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Personal Translator 14 Personal Translator is the efficient translation tool for all your needs: Spot on translations at your convenience.
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Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
Voice Reader Web: Your expert for website-reading with 32 voices, clever browser functionality and a feature for saving webpages offline.
LinguaDict: Professional offline dictionary app with speech output and daily jokes.(A smile a day keeps the doctor away!)
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  Read digital (adj) digital (adj)   Read  Read
  Read digital digitally   Read  Read
  Read volldigital all-digital   Read  Read
  Read halbdigital semidigital   Read  Read
  Read volldigital all digital   Read  Read
  Read Digitaluhr digital clock   Read  Read
  Read voll digital all-digital   Read  Read
  Read Digitaluhr digital watch   Read  Read
  Read Digitalbaum digital tree   Read  Read
  Read Digitalbild digital image   Read  Read
  Read Digitaldaten digital data   Read  Read
  Read Digitalfunk digital radio   Read  Read
  Read Digitaldatei digital file   Read  Read
  Read Digitalerde digital ground   Read  Read
  Read Digitallogik digital logic   Read  Read
  Read Digitalvideo digital video   Read  Read
  Read Digitalkino digital cinema   Read  Read
  Read Digitalblock digital blocks   Read  Read
  Read Digitalnetz digital network   Read  Read
  Read Digitalimpuls digital pulse   Read  Read
  Read Digital-Radio digital radio   Read  Read
  Read Digitalfehler digital error   Read  Read
  Read Digitalfilter digital filter   Read  Read
  Read Digitaltelefon digital phone   Read  Read
  Read Digitalsystem digital system   Read  Read
  Read Digitaleingang digital input   Read  Read
  Read Digitalkamera digital camera   Read  Read
  Read Digitalsignal digital signal   Read  Read
  Read Digitaleingabe digital input   Read  Read
  Read Digitalschirm digital screen   Read  Read
  Read Digitalschleife digital loop   Read  Read
  Read Digitalkanal digital channel   Read  Read
  Read Digitalentwurf digital design   Read  Read
  Read Digitaldaten digital database   Read  Read
  Read Digitalausgabe digital output   Read  Read
  Read Digitalschaltung digital CMOS   Read  Read
  Read Digitalzeichen digital signal   Read  Read
  Read Digitaldruck Digital printing   Read  Read
  Read Digitalfunk digital broadcast   Read  Read
  Read Digitalatlas 3D digital atlas   Read  Read
  Read Digitaldaten digital video data   Read  Read
  Read digitales Ansagegerät (n) DAG (n)   Read  Read
  Read Digitales Geländemodell (n) DTM (n)   Read  Read
  Read digitales Richtfunksystem (n) DRS (n)   Read  Read
  Read Digitales Landschaftsmodell (n) DLM (n)   Read  Read
  Read digitales Zeitansagegerät (n) DZAG500 (n)   Read  Read
  Read automatisches digitales Netz (n) AUTODIN (n)   Read  Read
  Read digitales Fernsehen (n) dtv (n)   Read  Read
  Read Digitales Kartographisches Modell (n) DCM (n)   Read  Read
  Read digitales Wählnetz (n) DSN (n)   Read  Read
  Read Digital (n) digital (n)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read Digitalgeber DDT   Read  Read
  Read analog-digital AD   Read  Read
  Read Digitaltonband DAT   Read  Read
  Read digital/analog D/A   Read  Read
  Read Digitalerde DIGGND   Read  Read
  Read analog-digital A/D   Read  Read
  Read analog-digital A-D   Read  Read
  Read Digitaleingang DIP   Read  Read
  Read Digitalempfänger DDR   Read  Read
  Read Digitalplotter plotter   Read  Read
  Read Digital-Fernsprecher DT   Read  Read
  Read Digitalvideorundfunk DVB   Read  Read
  Read Digitalverstärker D-AMPS   Read  Read
  Read Digital SVD DVSD   Read  Read
  Read Digitalsignalprozessor DSP   Read  Read
  Read Digitalsignalverteiler DDF   Read  Read
  Read Analog-Digital-Wandler GLC   Read  Read
  Read Digital-Analog-Wandler DAC   Read  Read
  Read Digital/Analog-Wandler DAC   Read  Read
  Read Digitaler Link DL   Read  Read
  Read digitaler Eingang DIP   Read  Read
  Read digitaler Hörfunk DAB   Read  Read
  Read digitale Echosperre DES   Read  Read
  Read digitaler Tonrundfunk DAB   Read  Read
  Read Datenterminal digital DTD   Read  Read
  Read Digitalkamera CMOS cameras   Read  Read
  Read Digitalbaustein logic unit   Read  Read
  Read digitale Audiokassette DAT   Read  Read
  Read direkte Digitalregelung DDC   Read  Read
  Read Digitalplotter data plotter   Read  Read
  Read Teilnehmersatz digital SLCD   Read  Read
  Read digital darstellen digitize   Read  Read
  Read Korrektursystem, digital KSD   Read  Read
  Read Digitalbaustein logical unit   Read  Read
  Read Digitalbaustein logic device   Read  Read
  Read digitaler Codeempfänger DCR   Read  Read
  Read Digitalkamera filmless camera   Read  Read
  Read digitaler Teilnehmersatz SLCD   Read  Read
  Read digitaler Signalprozessor DSP   Read  Read
  Read Digital Flat Panel DFP   Read  Read
  Read Digital Audio Tape DAT   Read  Read
  Read Digital Servic Unit DSU   Read  Read
  Read Digital Data Storage DDS   Read  Read
  Read Digital Versatile Disk DVD   Read  Read
  Read Digital Service Adapter DSA   Read  Read
  Read laufende digitale Summe RDS   Read  Read
  Read Digital Content Creation DCC   Read  Read
  Read Digital Video Interactive DVI   Read  Read
  Read Digitaldaten Point cloud data   Read  Read
  Read Personal Digital Assistant PDA   Read  Read
  Read Digital Signature Algorithm DSA   Read  Read
  Read Digitaldaten digitized raw data   Read  Read
  Read Amtssatz digital für ISDN TDM   Read  Read

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