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Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
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  Read Oxid (n) oxide (n)   Read  Read
  Read Zinnoxid tin-dioxide   Read  Read
  Read Oxid amorphous oxide   Read  Read
  Read Oxid oxide breakdown   Read  Read
  Read Hyperoxid superoxide   Read  Read
  Read Oxid oxide reliability   Read  Read
  Read Oxid Amphoteric oxides   Read  Read
  Read Naßoxid wet oxide   Read  Read
  Read Zinnoxid tin oxide   Read  Read
  Read Bleioxid lead oxide   Read  Read
  Read Goldoxid gold oxide   Read  Read
  Read Zinkoxid zinc oxide   Read  Read
  Read Gate-Oxid gate oxide   Read  Read
  Read Oxiderz oxide ore   Read  Read
  Read Zinnoxid Tin dioxide   Read  Read
  Read Eisenoxid iron oxide   Read  Read
  Read Aminoxid amino oxide   Read  Read
  Read Mischoxid mixed oxide   Read  Read
  Read Eisenoxid ferric oxide   Read  Read
  Read Zinnoxid stannic oxide   Read  Read
  Read Metalloxid metal oxide   Read  Read
  Read Uranoxid uranium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Nioboxid niobium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Chromoxid chromic oxide   Read  Read
  Read Osmiumoxid osmium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Kohlenoxid carbon oxide   Read  Read
  Read Bariumoxid barium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Kupferoxid copper oxide   Read  Read
  Read Erbiumoxid erbium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Silberoxid silver oxide   Read  Read
  Read Indiumoxid indium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Nickeloxid nickel oxide   Read  Read
  Read Oxidwand oxide wall   Read  Read
  Read Cobaltoxid cobalt oxide   Read  Read
  Read Arsenoxid arsenic oxide   Read  Read
  Read Eisenoxid ferrous oxide   Read  Read
  Read Selenoxid selenium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Uranoxid Uranium dioxide   Read  Read
  Read Chromoxid chromium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Eisen-oxid ferrous oxide   Read  Read
  Read Titanoxid titanium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Cäsiumoxid cesium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Oxidglas oxide glass   Read  Read
  Read Natriumoxid sodium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Hafniumoxid hafnium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Calciumoxid calcium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Galliumoxid gallium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Cäsiumoxid caesium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Lithiumoxid lithium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Cadmiumoxid cadmium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Schwefeloxid sulfur oxide   Read  Read
  Read Metalloxid metallic oxide   Read  Read
  Read Kalziumoxid calcium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Iridiumoxid iridium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Yttriumoxid yttrium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Platinoxid platinum oxide   Read  Read
  Read Rhodiumoxid rhodium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Terbiumoxid terbium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Rheniumoxid rhenium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Thoriumoxid thorium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Holmiumoxid holmium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Schwefeloxid sulphur oxide   Read  Read
  Read Neodymoxid neodymium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Schichtoxid layered oxides   Read  Read
  Read Manganoxid manganese oxide   Read  Read
  Read Telluroxid tellurium oxide   Read  Read
  Read EisenII-oxid ferrous oxide   Read  Read
  Read Wolframoxid tungsten oxide   Read  Read
  Read Kaliumoxid potassium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Antimonoxid antimony oxide   Read  Read
  Read Nioboxid Niobium pentoxide   Read  Read
  Read Ternäroxid ternary oxides   Read  Read
  Read Ethylenoxid ethylene oxide   Read  Read
  Read Graphitoxid Graphite oxide   Read  Read
  Read Siliciumoxid silicon oxide   Read  Read
  Read Oxidglas oxide glasses   Read  Read
  Read Thalliumoxid thallium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Bariumoxid barium monoxides   Read  Read
  Read Scandiumoxid scandium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Isolieroxid isolation oxide   Read  Read
  Read Rubidiumoxid rubidium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Natriumoxid sodium monoxide   Read  Read
  Read Lutetiumoxid lutetium oxide   Read  Read
  Read eisenoxidbeschichtet oxide   Read  Read
  Read Vanadiumoxid vanadium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Lithiumoxid Lithium dioxide   Read  Read
  Read Stickstoffoxid nitric oxide   Read  Read
  Read Europiumoxid europium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Aluminiumoxid Aluminum oxide   Read  Read
  Read Oxidgüte oxide quality   Read  Read
  Read Antimonoxid Antimony dioxide   Read  Read
  Read Manganoxid Manganese dioxide   Read  Read
  Read Rutheniumoxid ruthenium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Alkalimetalloxid alkali oxide   Read  Read
  Read Germaniumoxid germanium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Zirkoniumoxid zirconium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Deuteriumoxid deuterium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Ytterbiumoxid ytterbium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Phosphoroxid phosphoric oxide   Read  Read
  Read Aluminiumoxid aluminium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Wolframoxid Tungsten trioxide   Read  Read
  Read Plutoniumoxid plutonium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Americiumoxid americium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Quecksilberoxid mercury oxide   Read  Read
  Read Oxidschicht oxide film   Read  Read
  Read Stickstoffoxid nitrogen oxide   Read  Read
  Read Magnesiumoxid magnesium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Strontiumoxid strontium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Berylliumoxid beryllium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Palladiumoxid palladium oxide   Read  Read
  Read Oxidschicht oxide layer   Read  Read
  Read Oxidmagnet oxide magnets   Read  Read
  Read Oxidschmelze oxide melt   Read  Read
  Read Oxidschaden oxide damage   Read  Read
  Read Zinkoxid oxide of zinc   Read  Read
  Read Oxidmineral oxide mineral   Read  Read
  Read Oxidkathode oxide cathode   Read  Read
  Read Oxidschicht surface oxide   Read  Read
  Read Oxidabbau oxide degradation   Read  Read
  Read Oxidkeramik oxide ceramics   Read  Read
  Read Oxidwachstum oxide growth   Read  Read
  Read Zinnoxid Tin oxide film   Read  Read
  Read Oxidmischung oxide mixture   Read  Read
  Read Oxidschicht oxide deposition   Read  Read
  Read Oxidschicht nano-oxide layer   Read  Read
  Read oxidkeramisch oxide ceramic   Read  Read
  Read oxidkeramisch ceramic oxide   Read  Read
  Read Oxidelektrode Oxide electrode   Read  Read
  Read Oxidisolation oxide isolation   Read  Read
  Read Oxidmaskierung oxide masking   Read  Read
  Read Gate-Oxid ultrathin gate oxide   Read  Read
  Read Gate-Oxid gate oxide thickness   Read  Read
  Read Gate-Oxid gate oxide breakdown   Read  Read
  Read Eisenoxidrot iron oxide red   Read  Read
  Read Metalloxid metal oxide varistor   Read  Read
  Read Indiumzinnoxid Indium tin oxide   Read  Read
  Read Metalloxid metal oxide arrester   Read  Read
  Read Nichtoxidglas non oxide glass   Read  Read
  Read Oxidschicht oxide layer holes   Read  Read
  Read Oxidschicht anodic oxide film   Read  Read
  Read Oxidschicht thermal oxide film   Read  Read
  Read Oxidschicht native oxide layer   Read  Read
  Read Zinkoxidpapier zinc oxide paper   Read  Read
  Read Oxidglas heavy metal oxide glasses   Read  Read
  Read Zinkoxid (n) ZnO (n)   Read  Read
  Read Zinkoxid ZnO donor   Read  Read
  Read Zinkoxid ZnO crystallites   Read  Read
  Read Zinkoxidpulver ZnO powder   Read  Read
  Read Zinkoxid ZnO thin film   Read  Read
  Read Zinkoxid ZnO buffer layer   Read  Read
  Read Zinkoxid ZnO surge arrester   Read  Read
  Read Zinnoxid (n) SnO (n)   Read  Read
  Read Zinnoxid SnO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Zinnoxid SnO/sub x/   Read  Read
  Read Zinnoxid SnO decomposition   Read  Read
  Read Zinnoxid SnO/sub 2/ film   Read  Read
  Read Stickstoffoxid (n) NO (n)   Read  Read
  Read Stickstoffoxid NO/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Stickstoffoxid NO/sub x/ gases   Read  Read
  Read Oxide (n) oxides (n)   Read  Read
  Read Superoxide superoxides   Read  Read
  Read Eisenoxide Iron Oxides   Read  Read
  Read Kupferoxid (n) CuO (n)   Read  Read
  Read Kupferoxid Sm/sub 2/CuO/sub 4/   Read  Read
  Read Kupferoxid Gd/sub 2/CuO/sub 4/   Read  Read
  Read Kupferoxid Nd/sub 2/CuO/sub 4/   Read  Read
  Read Suboxid (n) suboxide (n)   Read  Read
  Read Suboxide suboxides   Read  Read
  Read Kohlensuboxid carbon suboxide   Read  Read
  Read Magnesiumoxid (n) MgO (n)   Read  Read
  Read Magnesiumoxidsubstrat MgO   Read  Read
  Read Cobaltoxid (n) CoO (n)   Read  Read
  Read Cobaltoxid CoO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Bleioxid (n) PbO (n)   Read  Read
  Read Bleioxid PbO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Nickeloxid (n) NiO (n)   Read  Read
  Read Manganoxid (n) MnO (n)   Read  Read
  Read Manganoxid MnO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Zinkoxid (n) ZnO:Ga (n)   Read  Read
  Read Silberoxid (n) AgO (n)   Read  Read
  Read Silberoxid AgO/sub x/   Read  Read
  Read Aluminiumoxid (n) AlO (n)   Read  Read
  Read Aluminiumoxid AlO/sub x/   Read  Read
  Read Cadmiumoxid (n) CdO (n)   Read  Read
  Read Calciumoxid (n) CaO (n)   Read  Read
  Read Eisenoxid (n) FeO (n)   Read  Read
  Read Chromoxid (n) Chromia (n)   Read  Read
  Read Bromoxid (n) BrO (n)   Read  Read
  Read Berylliumoxid (n) BeO (n)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read Titanoxid Titania   Read  Read
  Read Hafniumoxid Hafnia   Read  Read
  Read Thoriumoxid thoria   Read  Read
  Read Indiumzinnoxid ITO   Read  Read
  Read Kupferoxid cuprite   Read  Read
  Read Yttriumoxid Yttria   Read  Read
  Read Quecksilberoxid HgO   Read  Read
  Read Siliciumoxid Si-SiO   Read  Read
  Read Aluminiumoxid Al2O3   Read  Read
  Read Yttriumnickeloxid Y   Read  Read
  Read Yttriummanganoxid Y   Read  Read
  Read Polyethylenoxid PEOX   Read  Read
  Read Indiumzinnoxid InSnO   Read  Read
  Read Bariumoxide barytas   Read  Read
  Read Polyethylenoxid poly   Read  Read
  Read Scandiumoxid Scandia   Read  Read
  Read Aluminiumoxid alumina   Read  Read
  Read Berylliumoxid BeO-SiC   Read  Read
  Read Berylliumoxid beryllia   Read  Read
  Read Platintitanoxid Pt-TiO   Read  Read
  Read Magnesiumoxid magnesia   Read  Read
  Read Zirkoniumoxid Zirconia   Read  Read
  Read Zinkgalliumindiumoxid Zn   Read  Read
  Read Praseodymoxid Praseodymia   Read  Read
  Read chromoxidgrün viridian   Read  Read
  Read Uranoxid UO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Wolframoxid WO/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Telluroxid TeO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Kupferoxid Cu/sub 2/O   Read  Read
  Read Silberoxid Ag/sub 2/O   Read  Read
  Read Osmiumoxid OsO/sub 4/   Read  Read
  Read Doppeloxid double oxid   Read  Read
  Read Lithiumoxid LiO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Iridiumoxid IrO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Thoriumoxid ThO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Lithiumoxid Li/sub 2/O   Read  Read
  Read Phosphoroxid PO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Natriumoxid Na/sub 2/O   Read  Read
  Read Iridiumoxid IrO/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Vanadiumoxid VO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Siliciumoxid SiO/sub x/   Read  Read
  Read Bariumoxid BaMnO/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Uranoxidgemisch yellowcake   Read  Read
  Read Neptuniumoxid NpO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Americiumoxid AmO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Molybdänoxid MoO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Molybdänoxid MoO/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Siliciumoxid Silica film   Read  Read
  Read Plutoniumoxid PuO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Rutheniumoxid RuO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Stickstoffoxid N/sub 2/O   Read  Read
  Read Zirkoniumoxid ZrO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Siliciumoxid SiO/sub x/:H   Read  Read
  Read Siliciumoxid Silica waste   Read  Read
  Read Aluminiumoxid alumina film   Read  Read
  Read Bariumuranoxid BaUO/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Strontiumoxid SrMnO/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Molybdänoxid a-MoO/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Metalloxid-Halbleiter MOS   Read  Read
  Read Siliciumoxid silica aerogel   Read  Read
  Read Aluminiumoxid Coated alumina   Read  Read
  Read Zinkmanganoxid Zn-MnO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Siliciumoxid amorphous silica   Read  Read
  Read Lithiumchloroxid LiClO/sub 4/   Read  Read
  Read Neodymcobaltoxid NdCoO/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Aluminiumoxid alumina ceramic   Read  Read
  Read Arsenoxid arsenious anhydride   Read  Read
  Read Bariummanganoxid BaMnO/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Silberindiumoxid AgInO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Silberkupferoxid AgCuO/sub 2/   Read  Read
  Read Aluminiumoxid Alumina coating   Read  Read
  Read Oxidschicht alumina film   Read  Read
  Read Aluminiumoxidstab Alumina rod   Read  Read
  Read Oxidkeramik alumina ceramic   Read  Read
  Read Oxidschicht Alumina coating   Read  Read
  Read Titanoxid TiO/sub 2/ film   Read  Read
  Read Nioboxid Nb/sub 2/O/sub 5/   Read  Read
  Read Arsenoxid As/sub 2/O/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Eisenoxid Fe/sub 2/O/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Chromoxid Cr/sub 2/O/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Eisenoxid Fe/sub 3/O/sub 4/   Read  Read
  Read Eisenoxid Fe/sub 2/O/sub 4/   Read  Read
  Read Indiumoxid In/sub 2/O/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Manganoxid Mn/sub 3/O/sub 4/   Read  Read
  Read Manganoxid Mn/sub 2/O/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Erbiumoxid Er/sub 2/O/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Yttriumoxid Y/sub 2/O/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Cobaltoxid Co/sub 3/O/sub 4/   Read  Read
  Read Indiumzinnoxid ITO thin films   Read  Read
  Read Vanadiumoxid V/sub 2/O/sub 5/   Read  Read
  Read Rhodiumoxid Rh/sub 2/O/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Terbiumoxid Tb/sub 2/O/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Indiumoxid In/sub 2/O/sub 3-x/   Read  Read
  Read Europiumoxid Eu/sub 2/O/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Aluminiumoxid Al/sub 2/O/sub 3/   Read  Read
  Read Eisenoxid alpha -Fe/sub 2/O/sub 3/   Read  Read

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