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Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
Voice Reader Web: Your expert for website-reading with 32 voices, clever browser functionality and a feature for saving webpages offline.
LinguaDict: Professional offline dictionary app with speech output and daily jokes.(A smile a day keeps the doctor away!)
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  Read Alter (n nt) age (n)   Read  Read
  Read Alter old age   Read  Read
  Read Alter age effect   Read  Read
  Read Nullalter zero age   Read  Read
  Read Bleialter lead age   Read  Read
  Read Endalter final age   Read  Read
  Read Alter population age   Read  Read
  Read Wahlalter voting age   Read  Read
  Read Alter gestational age   Read  Read
  Read Endalter maturity age   Read  Read
  Read Flugzeugalter air age   Read  Read
  Read Schulalter school age   Read  Read
  Read Spielalter playing age   Read  Read
  Read Belegalter voucher age   Read  Read
  Read Rentenalter pension age   Read  Read
  Read Eintrittsalter entry age   Read  Read
  Read Pensionsalter pension age   Read  Read
  Read Erwachsenenalter adult age   Read  Read
  Read Rentenalter retirement age   Read  Read
  Read Vorschulalter preschool age   Read  Read
  Read Rentenalter pensionable age   Read  Read
  Read Durchschnittsalter mean age   Read  Read
  Read Vorschulalter pre-school age   Read  Read
  Read Einstellungsalter hiring age   Read  Read
  Read Pensionsalter retirement age   Read  Read
  Read Rangdienstalter age in-grade   Read  Read
  Read Pensionsalter pensionable age   Read  Read
  Read Endalter age at expiry   Read  Read
  Read Sterbealter age of death   Read  Read
  Read Austrittsalter age at exit   Read  Read
  Read Dienstalter age of service   Read  Read
  Read Eintrittsalter age at entry   Read  Read
  Read Schulalter legal school age   Read  Read
  Read Pubertätsalter age of puberty   Read  Read
  Read Pensionsalter age of retirement   Read  Read
  Read Dienstalter (n) seniority (n)   Read  Read
  Read Dienstalter job seniority   Read  Read
  Read altmodisch (adj) dated (adj)   Read  Read
  Read altmodisch out-dated   Read  Read
  Read Altpapier (n) scrap (n)   Read  Read
  Read Altpapier scrap paper   Read  Read
  Read Alter (n nt) old-age (n)   Read  Read
  Read hohes Alter old-age   Read  Read
  Read Althorn (n) althorn (n)   Read  Read
  Read Weltalter (n nt) eon (n)   Read  Read
  Read Weltalter (n nt) aeon (n)   Read  Read
  Read Weltalter (n nt) ages (n)   Read  Read
  Read Weltalter (n nt) epoch (n)   Read  Read
  Read Weltalter (n nt) age (n)   Read  Read
  Read ALT-Taste (n) ALT (n)   Read  Read
  Read Teenageralter (n) teens (n)   Read  Read
  Read Altwerden (n) aging (n)   Read  Read
  Read Alte (n) missis (n)   Read  Read
  Read Alt-Taste (n f) Alt-key (n)   Read  Read
  Read Alte (n) female (n)   Read  Read
  Read Alter (n nt) eld (n)   Read  Read
  Read Altvorder (n) forbear (n)   Read  Read
  Read Altmeister (n) doyen (n)   Read  Read
  Read Alten... (adj) geriatric (adj)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read altmodisch frumpy   Read  Read
  Read Altnordisch Norse   Read  Read
  Read Altanlage old-plant   Read  Read
  Read altmodisch vintage   Read  Read
  Read Alt-Shift alt-shift   Read  Read
  Read die Alten old   Read  Read
  Read Altmaterial scrap   Read  Read
  Read altmodisch outmoded   Read  Read
  Read Säuglingsalter babyhood   Read  Read
  Read Altöltank slop-tank   Read  Read
  Read Althörner althorns   Read  Read
  Read altmodisch obsolete   Read  Read
  Read Altöl used oil   Read  Read
  Read alterfahren veteran   Read  Read
  Read altbekannt notorious   Read  Read
  Read Alter older mice   Read  Read
  Read altbekannt well-known   Read  Read
  Read Altöl waste oil   Read  Read
  Read Erwachsenenalter adulthood   Read  Read
  Read alterprobt well-tried   Read  Read
  Read Altmeister ex-champion   Read  Read
  Read altweltlich old-world   Read  Read
  Read altbewährt classical   Read  Read
  Read Altmeister past-master   Read  Read
  Read altbewährt well-tried   Read  Read
  Read altfränkisch quaint   Read  Read
  Read altmodisch antediluvian   Read  Read
  Read Altgold red gold   Read  Read
  Read Altgold old lace   Read  Read
  Read Altgold old gold   Read  Read
  Read altmodisch oldfashioned   Read  Read
  Read Alter elderly women   Read  Read
  Read alterfahren experienced   Read  Read
  Read Altsand used sand   Read  Read
  Read alte Hexe harpy   Read  Read
  Read altmodisch old-fashioned   Read  Read
  Read Altkanzler ex-chancellor   Read  Read
  Read Altoboe oboe alto   Read  Read
  Read altehrwürdig vintage   Read  Read
  Read Altsein being old   Read  Read
  Read Altbau old building   Read  Read
  Read Altholz waste wood   Read  Read
  Read Altfett old grease   Read  Read
  Read altes Zeug junk   Read  Read
  Read Altstadt old town   Read  Read
  Read Altphilologie classics   Read  Read
  Read Alter older patients   Read  Read
  Read altes Ries ream   Read  Read
  Read alter Kauz fogy   Read  Read
  Read Altgold scrap gold   Read  Read
  Read Altöl discarded oil   Read  Read
  Read Altlage alto range   Read  Read
  Read Altphilologe classicist   Read  Read
  Read Altgläubiger assignor   Read  Read
  Read Altfett waste fats   Read  Read
  Read altbewährt longstanding   Read  Read
  Read Altwagen used car   Read  Read
  Read Altglas waste glass   Read  Read
  Read alter Kauz fogey   Read  Read
  Read Altglas scrap glass   Read  Read
  Read Altglas glass waste   Read  Read
  Read altehrwürdig venerable   Read  Read
  Read altsprachlich classical   Read  Read
  Read Altfett used grease   Read  Read
  Read altbewährt long-standing   Read  Read
  Read Altbrot stale bread   Read  Read
  Read altes Weib crone   Read  Read
  Read Altklugheit precociousness   Read  Read
  Read alte Kiste jalopy   Read  Read
  Read Alteisen scrap iron   Read  Read
  Read Alteisen cast scrap   Read  Read
  Read Altgeige viola alta   Read  Read
  Read Altschuld old debt   Read  Read
  Read alteingeführt old-line   Read  Read
  Read Altschnee old snow   Read  Read
  Read Altwaren junk goods   Read  Read
  Read Altkanzlerin ex-chancellor   Read  Read
  Read Alter Herr alumnus   Read  Read
  Read großes Alter antiquity   Read  Read
  Read Altpartie alto part   Read  Read
  Read Altgummi used rubber   Read  Read
  Read Altstimme alto part   Read  Read
  Read mittleres Alter midlife   Read  Read
  Read altfränkisch olde-worlde   Read  Read
  Read altrenommiert old-standing   Read  Read
  Read Altreifen used tires   Read  Read
  Read altweiberhaft old-womanish   Read  Read
  Read Altöltank slop tank   Read  Read
  Read Altsilber old silver   Read  Read
  Read altüberkommen traditional   Read  Read
  Read Spielalter playing stage   Read  Read
  Read Altwert residual value   Read  Read
  Read altehrwürdig time-honored   Read  Read
  Read Altpräsident ex-president   Read  Read
  Read Altgummi scrap rubber   Read  Read
  Read Altweibersommer gossamer   Read  Read
  Read Altgrad angular degree   Read  Read
  Read Altstar venerable star   Read  Read
  Read im Teenageralter teenaged   Read  Read
  Read Altreifen Waste tires   Read  Read
  Read Altmetall scrap metal   Read  Read
  Read Altpapier Waste paper   Read  Read
  Read Altpapier used papers   Read  Read
  Read Altgerät used system   Read  Read
  Read Altreifen Waste tyres   Read  Read
  Read Altreifen scrape tires   Read  Read
  Read alte Sachen antiques   Read  Read
  Read altdeutsch old German   Read  Read
  Read Altsaxophon alto sax   Read  Read
  Read Altablage old documents   Read  Read
  Read Altprodukt old product   Read  Read
  Read die Altnorweger Norse   Read  Read
  Read Altmeister past master   Read  Read
  Read alten Stils old-style   Read  Read
  Read alte Jungfer spinster   Read  Read
  Read Altbürgermeister ex-mayor   Read  Read
  Read Altpartie contralto part   Read  Read
  Read Altgummi reclaimed rubber   Read  Read
  Read Altgerät used equipment   Read  Read
  Read Altneubau prewar building   Read  Read
  Read Altkunde existing customer   Read  Read
  Read Altsystem existing system   Read  Read
  Read Altflöte treble recorder   Read  Read
  Read altbekannt ever familiar   Read  Read
  Read altpersisch Old Persian   Read  Read
  Read Altsilber old silver-ware   Read  Read
  Read altmodisch old fashioned   Read  Read
  Read Altposaune alto trombone   Read  Read
  Read alter Mensch geriatric   Read  Read
  Read Altstimme contralto voice   Read  Read
  Read Altenglisch Old English   Read  Read
  Read Altkleider used clothing   Read  Read
  Read Altbürger senior citizen   Read  Read
  Read Altbauwohnung old flat   Read  Read
  Read Bauschaltplan wiring diagram   Read  Read
  Read im Alter von aged   Read  Read
  Read Altschlüssel alto clef   Read  Read
  Read altsächsisch old Saxon   Read  Read
  Read Altsaxophon alto saxophone   Read  Read
  Read Altmaterial scrap material   Read  Read
  Read altsumerisch Old Sumerian   Read  Read
  Read Altguthaben old-age assets   Read  Read
  Read Alttextilien used textiles   Read  Read
  Read Altbücher second-hand books   Read  Read
  Read Altkanzler former chancellor   Read  Read
  Read Altöl Used engine oils   Read  Read
  Read altdeutsch German Renaissance   Read  Read
  Read Althebräisch Early Hebrew   Read  Read
  Read Altkastrat castrato contralto   Read  Read
  Read Altbestände existing stocks   Read  Read
  Read Altgrad degree of angle   Read  Read
  Read altgoldgelb old golden-yellow   Read  Read
  Read Altsteinzeit Paleolithic Age   Read  Read
  Read Altklarinette alto clarinet   Read  Read
  Read Altbauwohnung old apartment   Read  Read
  Read Altkunststoff plastic waste   Read  Read
  Read Altgriechisch ancient Greek   Read  Read
  Read im mittleren Alter midlife   Read  Read
  Read Altöl Waste vegetable oil   Read  Read
  Read Altholzbestand mature stand   Read  Read
  Read Altkunststoff plastics waste   Read  Read
  Read Altkunststoff waste plastics   Read  Read
  Read Altsteinzeit Palaeolithic Age   Read  Read
  Read Altkunststoff Scrap polymers   Read  Read
  Read altchristlich early Christian   Read  Read
  Read Altgriechisch classical Greek   Read  Read
  Read Altweiberknoten granny knot   Read  Read
  Read altchinesisch Ancient Chinese   Read  Read
  Read Altdatenbestand old database   Read  Read
  Read altamerikanisch old American   Read  Read
  Read Altglascontainer bottle bank   Read  Read
  Read Altweibersommer Indian summer   Read  Read
  Read Dienstalter length of service   Read  Read
  Read Altschmierstoff old lubricant   Read  Read
  Read Altwarenhändler junk dealer   Read  Read
  Read Altmaterialwert breakup value   Read  Read
  Read altmodisch out of fashion   Read  Read
  Read Alt-Viola small tenor viol   Read  Read
  Read von mittlerem Alter middle-aged   Read  Read
  Read Altreifen Waste tyre rubber   Read  Read
  Read Altjahrstag New Year's Eve   Read  Read
  Read auf alt gemacht olde-worlde   Read  Read
  Read Altbier top-fermented dark beer   Read  Read
  Read Alt-Taste alternate coding key   Read  Read
  Read altbewährt of long standing   Read  Read
  Read Altjahrsabend New Year's Eve   Read  Read
  Read Altbestand previous stock level   Read  Read
  Read vom Alter gebeugt age-struck   Read  Read
  Read alterfahren of long experience   Read  Read
  Read mit einem Alter von of   Read  Read
  Read Altjahresdatei old year file   Read  Read
  Read altangesehen old and respected   Read  Read
  Read Altformstoff Waste foundry sand   Read  Read
  Read rauh (alte Rechtschr.) rough   Read  Read
  Read rauh (alte Rechtschr.) rawly   Read  Read
  Read Althochdeutsch Old High German   Read  Read
  Read Altstadtleuchte old town lamp   Read  Read
  Read rauh (alte Rechtschr.) rough   Read  Read
  Read rauh (alte Rechtschr.) rawly   Read  Read
  Read rauhe (alte Rechtschr.) harshly   Read  Read
  Read rauhe (alte Rechtschr.) harshly   Read  Read
  Read so daß (alte Rechtsch.) so   Read  Read
  Read auf daß (alte Rechtsch.) that   Read  Read
  Read außer daß (alte Rechtsch.) but   Read  Read
  Read althochdeutsch in Old High German   Read  Read
  Read außer, daß (alte Rechtsch.) but   Read  Read
  Read Altkleidersack bag for old clothes   Read  Read
  Read ein bißchen (alte Rechtsch.) some   Read  Read
  Read ohne daß (alte Rechtsch.) without   Read  Read
  Read Altstadt historic center of a town   Read  Read
  Read altdeutsch in the old German style   Read  Read
  Read altenglisch in the old English style   Read  Read
  Read altsächsisch in the old Saxon style   Read  Read
  Read alter Pegel- und Frequenzwert APFW   Read  Read
  Read alt old   Read  Read
  Read Alt alt   Read  Read
  Read Alt alto   Read  Read
  Read alt auld   Read  Read
  Read Alt aged   Read  Read
  Read alt oldly   Read  Read
  Read alt stale   Read  Read
  Read alt olden   Read  Read
  Read Alt bitter   Read  Read
  Read älter back   Read  Read
  Read alt oldtime   Read  Read
  Read alt ancient   Read  Read
  Read älter aged   Read  Read
  Read älter elder   Read  Read
  Read Ältest elder   Read  Read

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