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Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
Voice Reader Web: Your expert for website-reading with 32 voices, clever browser functionality and a feature for saving webpages offline.
LinguaDict: Professional offline dictionary app with speech output and daily jokes.(A smile a day keeps the doctor away!)
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  Read Lochkarte (n) card (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lochkarte punch card   Read  Read
  Read Filmlochkarte EAM card   Read  Read
  Read Lochkarte punched card   Read  Read
  Read Lochkarten punch cards   Read  Read
  Read Kurzlochkarte stub card   Read  Read
  Read Lochkarte punched cards   Read  Read
  Read Filmlochkarte aperture card   Read  Read
  Read Markierlochkarte marked card   Read  Read
  Read Steuerlochkarte control card   Read  Read
  Read Lochkartencode card code   Read  Read
  Read Lochkartenfeld card field   Read  Read
  Read Lochkartenbahn card track   Read  Read
  Read Lochkartenleser card reader   Read  Read
  Read Lochkartensystem card system   Read  Read
  Read Lochkartenformat card format   Read  Read
  Read Lochkartenspalte card column   Read  Read
  Read Lochkartenanstoß card wreck   Read  Read
  Read Lochkartenmaschine card punch   Read  Read
  Read IBM-Lochkarte IBM format card   Read  Read
  Read Lochkartendaten punch card data   Read  Read
  Read Lochkartendatei punch card file   Read  Read
  Read Lochzange (n) punch (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lochzange spot punch   Read  Read
  Read Lochzange punch pliers   Read  Read
  Read Lochzangen punch pliers   Read  Read
  Read Lochfraß (n nt) pitting (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lochfraßkorrosion pitting   Read  Read
  Read Lochfraßtiefe depth of pitting   Read  Read
  Read Locheisen (n) punch (n)   Read  Read
  Read Locheisen hollow punch   Read  Read
  Read Locheisen cutting punch   Read  Read
  Read Lochabstand (n) pitch (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lochabstand hole pitch   Read  Read
  Read Lochabstand feed hole pitch   Read  Read
  Read Lochstempel (n) punch (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lochstempel punching die   Read  Read
  Read Lochstempel piercing punch   Read  Read
  Read Lochstelle (n) punch (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lochstelle punch hole   Read  Read
  Read Lochkartenstau (n) jam (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lochkartenstau card jam   Read  Read
  Read Lochkartenstau (n) wreck (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lochkartenstau card wreck   Read  Read
  Read Lochbrett (n) pegboard (n)   Read  Read
  Read Locheisen (n) punches (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lochdorn (n m) piercer (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lochs (n) lochs (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lochschritt (n m) pitch (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lochfeilen (n) rifflers (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lochziegel (n) airbrick (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lochfraß (n nt) pit (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lochobjektiv (n nt) pinhole (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lochs (n) loughs (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lochdurchmesser (n) bore (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lochkorrosion (n f) pinholing (n)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read Lochreihe hole row   Read  Read
  Read Stern (Schall-Loch) knot   Read  Read
  Read Lochband plastic tape   Read  Read
  Read Lochlehre plug gauge   Read  Read
  Read Lochmarke punch mark   Read  Read
  Read Lochband control tape   Read  Read
  Read Lochbild hole pattern   Read  Read
  Read Lochband punched tape   Read  Read
  Read Lochlehre hole gauge   Read  Read
  Read Lochsäge compass saw   Read  Read
  Read Lochsägen hole saws   Read  Read
  Read Lochkreis hole circle   Read  Read
  Read Lochpappe cored paper   Read  Read
  Read Lochstelle hole site   Read  Read
  Read Lochrand tractor holes   Read  Read
  Read Lochsäge keyhole saw   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifenlocher PTP   Read  Read
  Read Lochmaske shadow mask   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifenende tape-out   Read  Read
  Read Lochnadel guide needle   Read  Read
  Read Lochvisier peep sight   Read  Read
  Read Lochfräse hole cutter   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifengerät taper   Read  Read
  Read Lochgröße Hole size   Read  Read
  Read Lochkaliber punch leg   Read  Read
  Read Lochfeile entering file   Read  Read
  Read Lochrand transport margin   Read  Read
  Read Lochblende sliding stop   Read  Read
  Read Lochkartenfenster aperture   Read  Read
  Read Lochschere punch shears   Read  Read
  Read Lochschrift punch code   Read  Read
  Read Lochversuch Punch test   Read  Read
  Read Lochdorn piercing punches   Read  Read
  Read Lochfolie perforated film   Read  Read
  Read Lochbohren Hole drilling   Read  Read
  Read Lochmesser punching tool   Read  Read
  Read Tieflochbohrer gun drill   Read  Read
  Read Kreuzlochlehre star gauge   Read  Read
  Read Lochstanze cutting drill   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifen chad tape   Read  Read
  Read Ablochfehler punch error   Read  Read
  Read Lochvisiere peep sights   Read  Read
  Read Lochblech perforate plate   Read  Read
  Read Bohrlochwand borehole wall   Read  Read
  Read Knopflochmikro lapel mike   Read  Read
  Read Lochscheibe cutter plate   Read  Read
  Read Lochscheibe chopper disk   Read  Read
  Read Lochkamera camera obscura   Read  Read
  Read Loch (Halbl.) p-hole   Read  Read
  Read Erdlochbohrer earth borer   Read  Read
  Read Lochabstand hole spacing   Read  Read
  Read Bohrlochgüte Hole quality   Read  Read
  Read Lochkamera pinhole camera   Read  Read
  Read Stiftlochbohrer pin drill   Read  Read
  Read Lochticket punched ticket   Read  Read
  Read Lochteilung hole spacing   Read  Read
  Read Lochplatte aperture plate   Read  Read
  Read Lochpappe perforated paper   Read  Read
  Read Lochtafel perforated board   Read  Read
  Read Langlochfräser end mill   Read  Read
  Read Ablochbeleg punch document   Read  Read
  Read Stichlochpfropf clay plug   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifen punch tape   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifen paper tape   Read  Read
  Read Vorschublochband paper loop   Read  Read
  Read Spundlochfaß bunghole drum   Read  Read
  Read Lochblech perforated plate   Read  Read
  Read Lochkreis screw-hole circle   Read  Read
  Read Lochblende diaphragm slide   Read  Read
  Read Lochmuster peekaboo design   Read  Read
  Read Bohrlochbau Well construction   Read  Read
  Read Lochbänder punched tapes   Read  Read
  Read Bohrlochdruck Well pressure   Read  Read
  Read Lochschraube banjo screw   Read  Read
  Read Lochschere punching shears   Read  Read
  Read Lochscheibe punched disks   Read  Read
  Read Lochgerät punching device   Read  Read
  Read Lochversuch Punch testing   Read  Read
  Read Lochscheibe punched discs   Read  Read
  Read Lochkamera pin-hole camera   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifen ticker tape   Read  Read
  Read Lochblende Waterhouse stop   Read  Read
  Read Bohrlochpumpe borehole pumps   Read  Read
  Read Lochziegel perforated brick   Read  Read
  Read Zündlochbohrer vent gimlet   Read  Read
  Read Lochzirkel inside compasses   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifen punched tape   Read  Read
  Read Kreuzlochmutter capstan nut   Read  Read
  Read Ablochformular punch form   Read  Read
  Read Lochplatte perforated plate   Read  Read
  Read Lochpresse piercing presses   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifen chadless tape   Read  Read
  Read Lochstempel cutting mandrel   Read  Read
  Read Lochstanze perforating press   Read  Read
  Read Mannlochdeckel manhole cover   Read  Read
  Read Lochtrommel perforated drum   Read  Read
  Read Mehrlochlanze multihole lance   Read  Read
  Read Einlochflöte one-hole flute   Read  Read
  Read Stangenlochbohrer post auger   Read  Read
  Read Langlochfräser cotter mill   Read  Read
  Read Lochplatte perforated screen   Read  Read
  Read Lochpresse perforating press   Read  Read
  Read Langlochfräser slot cutter   Read  Read
  Read Lochscheibe perforated disk   Read  Read
  Read Lochetikette punched label   Read  Read
  Read Lochwalzwerk piercing mill   Read  Read
  Read Lochstempel piercing mandrel   Read  Read
  Read Langlochfräser slot driller   Read  Read
  Read Lochscheibe perforated discs   Read  Read
  Read Lochscheibe perforated disks   Read  Read
  Read Bohrlochmessung well logging   Read  Read
  Read Lochschiene pre-drilled rail   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifenübertrager RT   Read  Read
  Read Bohrlochabstand Well spacing   Read  Read
  Read Schlüssellochdeckel key drop   Read  Read
  Read Lochwalzwerk piercing mills   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifen perforated slip   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifen perforated tape   Read  Read
  Read Lochschablone hole template   Read  Read
  Read Lochschweißung plug weld   Read  Read
  Read Bohrlochprüfung Well testing   Read  Read
  Read Lochschweißen plug welding   Read  Read
  Read F-Lochquerkerbe F-hole notch   Read  Read
  Read Loch ausfräsen countersink   Read  Read
  Read Lochblechschere circle snips   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifenlehre tape jig   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifenkarte tape card   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifenspule tape reel   Read  Read
  Read Lochmaskenabstand dot pitch   Read  Read
  Read Lochlineal rail with holes   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifenklappe tape gate   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifenleser tape reader   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifenlocher tape punch   Read  Read
  Read Bohrlochbrand Oil well fires   Read  Read
  Read Loch im Reifen puncture   Read  Read
  Read Kernlochbohrer core hole drill   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifen virgin paper tape   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifen punched paper tape   Read  Read
  Read Doppelloch (von Fagott) butt   Read  Read
  Read in einem Loch hausen kennel   Read  Read
  Read Lochstreifenwickel roll of tape   Read  Read
  Read F-Lochklappe wing of the F-hole   Read  Read
  Read Bohrlochneigung drift of the well   Read  Read
  Read Lohe tan   Read  Read
  Read Lohe bark   Read  Read
  Read Loch hole   Read  Read
  Read Loch holes   Read  Read
  Read Lohe blaze   Read  Read
  Read Loch cavity   Read  Read
  Read Armloch bum   Read  Read
  Read Loch pocket   Read  Read
  Read Loch pothole   Read  Read
  Read Loch opening   Read  Read
  Read Loch pinhole   Read  Read
  Read Loch orifice   Read  Read
  Read Bohrloch well   Read  Read
  Read Luftloch vent   Read  Read
  Read Löcher holes   Read  Read
  Read Arschloch sod   Read  Read
  Read Sehloch pupil   Read  Read
  Read Bohrloch bore   Read  Read
  Read Senkloch gully   Read  Read
  Read Spundloch vent   Read  Read
  Read Dreckloch hole   Read  Read
  Read Arschloch twat   Read  Read
  Read Spundloch bung   Read  Read
  Read Nasenloch naris   Read  Read
  Read Erdloch foxhole   Read  Read
  Read Zugloch airhole   Read  Read
  Read Armloch armhole   Read  Read
  Read Dreckloch hovel   Read  Read
  Read Ohrloch earhole   Read  Read
  Read Drecksloch dump   Read  Read
  Read Bohrloch boring   Read  Read
  Read Kontaktloch vias   Read  Read
  Read Armloch arm-hole   Read  Read
  Read Luftloch airhole   Read  Read
  Read Guckloch spyhole   Read  Read
  Read Astloch knothole   Read  Read
  Read Sumpfloch slough   Read  Read
  Read Loch perforation   Read  Read
  Read Arschloch bugger   Read  Read
  Read Mannloch Manhole   Read  Read
  Read Schlupfloch hole   Read  Read
  Read Zapfloch bunghole   Read  Read
  Read Schauloch spyhole   Read  Read
  Read Guckloch peephole   Read  Read
  Read Sinkloch sinkhole   Read  Read
  Read Splintloch cotter   Read  Read
  Read Arschloch asshole   Read  Read

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