof depot   Read  Read
  Read Bauerngut farmstead   Read  Read
  Read Versatzgut tailings   Read  Read
  Read gutgebaut well-knit   Read  Read
  Read gut a lot   Read  Read
  Read Flachgut broadgoods   Read  Read
  Read Irdengut earthenware   Read  Read
  Read gutbezahlt well-paid   Read  Read
  Read gutdotiert well-paid   Read  Read
  Read Wirtschaftsgut asset   Read  Read
  Read gutgenährt well-fed   Read  Read
  Read gutsituiert well-off   Read  Read
  Read gutgläubig trusting   Read  Read
  Read gutgehend prosperous   Read  Read
  Read gutgebaut well-built   Read  Read
  Read Z. B. e.g.   Read  Read
  Read Bauerngut farm-stead   Read  Read
  Read Transportgut freight   Read  Read
  Read gutgehend flourishing   Read  Read
  Read gutgelungen wonderful   Read  Read
  Read gutgläubig credulous   Read  Read
  Read nächstbest next-best   Read  Read
  Read Zweitbest second-best   Read  Read
  Read Gutsverwalter steward   Read  Read
  Read gutaussehend handsome   Read  Read
  Read Zweitbeste secondbest   Read  Read
  Read LAP B LAP,B   Read  Read
  Read gutaussehend smarting   Read  Read
  Read gutgemeint well-meant   Read  Read
  Read Gebrauchsgut durables   Read  Read
  Read Versorgungsgut supply   Read  Read
  Read Wrackgüter wreckages   Read  Read
  Read Zweitbeste second-best   Read  Read
  Read Schriftengut paperwork   Read  Read
  Read gutgelungen successful   Read  Read
  Read gutbetucht well-heeled   Read  Read
  Read gutgehend fast-selling   Read  Read
  Read seelengut kind-hearted   Read  Read
  Read Gebrauchsgut commodity   Read  Read
  Read Gutsbesitzer landowner   Read  Read
  Read gutbezahlt highly-paid   Read  Read
  Read gutgelaunt good-humored   Read  Read
  Read gutgemeint well-meaning   Read  Read
  Read gutgewachsen well-grown   Read  Read
  Read gutgesinnt well-meaning   Read  Read
  Read Gutsverwalterin steward   Read  Read
  Read gut all right   Read  Read
  Read herzensgut good-hearted   Read  Read
  Read gutsitzend well-fitting   Read  Read
  Read Wirtschaftsgüter assets   Read  Read
  Read Sehr Gut alpha   Read  Read
  Read Gutsbesitzerin landowner   Read  Read
  Read Gebrauchsgüter durables   Read  Read
  Read Gutsverwalter land-agent   Read  Read
  Read Verbrauchsgut consumable   Read  Read
  Read gutausgebildet qualified   Read  Read
  Read am besten best   Read  Read
  Read Sehr Gut first   Read  Read
  Read gutgelaunt good-humoured   Read  Read
  Read BS base station   Read  Read
  Read gutaussehend good-looking   Read  Read
  Read gutbestückt well-stocked   Read  Read
  Read gutnachbarlich neighborly   Read  Read
  Read gutverdienend high-income   Read  Read
  Read O.B. Lord Mayor   Read  Read
  Read Gutlast ok load   Read  Read
  Read gutgekleidet well-dressed   Read  Read
  Read Kirchengut frank-almoigne   Read  Read
  Read Eisenbahngüterwagen wagon   Read  Read
  Read Eisenbahngüterwagen truck   Read  Read
  Read gutgelaunt good-humouredly   Read  Read
  Read z.B. for example   Read  Read
  Read gut bezahlen pay   Read  Read
  Read gutgenährt well-nourished   Read  Read
  Read ganz gut alright   Read  Read
  Read guterhalten well-preserved   Read  Read
  Read Gutkraft ok load   Read  Read
  Read gutnachbarlich neighbourly   Read  Read
  Read Guten Tag! Hello!   Read  Read
  Read BM back-up memory   Read  Read
  Read Gutlehre GO gauge   Read  Read
  Read gut gehen alright   Read  Read
  Read Sackgut bag cargo   Read  Read
  Read gut finden cotton   Read  Read
  Read bestens very well   Read  Read
  Read Freigut free goods   Read  Read
  Read Langgut long goods   Read  Read
  Read I.b. in particular   Read  Read
  Read gut lesbar legible   Read  Read
  Read Mach's gut! Cheers   Read  Read
  Read Seelengut good soul   Read  Read
  Read Best.-Nr. order no.   Read  Read
  Read ganz gut reasonable   Read  Read
  Read Füllgut fill goods   Read  Read
  Read Webgut woven fabric   Read  Read
  Read Postgut mail matter   Read  Read
  Read gut gehend thriving   Read  Read
  Read BS operating system   Read  Read
  Read Zinsgut tenant farm   Read  Read
  Read BS British Standard   Read  Read
  Read Rollgut carted good   Read  Read
  Read Massengut bulk good   Read  Read
  Read Schüttgut bulk load   Read  Read
  Read Staatsgut state farm   Read  Read
  Read Mustergut model farm   Read  Read
  Read Gute Laborpraxis GLP   Read  Read
  Read Schwergut heavy lift   Read  Read
  Read gut gelaunt cheerful   Read  Read
  Read gut aussehend comely   Read  Read
  Read Weingut winery (Am.)   Read  Read
  Read Gutshaus manor house   Read  Read
  Read Kaufgut goods bought   Read  Read
  Read Mahlgut ground stock   Read  Read
  Read Luxusgut luxury good   Read  Read
  Read Kirchengut alms land   Read  Read
  Read Freigut charter load   Read  Read
  Read Rollgut carted goods   Read  Read
  Read Erntegut crop drying   Read  Read
  Read guter Wille goodwill   Read  Read
  Read Exportgut export good   Read  Read
  Read Güterzug wagon train   Read  Read
  Read Schüttgut bulk media   Read  Read
  Read gut leserlich legible   Read  Read
  Read BM Billing Management   Read  Read
  Read Schwergut heavy cargo   Read  Read
  Read Schwergut heavy goods   Read  Read
  Read gutes Zureden coaxing   Read  Read
  Read gutgläubig bona fide   Read  Read
  Read Leichtgut light cargo   Read  Read
  Read Prisengut prize goods   Read  Read
  Read Leichtgut light goods   Read  Read
  Read Rechtsgut legal asset   Read  Read
  Read Gutshaus estate house   Read  Read
  Read Eilgut dispatch goods   Read  Read
  Read Heißgut hot material   Read  Read
  Read Lagergut stored goods   Read  Read
  Read gut aussehend sightly   Read  Read
  Read gut riechend fragrant   Read  Read
  Read Güterstrom real flow   Read  Read
  Read Langgut long products   Read  Read
  Read Güterzug goods train   Read  Read
  Read Zollgut dutiable good   Read  Read
  Read Schüttgut bulk cargo   Read  Read
  Read Rollgut cartage goods   Read  Read
  Read b.a.W. until recalled   Read  Read
  Read Schüttgut bulk goods   Read  Read
  Read Glockengut bell metal   Read  Read
  Read zweitbest second best   Read  Read
  Read Anlagegut fixed asset   Read  Read
  Read Schweißgut weld metal   Read  Read
  Read Schwergut weight cargo   Read  Read
  Read Schwergut weight goods   Read  Read
  Read Lufteilgut air express   Read  Read
  Read gut gehend flourishing   Read  Read
  Read Stammgut family estate   Read  Read
  Read Hilfsgut relief supply   Read  Read
  Read Kühlgut chilled cargo   Read  Read
  Read gute Beziehung rapport   Read  Read
  Read Gutausgang normal exit   Read  Read
  Read Güterwagen truck cars   Read  Read
  Read Güterlok goods engine   Read  Read
  Read Packgut packaged goods   Read  Read
  Read Flachgut flat products   Read  Read
  Read Seefrachtgut sea cargo   Read  Read
  Read Gute Nacht! Goodnight!   Read  Read
  Read Güterzug waggon train   Read  Read
  Read Feingut fine particles   Read  Read
  Read bessere Hälfte missus   Read  Read
  Read bessere Hälfte missis   Read  Read
  Read Versuchsgut pilot farm   Read  Read
  Read besser stellen improve   Read  Read
  Read Mahlgut grinding stock   Read  Read
  Read gut aussehend handsome   Read  Read
  Read besser spielen outplay   Read  Read
  Read Gutfall positive event   Read  Read
  Read Gütergleis goods line   Read  Read
  Read gut befestigt deep-set   Read  Read
  Read Güterhalle goods shed   Read  Read
  Read Gütergleis yard track   Read  Read
  Read Schüttgut Bulk solids   Read  Read
  Read Kühlgut chilled goods   Read  Read
  Read Eilgut express freight   Read  Read
  Read Gutlast nonseizure load   Read  Read
  Read Ballengüter pack goods   Read  Read
  Read Güterhalle goods depot   Read  Read
  Read Sturzgüter loose goods   Read  Read
  Read Frachtgut goods shipped   Read  Read
  Read Stahlgüter steel goods   Read  Read
  Read Transitgut transit good   Read  Read
  Read Leichtgut light freight   Read  Read
  Read Eilgutwagen express van   Read  Read
  Read Freigut bonded manifest   Read  Read
  Read Trockengut dry material   Read  Read
  Read Umzugsgut removal goods   Read  Read
  Read Gutshäuser manor house   Read  Read
  Read bewegliches Gut chattel   Read  Read
  Read Güterzug freight train   Read  Read
  Read Gefriergut frozen cargo   Read  Read
  Read Rittergut feudal estate   Read  Read
  Read Expressgut express good   Read  Read
  Read Expressgut rail express   Read  Read
  Read Gütertarif goods rates   Read  Read
  Read Gutfall successful case   Read  Read
  Read Gefriergut frozen foods   Read  Read
  Read mittelgut good middling   Read  Read
  Read Rollgut rolling freight   Read  Read
  Read Seelengüter good souls   Read  Read
  Read guter Esser trencherman   Read  Read
  Read Rückgut returned goods   Read  Read
  Read Massengüter bulk goods   Read  Read
  Read Güterwaggon box waggon   Read  Read
  Read Wrackgut wtrecked cargo   Read  Read
  Read Expreßgut express good   Read  Read
  Read Konsumgut consumer item   Read  Read
  Read Sammelgut grouped goods   Read  Read
  Read Expressgut fast freight   Read  Read
  Read Güterwagen goods truck   Read  Read
  Read Güterwagen freight car   Read  Read
  Read Güterwagen goods wagon   Read  Read
  Read Hartlötgut braze metal   Read  Read
  Read Konsumgut consumer good   Read  Read
  Read Lagergut stored material   Read  Read
  Read Gutkraft nonseizure load   Read  Read
  Read Transitgut transit goods   Read  Read
  Read Leichtgüter light goods   Read  Read
  Read Schüttgut bulk material   Read  Read
  Read Güterhalle freight shed   Read  Read
  Read Gutsverwalter land agent   Read  Read
  Read Luxusgüter luxury goods   Read  Read
  Read Grobgut coarse particles   Read  Read
  Read Gutsinspektor land agent   Read  Read
  Read Güterlok freight engine   Read  Read
  Read Transitgut transit cargo   Read  Read
  Read Anlagegut tangible asset   Read  Read
  Read Luxusgüter luxory goods   Read  Read
  Read Quarzgut vitreous silica   Read  Read
  Read gut informiert genned-up   Read  Read
  Read Leergut returned empties   Read  Read
  Read Gutquittung positive ACK   Read  Read
  Read Ge.B geographic latitude   Read  Read
  Read Güterwaggon freight car   Read  Read
  Read Ausfuhrgut exported good   Read  Read
  Read Gefahrgut dangerous good   Read  Read
  Read Langgut lengthy material   Read  Read
  Read Güterwaggon goods truck   Read  Read
  Read Massengut bulk commodity   Read  Read
  Read Güterzüge goods trains   Read  Read
  Read herrenloses Gut derelict   Read  Read
  Read Wrackgut wrecked freight   Read  Read
  Read gutgelaunt good humoured   Read  Read
  Read Familiengut family estate   Read  Read
  Read Gesamtgut common property   Read  Read
  Read Gutzahl acceptance number   Read  Read
  Read Gemeingut common property   Read  Read
  Read gutaussehend good looking   Read  Read
  Read Einweggut disposable good   Read  Read
  Read Warenladungsgut raw goods   Read  Read
  Read Expressgut express parcel   Read  Read
  Read Weichlötgut solder metal   Read  Read
  Read Schmelzgut melting charge   Read  Read
  Read Güterwagen goods vehicle   Read  Read
  Read Massengutlager bulk store   Read  Read
  Read Gütertarif freight rates   Read  Read
  Read Expreßgut express parcel   Read  Read
  Read Gefahrgut hazardous goods   Read  Read
  Read Güterwagen Freight wagon   Read  Read
  Read Sachgüter material goods   Read  Read
  Read Gutdurchlauf positive run   Read  Read
  Read Hab und Gut all   Read  Read
  Read Güterwaggon goods waggon   Read  Read
  Read Güterspeicher goods loft   Read  Read
  Read Eilgutwagen express wagon   Read  Read
  Read über/gut vierzig 40-some   Read  Read
  Read Schüttgut bulk materials   Read  Read
  Read Güterschuppen goods shed   Read  Read
  Read Langgut lengthy materials   Read  Read
  Read Güterhalle freight depot   Read  Read
  Read Güterbahnhof goods depot   Read  Read
  Read Pfandgut pledged property   Read  Read
  Read Ferngüterzug trunk train   Read  Read
  Read Füllgut filling material   Read  Read
  Read Durchfuhrgut transit good   Read  Read
  Read Schüttguttarif bulk rate   Read  Read
  Read Gebrauchsgüter hard goods   Read  Read
  Read Güterlok goods locomotive   Read  Read
  Read Schmelzgut molten material   Read  Read
  Read Anlagegüter capital goods   Read  Read
  Read Konsumgut consumption good   Read  Read
  Read Durchgangsgut transit good   Read  Read
  Read Gutsverwalter land steward   Read  Read
  Read Expressgut railway express   Read  Read
  Read bewegliche Güter movables   Read  Read
  Read Güterschuppen goods depot   Read  Read
  Read gute Nacht/Nacht goodnight   Read  Read
  Read Gutgewicht draft allowance   Read  Read
  Read Sammelgut groupage freight   Read  Read
  Read Gutsverwalter farm bailiff   Read  Read
  Read Gütertarif freight tariff   Read  Read
  Read Gutsinspektor farm manager   Read  Read
  Read Gutsbesitz estate property   Read  Read
  Read Güterannahme goods office   Read  Read
  Read besser stellen better-paid   Read  Read
  Read Güterbahnhof freight yard   Read  Read
  Read Gutsverwalter estate agent   Read  Read
  Read Massengüter bulk articles   Read  Read
  Read Allgemeingut public domain   Read  Read
  Read Ge.B geographical latitude   Read  Read
  Read Ideengut intellectual good   Read  Read
  Read Baggergut dredged material   Read  Read
  Read Gütereinheit cargo module   Read  Read
  Read Gebrauchsgut consumer item   Read  Read
  Read Massengutladung balk cargo   Read  Read
  Read Spinngut spinning material   Read  Read
  Read Kirchengut church property   Read  Read
  Read Hilfsgut ancillary product   Read  Read
  Read Gutspächter tenant farmer   Read  Read
  Read Verbrauchsgut consumer good   Read  Read
  Read Schüttgutflotte bulk fleet   Read  Read
  Read Güterwagen merchandise car   Read  Read
  Read Massengüter bulk commodity   Read  Read
  Read Sicherungsgut goods pledged   Read  Read
  Read Mengengüter bulk commodity   Read  Read
  Read Gefahrengut dangerous goods   Read  Read
  Read Güterverkehr goods carried   Read  Read
  Read gutgelungen very successful   Read  Read
  Read Kapitalgüter capital goods   Read  Read
  Read Kapitalgüter capital items   Read  Read
  Read gutaussehende Person looker   Read  Read
  Read Güterbahnhof freight depot   Read  Read
  Read Güterbahnhof goods station   Read  Read
  Read Leergutartikel empties item   Read  Read
  Read Güterwaggon freight waggon   Read  Read
  Read Importgüter imported goods   Read  Read
  Read Güterschuppen freight shed   Read  Read
  Read Kulturgut cultural heritage   Read  Read
  Read Extragutgewicht extra draft   Read  Read
  Read Glücksgüter earthly goods   Read  Read
  Read Eilgutbahnhof parcels depot   Read  Read
  Read Sammelgut combined shipment   Read  Read
  Read Produktionsgut capital good   Read  Read
  Read Bahneilgut fast-goods train   Read  Read
  Read gutes Aussehen handsomeness   Read  Read
  Read Familiengut entailed estate   Read  Read
  Read Gutsinspektor farm operator   Read  Read
  Read Transitgüter transit goods   Read  Read
  Read Versuchsgut experiment farm   Read  Read
  Read Güterverkehr goods traffic   Read  Read
  Read Rahmensynchronimpuls B SYPB   Read  Read

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