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Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
Voice Reader Web: Your expert for website-reading with 32 voices, clever browser functionality and a feature for saving webpages offline.
LinguaDict: Professional offline dictionary app with speech output and daily jokes.(A smile a day keeps the doctor away!)
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  Read Impuls (n) pulse (n)   Read  Read
  Read Nachimpuls afterpulse   Read  Read
  Read Halbimpuls half-pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdauer pulsewidth   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdauer pulse-width   Read  Read
  Read Impuls RF pulse   Read  Read
  Read Tonimpuls tone pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulstor pulse gate   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdach pulse top   Read  Read
  Read Zyklusimpuls P pulse   Read  Read
  Read Setzimpuls set pulse   Read  Read
  Read Stellenimpuls P pulse   Read  Read
  Read Ladeimpuls load pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulszeit pulse time   Read  Read
  Read Impulsform pulse form   Read  Read
  Read Impulswahl dial pulse   Read  Read
  Read Leseimpuls read pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulswelle pulse wave   Read  Read
  Read Erstimpuls first pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsform pulse shape   Read  Read
  Read Wählimpuls dial pulse   Read  Read
  Read Erdimpuls ground pulse   Read  Read
  Read Abrufimpuls call pulse   Read  Read
  Read Rad-Impuls wheel pulse   Read  Read
  Read Hauptimpuls head pulse   Read  Read
  Read Taktimpuls clock pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulszahl pulse number   Read  Read
  Read Impulspegel pulse level   Read  Read
  Read Störimpuls noise pulse   Read  Read
  Read Zählimpuls meter pulse   Read  Read
  Read Indeximpuls index pulse   Read  Read
  Read Rufimpuls ringing pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulslaser pulse laser   Read  Read
  Read Prüfimpuls check pulse   Read  Read
  Read Taktimpuls strobe pulse   Read  Read
  Read Laserimpuls laser pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdauer pulse width   Read  Read
  Read Impulsfolge pulse train   Read  Read
  Read Impulsserie pulse train   Read  Read
  Read Lichtimpuls light pulse   Read  Read
  Read Taktimpuls timing pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsfeld pulsed field   Read  Read
  Read Impulsspitze pulse peak   Read  Read
  Read Alarmimpuls alarm pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsflanke pulse edge   Read  Read
  Read Impuls femtosecond pulse   Read  Read
  Read Meldeimpuls answer pulse   Read  Read
  Read Taktimpuls clocked pulse   Read  Read
  Read Rahmenimpuls frame pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsbreite pulse width   Read  Read
  Read Impulslaser pulsed laser   Read  Read
  Read Impulshöhe pulse height   Read  Read
  Read Impuls pulse performance   Read  Read
  Read Fehlerimpuls fault pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsschwanz pulse tail   Read  Read
  Read Leseimpuls reading pulse   Read  Read
  Read Zugimpuls tensile pulses   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdauer pulse length   Read  Read
  Read Doppelimpuls dual pulses   Read  Read
  Read Rückimpuls return pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsverlust pulse loss   Read  Read
  Read Impulswahl pulse dialing   Read  Read
  Read Impulsschall Pulse noise   Read  Read
  Read Impulswahl pulse dialling   Read  Read
  Read Einzelimpuls single pulse   Read  Read
  Read Richtimpuls setting pulse   Read  Read
  Read Regelimpuls control pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulslänge pulse length   Read  Read
  Read Synchronimpuls sync pulse   Read  Read
  Read Erdimpuls grounding pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsschall pulsed sound   Read  Read
  Read Schreibimpuls write pulse   Read  Read
  Read Abtastimpuls sample pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsbetrieb pulsed mode   Read  Read
  Read Impulsformer pulse shaper   Read  Read
  Read Sperrimpuls disable pulse   Read  Read
  Read Sperrimpuls inhibit pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsgerät pulse device   Read  Read
  Read Weg-Impuls odometer pulse   Read  Read
  Read Zeittaktimpuls time pulse   Read  Read
  Read Stellimpuls control pulse   Read  Read
  Read Treiberimpuls drive pulse   Read  Read
  Read Fehlimpuls spurious pulse   Read  Read
  Read Weg-Impuls distance pulse   Read  Read
  Read Füllimpuls fill-in pulse   Read  Read
  Read Lichtimpuls optical pulse   Read  Read
  Read Stromimpuls current pulse   Read  Read
  Read Abtastimpuls strobe pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsstrom pulse current   Read  Read
  Read Impuls microsecond pulses   Read  Read
  Read Ansteuerimpuls drive pulse   Read  Read
  Read Nutzimpuls effective pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsformung pulse shaper   Read  Read
  Read Zündimpuls ignition pulse   Read  Read
  Read Klemmimpuls clamping pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsleistung pulse power   Read  Read
  Read Impulskorona pulsed corona   Read  Read
  Read Zählimpuls counting pulse   Read  Read
  Read Druckimpuls pressure pulse   Read  Read
  Read Sample-Impuls strobe pulse   Read  Read
  Read Zählimpuls metering pulse   Read  Read
  Read Eingangsimpuls input pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdauer pulse duration   Read  Read
  Read Impulszeichen pulse signal   Read  Read
  Read Mittenimpuls central pulse   Read  Read
  Read Wärmeimpuls thermal pulse   Read  Read
  Read Steuerimpuls control pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsbefehl pulse command   Read  Read
  Read Impulsausgang pulse output   Read  Read
  Read Kontrollimpuls check pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsbetrieb pulsed field   Read  Read
  Read Sample-Impuls sample pulse   Read  Read
  Read Trägerimpuls carrier pulse   Read  Read
  Read Zähl-Impuls counting pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsabstand pulse spacing   Read  Read
  Read Zyklusimpuls position pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsheizung pulse heating   Read  Read
  Read Impulsgeber pulse generator   Read  Read
  Read Digitalimpuls digital pulse   Read  Read
  Read Freigabeimpuls enable pulse   Read  Read
  Read Wechselstromimpuls AC pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsfreigabe pulse enable   Read  Read
  Read Impulspause no-pulse period   Read  Read
  Read Gauß-Impuls Gaussian pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsformung pulse shaping   Read  Read
  Read Impulsformung pulse forming   Read  Read
  Read Gebührenimpuls meter pulse   Read  Read
  Read Abtastimpuls scanning pulse   Read  Read
  Read Abtastimpuls sampling pulse   Read  Read
  Read Rasterimpuls scanning pulse   Read  Read
  Read Rechteckimpuls square pulse   Read  Read
  Read Rücksetzimpuls reset pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsleistung pulsed power   Read  Read
  Read Impulslichtbogen pulsed arc   Read  Read
  Read Ausblendimpuls strobe pulse   Read  Read
  Read Triggerimpuls trigger pulse   Read  Read
  Read Einzelimpuls discrete pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulszähler pulse counter   Read  Read
  Read Ausgangsimpuls output pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsträger pulse carrier   Read  Read
  Read Rückimpuls revertive pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulshöhe pulse amplitude   Read  Read
  Read Impulsabbild pulse waveshape   Read  Read
  Read Übertragsimpuls carry pulse   Read  Read
  Read Schaltimpuls switching pulse   Read  Read
  Read Nyquist-Impuls Nyquist pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsspannung pulse voltage   Read  Read
  Read Gebührenimpuls charge pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulspause pulse separation   Read  Read
  Read Austastimpuls blanking pulse   Read  Read
  Read Auslöseimpuls release pulse   Read  Read
  Read Stellenimpuls position pulse   Read  Read
  Read Störimpuls disturbing pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulswahlziffer pulse digit   Read  Read
  Read Torsionsimpuls torsion pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsvarianz pulse variance   Read  Read
  Read Trigger-Impuls trigger pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsantwort pulse response   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdiagramm pulse diagram   Read  Read
  Read Impulsladung pulsed charging   Read  Read
  Read Wahlimpulsgabe pulse dialing   Read  Read
  Read Treppenimpuls staircase pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulslöschung pulse disable   Read  Read
  Read Auffrischimpuls refresh pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulstelegramm pulse message   Read  Read
  Read Impulszählung pulse metering   Read  Read
  Read Impulstechnik pulse technique   Read  Read
  Read Zyklusimpuls commutator pulse   Read  Read
  Read Zeitsteuerimpuls timing pulse   Read  Read
  Read Störimpuls interfering pulse   Read  Read
  Read Auslöseimpuls clearing pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsbetrieb pulse operation   Read  Read
  Read Auswahlimpuls selection pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsbrenner Pulse combustor   Read  Read
  Read Impulsschaltung pulse circuit   Read  Read
  Read Spannungsimpuls voltage pulse   Read  Read
  Read Sendeimpuls transmitter pulse   Read  Read
  Read Sendeimpuls transmitted pulse   Read  Read
  Read Belegungsimpuls seizing pulse   Read  Read
  Read Abtastimpuls inspection pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impuls FOCI RF pulses   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdach top of pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdauer RF pulse width   Read  Read
  Read Impulsflanke slope of pulse   Read  Read
  Read Pumpimpuls pump pulse energy   Read  Read
  Read Weckimpuls wake-up pulse WUP   Read  Read
  Read Torimpuls gate control pulse   Read  Read
  Read Laserimpuls laser pulse width   Read  Read
  Read Zählimpuls call charge pulse   Read  Read
  Read Gitterimpuls gate firing pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulslaser single pulse laser   Read  Read
  Read Stromimpuls high current pulse   Read  Read
  Read Pumpimpuls pump pulse duration   Read  Read
  Read Impuls partial discharge pulse   Read  Read
  Read Langimpuls long duration pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsbreite laser pulse width   Read  Read
  Read Impulswelle pulse wave velocity   Read  Read
  Read Freigabeimpuls CEN enable pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdauer long pulse duration   Read  Read
  Read Kurzimpuls short duration pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdauer pulse width control   Read  Read
  Read Impuls (n) impulse (n)   Read  Read
  Read Impulsring impulse ring   Read  Read
  Read Impulsfunk impulse radio   Read  Read
  Read Taktimpuls timing impulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulskauf impulse buying   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdauer impulse width   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdauer impulse period   Read  Read
  Read Impulsrelais impulse relay   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdauer impulse length   Read  Read
  Read Impulsverlust impulse loss   Read  Read
  Read Herzimpuls cardiac impulse   Read  Read
  Read Schallimpuls sound impulse   Read  Read
  Read Dirac-Impuls dirac impulses   Read  Read
  Read Stromimpuls current impulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsstrom impulse current   Read  Read
  Read Regelimpuls control impulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulskauf impulse purchase   Read  Read
  Read Impulsrauschen impulse noise   Read  Read
  Read Speicherimpuls store impulse   Read  Read
  Read Nervenimpulse nerve impulses   Read  Read
  Read Impulsmuster impulse pattern   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdauer impulse duration   Read  Read
  Read Impulsstörung impulse noise   Read  Read
  Read Zählimpuls counting impulse   Read  Read
  Read Eingangsimpuls input impulse   Read  Read
  Read Drehimpulse angular impulses   Read  Read
  Read Ausgangsimpuls output impulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulszähler impulse counter   Read  Read
  Read Impulshöhe impulse amplitude   Read  Read
  Read Blitzimpuls lightning impulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsgeber impulse generator   Read  Read
  Read Impulse (n) Pulse (n)   Read  Read
  Read Impulsende end-of-pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsecho pulse echo   Read  Read
  Read Taktimpulse timing pulses   Read  Read
  Read Fehlerimpulse error pulse   Read  Read
  Read Impulsenergie pulse energy   Read  Read
  Read Impuls (n) momentum (n)   Read  Read
  Read Impuls vector momentum   Read  Read
  Read Impuls linear momentum   Read  Read
  Read Drehimpuls angular momentum   Read  Read
  Read Impulsmoment angular momentum   Read  Read
  Read Impulszacke (n) spike (n)   Read  Read
  Read Störimpuls (n m) spike (n)   Read  Read
  Read Störimpuls noise spike   Read  Read
  Read Impuls (n) tick (n)   Read  Read
  Read Impulsmoment (n m) AM (n)   Read  Read
  Read Drehimpuls (n m) AM (n)   Read  Read
  Read Fehlerimpuls (n m) FP (n)   Read  Read
  Read Impuls (n) impetus (n)   Read  Read
  Read Impulszählung (n) PM (n)   Read  Read
  Read Synchronimpuls (n) SY (n)   Read  Read
  Read Impulswahl (n f) DP (n)   Read  Read
  Read Impulszacke (n) spikes (n)   Read  Read
  Read Steuerimpuls (n) CTRLP (n)   Read  Read
  Read Impulskopplung (n) PCNN (n)   Read  Read
  Read Zählimpulsgeber (n m) MPG (n)   Read  Read
  Read Vorimpuls (n) preimpulse (n)   Read  Read
  Read Impulsboden (n) baseline (n)   Read  Read
  Read impulsförmig (adj) pulsed (adj)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read impulsartig impulsive   Read  Read
  Read Impulskennzeichen IKZ   Read  Read
  Read Impulssperrung gating   Read  Read
  Read Flash-Impuls flashhook   Read  Read
  Read Impulsantwort response   Read  Read
  Read impulsförmig impulsive   Read  Read
  Read Impulswahlverfahren IWV   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdachschräge tilt   Read  Read
  Read Mastersynchronimpuls SYM   Read  Read
  Read Impulsstaffelung stagger   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdachschräge droop   Read  Read
  Read Synchronisationsimpuls SY   Read  Read
  Read System-Synchronimpuls SYP   Read  Read
  Read Impulsbreitenschrift CNRZ   Read  Read
  Read Zählimpulseinspeisung MPI   Read  Read
  Read Impulsausblendung strobing   Read  Read
  Read MF-Impulsgabe MF-signaling   Read  Read
  Read Störimpuls line hit   Read  Read
  Read Störimpuls noise hit   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdauer duty cycle   Read  Read
  Read Impulswahl rotary dial   Read  Read
  Read Impulszeit pulsing time   Read  Read
  Read Erdimpuls ground signal   Read  Read
  Read Impulswahl dial pulsing   Read  Read
  Read Störimpuls noise signal   Read  Read
  Read Wählimpulssignal P DIALP   Read  Read
  Read Impulsplan timing diagram   Read  Read
  Read Impulsdauer impuls length   Read  Read
  Read Löschimpuls erase signal   Read  Read
  Read Impulsrauschen spike noise   Read  Read
  Read Impulsrelais pulsing relay   Read  Read
  Read Rechteckimpuls square wave   Read  Read
  Read Impulsbetrieb latching mode   Read  Read
  Read Rahmensynchronimpuls B SYPB   Read  Read
  Read Impulsrückflanke wave tail   Read  Read
  Read Impulsrelais impulsing relay   Read  Read
  Read Impulsschweißen arc welding   Read  Read
  Read Erdimpulsgabe ground pulsing   Read  Read
  Read Impulsstromblock coded block   Read  Read
  Read Freigabeimpuls enable signal   Read  Read
  Read Impulszähler binary counter   Read  Read
  Read Impulsantwort response delay   Read  Read
  Read Impulslaser femtosecond laser   Read  Read
  Read Einzelimpuls transient signal   Read  Read
  Read Dach (von Impuls) top   Read  Read
  Read Impuls quantity of motion   Read  Read

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