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Personal Translator 14 Personal Translator is the efficient translation tool for all your needs: Spot on translations at your convenience.
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Linguatec Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:

Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
Voice Reader Web: Your expert for website-reading with 32 voices, clever browser functionality and a feature for saving webpages offline.
LinguaDict: Professional offline dictionary app with speech output and daily jokes.(A smile a day keeps the doctor away!)
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  Read Lesen (n) Read (n)   Read  Read
  Read lesen reread   Read  Read
  Read ablesen read   Read  Read
  Read einlesen read   Read  Read
  Read vorlesen read   Read  Read
  Read Lesen reading   Read  Read
  Read lesen mapread   Read  Read
  Read lesend reading   Read  Read
  Read lesen proofread   Read  Read
  Read Ablesen readout   Read  Read
  Read ablesen lipread   Read  Read
  Read lesen proof-read   Read  Read
  Read lesen speed-read   Read  Read
  Read ablesen lip-read   Read  Read
  Read Lesen data-reading   Read  Read
  Read wiederlesen reread   Read  Read
  Read Lippenlesen lipreading   Read  Read
  Read Kartenlesen mapreading   Read  Read
  Read Kartenlesen map-reading   Read  Read
  Read lesen read out   Read  Read
  Read korrekturlesen proof-read   Read  Read
  Read einlesen read in   Read  Read
  Read Lippenlesen speech-reading   Read  Read
  Read Lesen/Schreiben Read/Write   Read  Read
  Read vorlesen read to   Read  Read
  Read Schreiben/Lesen read/write   Read  Read
  Read ablesen read off   Read  Read
  Read ablesen read out   Read  Read
  Read vorlesen read out   Read  Read
  Read weiterlesen read on   Read  Read
  Read vorlesen read aloud   Read  Read
  Read Lesen quick reading   Read  Read
  Read herauslesen read out   Read  Read
  Read falsch lesen misread   Read  Read
  Read ablesend reading off   Read  Read
  Read anlesen start reading   Read  Read
  Read durchlesen read through   Read  Read
  Read Kontrollesen read check   Read  Read
  Read Codeeinlesen code reading   Read  Read
  Read Urlesen bootstrap reading   Read  Read
  Read Korrektur lesen proofread   Read  Read
  Read Lippenablesen lip reading   Read  Read
  Read Korrektur lesen proof-read   Read  Read
  Read Schnelllesen speed reading   Read  Read
  Read Gedankenlesen mind reading   Read  Read
  Read Beleglesen document reading   Read  Read
  Read durchlesend reading through   Read  Read
  Read Mehrfachlesen multiple reads   Read  Read
  Read Korrekturlesen proof reading   Read  Read
  Read gestreutes Lesen gather-read   Read  Read
  Read Markierungslesen mark reading   Read  Read
  Read lesend in read mode   Read  Read
  Read Gedankenlesen thought reading   Read  Read
  Read vorlesen read out loud   Read  Read
  Read Lesen text page reading   Read  Read
  Read lesen read (read, read)   Read  Read
  Read anlesen learn by reading   Read  Read
  Read Textlesen text page reading   Read  Read
  Read Lesen text passages reading   Read  Read
  Read Notenlesen reading of music   Read  Read
  Read Ablesen vonm Munde lipreading   Read  Read
  Read Textlesen text passages reading   Read  Read
  Read Last (n) load (n)   Read  Read
  Read Vorlast preloading   Read  Read
  Read Last linear load   Read  Read
  Read Last load survey   Read  Read
  Read Last torque load   Read  Read
  Read Last modeling load   Read  Read
  Read Prüflast test load   Read  Read
  Read Last load admittance   Read  Read
  Read Prüflast proof load   Read  Read
  Read Last load composition   Read  Read
  Read Last aerodynamic load   Read  Read
  Read Vorlast biased load information   Read  Read
  Read lesen (v) scan (v)   Read  Read
  Read lesend scanning   Read  Read
  Read Last (n) bother (n)   Read  Read
  Read Last botheration   Read  Read
  Read vorgelesen (adj) red out (adj)   Read  Read
  Read meistgelesen (adj) most read (adj)   Read  Read
  Read Korrektur gelesen (adj) proofread (adj)   Read  Read
  Read meistgelesen (adj) most widely read (adj)   Read  Read
  Read vorlesen (v) (v)   Read  Read
  Read Deal (n) deal (n)   Read  Read
  Read meistgelesen (adj) most-read (adj)   Read  Read
  Read Last (n) good (n)   Read  Read
  Read vielgelesen (adj) much-read (adj)   Read  Read
  Read Last (n) debit (n)   Read  Read
  Read ungelesen (adj) unread (adj)   Read  Read
  Read lesen (v) read (v)   Read  Read
  Read Last (n) Loads (n)   Read  Read
  Read Last (n) burden (n)   Read  Read
  Read dealen (v) deal (v)   Read  Read
  Read lesen (v) sense (v)   Read  Read
  Read gelesen (adj) read (adj)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read Last account   Read  Read
  Read ablesen tell   Read  Read
  Read Lese vintage   Read  Read
  Read Lese reading   Read  Read
  Read Last expense   Read  Read
  Read Lese harvest   Read  Read
  Read einlesen get   Read  Read
  Read Lesekopf head   Read  Read
  Read einlesen feed   Read  Read
  Read lesen lecture   Read  Read
  Read Lesestift pen   Read  Read
  Read Last nuisance   Read  Read
  Read Lese gathering   Read  Read
  Read dealen traffic   Read  Read
  Read einläsen cash   Read  Read
  Read Lesestift wand   Read  Read
  Read Lesegenuß read   Read  Read
  Read durchlesen rush   Read  Read
  Read Lesegenuss read   Read  Read
  Read Lesebuch reader   Read  Read
  Read Weinlese vintage   Read  Read
  Read Lesevorgang read   Read  Read
  Read Last onerousness   Read  Read
  Read Lesefibel primer   Read  Read
  Read einläsen redeem   Read  Read
  Read Lesepult lectern   Read  Read
  Read prüflesen verify   Read  Read
  Read Lesepult bookrest   Read  Read
  Read Lesegerät reader   Read  Read
  Read durchlesen peruse   Read  Read
  Read Leseprobe reading   Read  Read
  Read Leseprobe extract   Read  Read
  Read lesewütig bookish   Read  Read
  Read Durchlesen perusal   Read  Read
  Read OCR-Lesegerät OCR   Read  Read
  Read Lesegerät readers   Read  Read
  Read Lesepulte lecterns   Read  Read
  Read Lesefeld read-area   Read  Read
  Read Lesegerät scanner   Read  Read
  Read Leseratte bookworm   Read  Read
  Read Weinlesen vintages   Read  Read
  Read Lesepult book-rest   Read  Read
  Read Lesemarke bookmark   Read  Read
  Read Traubenlese vintage   Read  Read
  Read gegenlesen revising   Read  Read
  Read Mitlesemaschine MOT   Read  Read
  Read Lesezeichen Hotlist   Read  Read
  Read Ablesegerät reader   Read  Read
  Read Lesebändchen ribbon   Read  Read
  Read Lesezeichen bookmark   Read  Read
  Read Killesberg Killesberg   Read  Read
  Read Lesesaal reading-room   Read  Read
  Read Lesepult reading-desk   Read  Read
  Read Nur-Lese-Speicher ROM   Read  Read
  Read Lesezeichen Favorites   Read  Read
  Read Allesfresser omnivore   Read  Read
  Read Lesezeichen Bookmarks   Read  Read
  Read Lesezwang forced-read   Read  Read
  Read Traubenlesen vintages   Read  Read
  Read Herauslesen retrieving   Read  Read
  Read Vorlasten encumbrances   Read  Read
  Read Allesfresser omnivores   Read  Read
  Read Leselampe reading-lamp   Read  Read
  Read Handlesekunst palmistry   Read  Read
  Read Lesezeichen bookmarking   Read  Read
  Read Leselernkarte flashcard   Read  Read
  Read allesfressend omnivorous   Read  Read
  Read Direktleseanweisung PEEK   Read  Read
  Read Speicherleseleitung MEMR   Read  Read
  Read Alleskönner all-rounder   Read  Read
  Read Lesebrille reading-glass   Read  Read
  Read Einlesebereich read-area   Read  Read
  Read Schreib-Lese-Speicher RWM   Read  Read
  Read EAN-Lesegerät EAN-reader   Read  Read
  Read Adressenlesedraht AR-wire   Read  Read
  Read lesegeschützt write-only   Read  Read
  Read Lesestunde reading-lesson   Read  Read
  Read Lesewiederholung rereading   Read  Read
  Read Lies mich readme   Read  Read
  Read Lesebrille reading-glasses   Read  Read
  Read Schreib-Lese-Kamm actuator   Read  Read
  Read Leseweg read path   Read  Read
  Read Lesetest read test   Read  Read
  Read Lesefeld read area   Read  Read
  Read Lesekopf read head   Read  Read
  Read Lesezeit read time   Read  Read
  Read Lesestift code pen   Read  Read
  Read Leseteil read part   Read  Read
  Read Lesetag reading day   Read  Read
  Read Lesefeld read field   Read  Read
  Read Lesestift light pen   Read  Read
  Read Lesemodus read mode   Read  Read
  Read Lesemarke read mark   Read  Read
  Read Leselupe hand glass   Read  Read
  Read Lesespule read coil   Read  Read
  Read Lesefeld trim panel   Read  Read
  Read Lesedatei read file   Read  Read
  Read Leseseite read side   Read  Read
  Read Lesefehler bad read   Read  Read
  Read Leserecht read right   Read  Read
  Read Lesesperre read lock   Read  Read
  Read Lesedraht sense wire   Read  Read
  Read Leseaufruf read call   Read  Read
  Read Lesezugriff read tap   Read  Read
  Read Lesepult reading desk   Read  Read
  Read Lesebetrieb read mode   Read  Read
  Read Lesefehler read error   Read  Read
  Read Lesezyklus read cycle   Read  Read
  Read Lesepistole code pens   Read  Read
  Read Lesetaste read button   Read  Read
  Read Weinlese vine harvest   Read  Read
  Read Lesehilfe reading aid   Read  Read
  Read Lesealter reading age   Read  Read
  Read Leseleitung read line   Read  Read
  Read Lesezeit reading time   Read  Read
  Read Lesesaal reading room   Read  Read
  Read Lesekopf reading head   Read  Read
  Read Lesebuch reading book   Read  Read
  Read Lesestift pin readers   Read  Read
  Read Leseimpuls read pulse   Read  Read
  Read Lesetrommel read drum   Read  Read
  Read Leselupe reading glass   Read  Read
  Read Lesegerät film reader   Read  Read
  Read Lesekopf scanning head   Read  Read
  Read Lesestrom read current   Read  Read
  Read Lesegerät reader unit   Read  Read
  Read Leseverbot reading ban   Read  Read
  Read Leselampe reading lamp   Read  Read
  Read Weinlese grape harvest   Read  Read
  Read Leselicht reading lamp   Read  Read
  Read Lesedrama closet drama   Read  Read
  Read Lesesignal Read Signal   Read  Read
  Read Leseglas reading glass   Read  Read
  Read Lesehalle reading hall   Read  Read
  Read Leseecke reading corner   Read  Read
  Read Lesesignal sense signal   Read  Read
  Read Lesetisch picking table   Read  Read
  Read Lesezimmer reading room   Read  Read
  Read Ablesezeit readout time   Read  Read
  Read Lesefolge read sequence   Read  Read
  Read Lesezugriff read access   Read  Read
  Read Leselicht reading light   Read  Read
  Read Lesesperre read lockout   Read  Read
  Read Lesestrahl reading beam   Read  Read
  Read Lesebedarf read request   Read  Read
  Read Lesegebühr service fee   Read  Read
  Read Lesebefehl read command   Read  Read
  Read Lesezusatz read feature   Read  Read
  Read Lesezeiger read pointer   Read  Read
  Read Leseschutz read protect   Read  Read
  Read Lesekreis reading circle   Read  Read
  Read Leseadresse read address   Read  Read
  Read Einlesebereich read area   Read  Read
  Read Ableselineal reader rule   Read  Read
  Read Leseexemplar sample copy   Read  Read
  Read Lesekarte library ticket   Read  Read
  Read Vorlasten Previous debts   Read  Read
  Read Lesebrille reading specs   Read  Read
  Read Leseratte bookish person   Read  Read
  Read Leseimpuls reading pulse   Read  Read
  Read Lesestation read station   Read  Read
  Read Leselernkarte flash card   Read  Read
  Read Lesespeicher read memory   Read  Read
  Read Leserecht read authority   Read  Read
  Read Weinlese grape gathering   Read  Read
  Read Leseleitung read winding   Read  Read
  Read Lesemarkierung read mark   Read  Read
  Read Lesezimmer reading rooms   Read  Read
  Read Leseplan reading program   Read  Read
  Read Ablesefehler index error   Read  Read
  Read Lesefehler reading error   Read  Read
  Read Lesezirkel reader circle   Read  Read
  Read Lesestelle reading point   Read  Read
  Read Lesestoff reading matter   Read  Read
  Read Lesegerät reading device   Read  Read
  Read Lesemethode reading skill   Read  Read
  Read Leseexemplar reading copy   Read  Read
  Read Alleskleber rubber cement   Read  Read
  Read Lesezirkel reading circle   Read  Read
  Read Alleskönner allround man   Read  Read
  Read Traubenlese grape harvest   Read  Read
  Read Mitlesekopie local record   Read  Read
  Read Leseleitung sense winding   Read  Read
  Read Prüflast circuit cheater   Read  Read
  Read Leserecht read permission   Read  Read
  Read Leseleistung reading rate   Read  Read
  Read Lesezugriff read accesses   Read  Read
  Read Lesepaket reading package   Read  Read
  Read Leseprobe first rehearsal   Read  Read
  Read Lesewicklung read winding   Read  Read
  Read Lesespannung read voltage   Read  Read
  Read Zeichenlesefeld scan band   Read  Read
  Read Leseelement read elements   Read  Read
  Read Leseprogramm read program   Read  Read
  Read Lesegerät optical reader   Read  Read
  Read Leseprobe (Buch) specimen   Read  Read
  Read Leseergebnis scanned data   Read  Read
  Read Lesefenster reading window   Read  Read
  Read Lesestift hand-held reader   Read  Read
  Read Lesestück reading passage   Read  Read
  Read Lesebrille reading glasses   Read  Read
  Read Leseposition read position   Read  Read
  Read Ablesefehler reading error   Read  Read
  Read Leseplan reading programme   Read  Read
  Read Lesestoff reading material   Read  Read
  Read Lesestoff reading (matter)   Read  Read
  Read Lesekopfabsturz head crash   Read  Read
  Read Lesefunktion read function   Read  Read
  Read Weinlesen grape gatherings   Read  Read
  Read Ablesezähler read counter   Read  Read
  Read OCR-Lesegerät OCR scanner   Read  Read
  Read Lesevorgang read operation   Read  Read
  Read Lesegerät reading devices   Read  Read
  Read Vorlesestück reading play   Read  Read
  Read Lesewicklung sense winding   Read  Read
  Read Leseratte voracious reader   Read  Read
  Read Leselernkarten flash cards   Read  Read
  Read Lesekreis literary coterie   Read  Read
  Read Leseregister read register   Read  Read
  Read Lesepublikum reading public   Read  Read
  Read Leseprobe reading rehearsal   Read  Read
  Read Lesebefehl read instruction   Read  Read
  Read Lesegemeinde reading public   Read  Read
  Read Leserichtung read direction   Read  Read
  Read Lesestelle scanner location   Read  Read
  Read Lesepistole scanning pistol   Read  Read
  Read Lesestation reading station   Read  Read
  Read Lesestift hand-held scanner   Read  Read
  Read Lesegerät microfilm reader   Read  Read
  Read Lesefenster scanning window   Read  Read
  Read Ablesesystem readout system   Read  Read
  Read Lesebetrieb sense operation   Read  Read
  Read Vorlast earlier incumbrance   Read  Read
  Read Ablesebereich reading range   Read  Read
  Read Lesewiederholung read retry   Read  Read
  Read Schreib-/Lesekopf tape head   Read  Read
  Read Tabellenlesen table look-up   Read  Read
  Read Leseübung reading practice   Read  Read
  Read Lesebrillen reading glasses   Read  Read
  Read Alleskleber all-purpose glue   Read  Read
  Read Ablesezahl readaround number   Read  Read
  Read Lesestelle scanning location   Read  Read
  Read Lesegerät reading projector   Read  Read
  Read Leseoperation read operation   Read  Read
  Read Allessparer champion hoarder   Read  Read
  Read Lesegewohnheit reading habit   Read  Read
  Read Leseabstand reading distance   Read  Read
  Read Ableserauschen readout noise   Read  Read
  Read Leseaktivität read activity   Read  Read
  Read Lesespannung reading voltage   Read  Read
  Read Doppellesekopf pre-read head   Read  Read
  Read Leseanweisung read statement   Read  Read
  Read Lesewiederholung read repeat   Read  Read
  Read Einlesezähler write counter   Read  Read
  Read Einleseroutine input routine   Read  Read
  Read Einlesespeicher input storage   Read  Read
  Read Lesebrille redaing spectacles   Read  Read
  Read Schreiblesekopf combined head   Read  Read
  Read Lesebrille reading spectacles   Read  Read
  Read Magnet-Lesegerät tape reader   Read  Read
  Read Laserlesegerät laser scanner   Read  Read
  Read Markierungslesen mark sensing   Read  Read
  Read Allesbrenner multifuel burner   Read  Read
  Read Schecklesegerät check reader   Read  Read
  Read Leseleistung read performance   Read  Read
  Read Lesekarteninhaber card holder   Read  Read
  Read Lesevorgang reading processes   Read  Read
  Read Leseprinzip reading principle   Read  Read
  Read Lesestift bar code pen   Read  Read
  Read zur Last fallen impose   Read  Read
  Read lesebereit ready to read   Read  Read
  Read Lesekopfarm read head arm   Read  Read
  Read Lesewut craze for reading   Read  Read
  Read Lesekopf tape reading head   Read  Read
  Read Leseprobe (Buch US) dummy   Read  Read
  Read Leseratte glutton for books   Read  Read
  Read Leseversuch attempt to read   Read  Read
  Read Lesefehler read fault error   Read  Read
  Read Lesegerät car scanner unit   Read  Read
  Read Lesekopf Ferrite read heads   Read  Read
  Read Lesepistole bar code pistol   Read  Read
  Read schwer zu lesend heavy-going   Read  Read
  Read Lesesucht mainia for reading   Read  Read
  Read Lesetestkarte read test card   Read  Read
  Read Lesefehler read parity error   Read  Read
  Read Lesesignal read output signal   Read  Read
  Read Leseabend evening of readings   Read  Read
  Read Lesespeicher read only memory   Read  Read
  Read Lesehunger hunger for reading   Read  Read
  Read Bandlesefehler tape read error   Read  Read
  Read Lesehilfe Tactile reading aids   Read  Read
  Read Datenleserecht read data right   Read  Read
  Read Lesehalbzyklus read half cycle   Read  Read
  Read Lesezykluszeit read cycle time   Read  Read
  Read lesehungrig hungry for reading   Read  Read
  Read Leseanfang logical leading end   Read  Read
  Read Lesepistole optical reader wand   Read  Read

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