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Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
Voice Reader Web: Your expert for website-reading with 32 voices, clever browser functionality and a feature for saving webpages offline.
LinguaDict: Professional offline dictionary app with speech output and daily jokes.(A smile a day keeps the doctor away!)
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  Read Handel (n) trade (n)   Read  Read
  Read Großhandel trade   Read  Read
  Read Handel trade finance   Read  Read
  Read Wollhandel wool-trade   Read  Read
  Read Freihandel free-trade   Read  Read
  Read Holzhandel lumber-trade   Read  Read
  Read Handelswesen trade   Read  Read
  Read Seehandel maritime-trade   Read  Read
  Read Sklavenhandel slave-trade   Read  Read
  Read Handelsmann tradesman   Read  Read
  Read Handelsmarke trademark   Read  Read
  Read Handelsbranche trade   Read  Read
  Read Handelsmarke trade-mark   Read  Read
  Read Handeltreibend trader   Read  Read
  Read Gashandel Gas trade   Read  Read
  Read Ölhandel oil trade   Read  Read
  Read Handel flow of trade   Read  Read
  Read Kunsthandel art trade   Read  Read
  Read Seilhandel rope trade   Read  Read
  Read Seehandel ocean trade   Read  Read
  Read Goldhandel gold trade   Read  Read
  Read Freihandel fair trade   Read  Read
  Read Holzhandel wood trade   Read  Read
  Read Wollhandel wool trade   Read  Read
  Read Freihandel free trade   Read  Read
  Read Buchhandel book trade   Read  Read
  Read Tuchhandel cloth trade   Read  Read
  Read Welthandel world trade   Read  Read
  Read Seehandel marine trade   Read  Read
  Read Obsthandel fruit trade   Read  Read
  Read Lumpenhandel rag trade   Read  Read
  Read Seidenhandel silk trade   Read  Read
  Read Holzhandel timber trade   Read  Read
  Read Stahlhandel steel trade   Read  Read
  Read Pakethandel block trade   Read  Read
  Read Viehhandel cattle trade   Read  Read
  Read Binnenhandel home trade   Read  Read
  Read Holzhandel lumber trade   Read  Read
  Read Platzhandel local trade   Read  Read
  Read Reifenhandel tyre trade   Read  Read
  Read Waffenhandel arms trade   Read  Read
  Read Warenhandel goods trade   Read  Read
  Read Drogenhandel drug trade   Read  Read
  Read Grenzhandel border trade   Read  Read
  Read Kettenhandel chain trade   Read  Read
  Read Ramschhandel petty trade   Read  Read
  Read Aktivhandel active trade   Read  Read
  Read Seehandel maritime trade   Read  Read
  Read Bilderhandel image trade   Read  Read
  Read Papierhandel paper trade   Read  Read
  Read Zuckerhandel sugar trade   Read  Read
  Read Schrotthandel scrap trade   Read  Read
  Read Binnenhandel inland trade   Read  Read
  Read Küstenhandel coast trade   Read  Read
  Read Getreidehandel corn trade   Read  Read
  Read Einzelhandel retail trade   Read  Read
  Read Sklavenhandel slave trade   Read  Read
  Read Importhandel import trade   Read  Read
  Read Stapelhandel staple trade   Read  Read
  Read Exporthandel export trade   Read  Read
  Read Eigenhandel private trade   Read  Read
  Read Heroinhandel heroin trade   Read  Read
  Read Einfuhrhandel import trade   Read  Read
  Read Viehhandel livestock trade   Read  Read
  Read Außenhandel foreign trade   Read  Read
  Read Ausfuhrhandel export trade   Read  Read
  Read Binnenhandel country trade   Read  Read
  Read Getreidehandel grain trade   Read  Read
  Read Menschenhandel human trade   Read  Read
  Read Passivhandel passive trade   Read  Read
  Read Menschenhandel slave trade   Read  Read
  Read Einfuhrhandel inward trade   Read  Read
  Read Mineralölhandel oil trade   Read  Read
  Read Energiehandel energy trade   Read  Read
  Read Online-Handel online trade   Read  Read
  Read Agenturhandel agency trade   Read  Read
  Read Textilhandel textile trade   Read  Read
  Read Großhandel wholesale trade   Read  Read
  Read Handelszone trade area   Read  Read
  Read Handelsbank trade bank   Read  Read
  Read Transithandel transit trade   Read  Read
  Read Warenhandel commodity trade   Read  Read
  Read Wucherhandel usurious trade   Read  Read
  Read Außenhandel external trade   Read  Read
  Read Ausfuhrhandel outward trade   Read  Read
  Read Küchenhandel kitchen trade   Read  Read
  Read Binnenhandel interior trade   Read  Read
  Read Spezialhandel special trade   Read  Read
  Read Binnenhandel domestic trade   Read  Read
  Read Brennstoffhandel fuel trade   Read  Read
  Read Handelsname trade name   Read  Read
  Read Handelsrecht trade law   Read  Read
  Read Schleichhandel illicit trade   Read  Read
  Read Musikalienhandel music trade   Read  Read
  Read Handelskrieg trade war   Read  Read
  Read Handelsware trade goods   Read  Read
  Read Küstenhandel coasting trade   Read  Read
  Read Kurzwarenhandel narrow trade   Read  Read
  Read Gesamthandel aggregate trade   Read  Read
  Read Handelsweg trade channel   Read  Read
  Read Handelswert trade value   Read  Read
  Read Fachhandel specialized trade   Read  Read
  Read Weißwarenhandel linen trade   Read  Read
  Read Inlandshandel domestic trade   Read  Read
  Read Handel treiben trade   Read  Read
  Read Fachhandel specialised trade   Read  Read
  Read Durchfuhrhandel transit trade   Read  Read
  Read Warenhandel merchandise trade   Read  Read
  Read Handelsmesse trade fair   Read  Read
  Read Handelsblock trade bloc   Read  Read
  Read Juwelenhandel jewellery trade   Read  Read
  Read Karawanenhandel caravan trade   Read  Read
  Read Kolonialhandel colonial trade   Read  Read
  Read Telefonhandel telephone trade   Read  Read
  Read Regionalhandel regional trade   Read  Read
  Read Küstenhandel coastwise trade   Read  Read
  Read Landhandel agricultural trade   Read  Read
  Read Lokalhandel residential trade   Read  Read
  Read Binnenhandel land-borne trade   Read  Read
  Read Überseehandel overseas trade   Read  Read
  Read Handelsindex trade index   Read  Read
  Read Handelsdaten Traded Data   Read  Read
  Read Handelsunion trade union   Read  Read
  Read Handelsroute trade route   Read  Read
  Read Handelskriege trade wars   Read  Read
  Read Handelskauf trade purchase   Read  Read
  Read Handelsmünze trade coin   Read  Read
  Read Handelswert trade-in value   Read  Read
  Read Handelsmarken trade names   Read  Read
  Read Handelsstrom trade current   Read  Read
  Read Handelsblatt trade journal   Read  Read
  Read Handelsgesetze trade laws   Read  Read
  Read Handelsrisiko trade hazard   Read  Read
  Read Handelsrouten trade routes   Read  Read
  Read Handelskniffe trade dodges   Read  Read
  Read Handelssystem trade system   Read  Read
  Read Handelslücken trade gaps   Read  Read
  Read Handelsspanne trade margin   Read  Read
  Read Handelswechsel trade bill   Read  Read
  Read Handelswechsel trade note   Read  Read
  Read Handelsschule trade school   Read  Read
  Read Handelsbrauch trade custom   Read  Read
  Read Handelsfragen trade matters   Read  Read
  Read Handelsströme trade flows   Read  Read
  Read Handelsbilanz trade balance   Read  Read
  Read Handelsstraße trade route   Read  Read
  Read Handelssperre trade embargo   Read  Read
  Read Großhandelspreis trade price   Read  Read
  Read Handelszentrum trade centre   Read  Read
  Read Handelszentrum trade center   Read  Read
  Read Fellhandel trade in skins   Read  Read
  Read Handelspolitik trade policy   Read  Read
  Read Handelsausdruck trade term   Read  Read
  Read Handelskolonie trade colony   Read  Read
  Read Handelsrabatt trade discount   Read  Read
  Read Handelsagentur trade agency   Read  Read
  Read Handelsvolumen trade volume   Read  Read
  Read Handelsterminus trade term   Read  Read
  Read Handelsbericht trade report   Read  Read
  Read Handelsgewicht trade weight   Read  Read
  Read Handelsdefizit trade deficit   Read  Read
  Read Handelsembargo trade embargo   Read  Read
  Read Handelsziffern trade figures   Read  Read
  Read Handel (n) trading (n)   Read  Read
  Read Kuhhandel trading-off   Read  Read
  Read Kuhhandel horse-trading   Read  Read
  Read Handel trading lifecycle   Read  Read
  Read Pferdehandel horse-trading   Read  Read
  Read handeltreibend trading   Read  Read
  Read Kuhhandel horse trading   Read  Read
  Read Rentenhandel bond trading   Read  Read
  Read Stahlhandel steel trading   Read  Read
  Read Partiehandel block trading   Read  Read
  Read Handelstag trading day   Read  Read
  Read Pferdehandel horse trading   Read  Read
  Read Konzernhandel group trading   Read  Read
  Read Staatshandel public trading   Read  Read
  Read Onlinehandel online trading   Read  Read
  Read Online-Handel online trading   Read  Read
  Read Großhandel merchant trading   Read  Read
  Read Onlinehandel on-line trading   Read  Read
  Read Effektenhandel stock trading   Read  Read
  Read Terminhandel futures trading   Read  Read
  Read Optionshandel option trading   Read  Read
  Read Textilhandel textile trading   Read  Read
  Read Berufshandel insider trading   Read  Read
  Read Energiehandel energy trading   Read  Read
  Read Handelszone trading area   Read  Read
  Read Handelsbank trading bank   Read  Read
  Read Insiderhandel insider trading   Read  Read
  Read Optionshandel options trading   Read  Read
  Read Pfandbriefhandel bond trading   Read  Read
  Read Handelsware Trading item   Read  Read
  Read Handelsraum trading area   Read  Read
  Read Handelsvolk trading nation   Read  Read
  Read Handelsstadt trading town   Read  Read
  Read Handelshafen trading port   Read  Read
  Read Handelszweig trading line   Read  Read
  Read Handelsstaat trading state   Read  Read
  Read Handel treibend trading   Read  Read
  Read Handelsplatz trading place   Read  Read
  Read Handelskette trading chain   Read  Read
  Read Handelsplatz trading centre   Read  Read
  Read Handelsrisiko trading risk   Read  Read
  Read Handelsplatz trading center   Read  Read
  Read Handelsschiff trading ship   Read  Read
  Read Handelsflaute trading lull   Read  Read
  Read Handelsstand trading classes   Read  Read
  Read Handelssystem trading system   Read  Read
  Read Handelsgewinn trading profit   Read  Read
  Read Handelsrisiko trading hazard   Read  Read
  Read Handelsnation trading nation   Read  Read
  Read Handelsschiff trading vessel   Read  Read
  Read Handelsdienst Trading Service   Read  Read
  Read Handel (n) commerce (n)   Read  Read
  Read Handel mobile commerce   Read  Read
  Read Handelswesen commerce   Read  Read
  Read Handelsgewerbe commerce   Read  Read
  Read Handelsverkehr commerce   Read  Read
  Read Außenhandel export commerce   Read  Read
  Read Handel (n) business (n)   Read  Read
  Read Milchhandel dairy business   Read  Read
  Read Detailhandel retail business   Read  Read
  Read Terminhandel option business   Read  Read
  Read Einzelhandel retail business   Read  Read
  Read Textilhandel drapery business   Read  Read
  Read Handel (n) sale (n)   Read  Read
  Read Großhandel wholesale   Read  Read
  Read Großhandels wholesales   Read  Read
  Read Handelsreisend salesman   Read  Read
  Read Großhandel whole sale   Read  Read
  Read Waffenhandel arms sales   Read  Read
  Read Handel (n) dealing (n)   Read  Read
  Read Geldhandel money dealing   Read  Read
  Read Drogenhandel drug dealing   Read  Read
  Read Aktienhandel share dealings   Read  Read
  Read Insiderhandel insider dealing   Read  Read
  Read Handel (n) trafficking (n)   Read  Read
  Read Drogenhandel drug trafficking   Read  Read
  Read Handel (n) bargain (n)   Read  Read
  Read handeln bargain   Read  Read
  Read Handeln bargaining   Read  Read
  Read handeln bargain for sth.   Read  Read
  Read Handel (n) dealers (n)   Read  Read
  Read Kunsthandel art dealers   Read  Read
  Read Handel (n) deal (n)   Read  Read
  Read Optionshandel option dealer   Read  Read
  Read Handelslager dealer stock   Read  Read
  Read Handelsmarke dealer's brand   Read  Read
  Read Handel (n) barter (n)   Read  Read
  Read Tauschhandel barter   Read  Read
  Read Tauschhandel barter trade   Read  Read
  Read handeln (v) act (v)   Read  Read
  Read handeln to act   Read  Read
  Read Handel (n) biz (n)   Read  Read
  Read handeln (v) be (v)   Read  Read
  Read Handel (n) company (n)   Read  Read
  Read Handel (n) MS 21 (n)   Read  Read
  Read handeln (v) deal (v)   Read  Read
  Read handeln (v) sell (v)   Read  Read
  Read handeln (v) treat (v)   Read  Read
  Read handeln (v) trade (v)   Read  Read
  Read handeln (v) barter (v)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read Handeln action   Read  Read
  Read handeln monger   Read  Read
  Read handeln traffic   Read  Read
  Read Tauschhandel swap   Read  Read
  Read handeln merchant   Read  Read
  Read Raufhandel affray   Read  Read
  Read Handeln behavior   Read  Read
  Read Handeln behaviour   Read  Read
  Read handeln negotiate   Read  Read
  Read Einzelhandel retail   Read  Read
  Read handeln merchandise   Read  Read
  Read Kuhhandel logrolling   Read  Read
  Read Handelshaus firm   Read  Read
  Read Börsenhandel jobbing   Read  Read
  Read Blumenhandel florists   Read  Read
  Read Einzelhandels retail   Read  Read
  Read Buchhandel bookselling   Read  Read
  Read Einzelhandel retailing   Read  Read
  Read Kleinhandel shopkeeping   Read  Read
  Read Waffenhandel gunrunning   Read  Read
  Read Raufhandel chance-medley   Read  Read
  Read Liebeshandel love-affair   Read  Read
  Read Handelszweig branch   Read  Read
  Read Handelspapier paper   Read  Read
  Read Börsenhandel stockbroking   Read  Read
  Read Handelsware commodity   Read  Read
  Read Handelsklasse grade   Read  Read
  Read Handelsmakler broker   Read  Read
  Read Handelsbrauch usance   Read  Read
  Read Handelsbrauch custom   Read  Read
  Read Handelsspanne margin   Read  Read
  Read Handelsgewicht avdp   Read  Read
  Read Handelszentren marts   Read  Read
  Read Handelsspanne mark-up   Read  Read
  Read Handelssperre embargo   Read  Read
  Read Handelsware merchandise   Read  Read
  Read Handelsbrauch practice   Read  Read
  Read Handelspapier document   Read  Read
  Read Handelsbrauch practices   Read  Read
  Read Handelsobjekt commodity   Read  Read
  Read Handelsblatt Handelsblatt   Read  Read
  Read Handelszentrum emporium   Read  Read
  Read Handelspapier instrument   Read  Read
  Read handelsfähig marketable   Read  Read
  Read Handelsartikel commodity   Read  Read
  Read im Einzelhandel retail   Read  Read
  Read Handelsgeist commercialism   Read  Read
  Read Handelsschiff merchantman   Read  Read
  Read handelsfähig merchantable   Read  Read
  Read Schuhhandel Shoe Retail   Read  Read
  Read Handelsvertreter bagman   Read  Read
  Read Handelsgewicht avoirdupois   Read  Read
  Read Handelsreisende traveller   Read  Read
  Read Handelsschiffe merchantmen   Read  Read
  Read Versandhandel mail order   Read  Read
  Read Einzelhandel retail store   Read  Read
  Read ambulanter Handel hawking   Read  Read
  Read Drogenhandel drug traffic   Read  Read
  Read Waffenhandel arms running   Read  Read
  Read Handelscomputer controller   Read  Read
  Read Einzelhandel retail market   Read  Read
  Read handeln merchandize (Am.)   Read  Read
  Read Amtshandel official action   Read  Read
  Read Schwarzhandel black market   Read  Read
  Read Handelsgesellschaft corp   Read  Read
  Read Börsenhandel stock jobbing   Read  Read
  Read Ämterhandel office hunting   Read  Read
  Read Seehandel merchant shipping   Read  Read
  Read Handelsname teade name   Read  Read
  Read Mädchenhandel white slavery   Read  Read
  Read Streckenhandel drop shipment   Read  Read
  Read Handelsgesellschaft corps   Read  Read
  Read Überseehandel ocean traffic   Read  Read
  Read Kokainhandel cocaine traffic   Read  Read
  Read Handel Merchant power plants   Read  Read
  Read Handelsblei common lead   Read  Read
  Read Wechselhandel note brokerage   Read  Read
  Read handeln (mit) handle   Read  Read
  Read Handelswert market value   Read  Read
  Read Handelsbuch account book   Read  Read
  Read Rauschgifthandel drug traffic   Read  Read
  Read Handelskrieg tariff war   Read  Read
  Read Schwarzhandel black marketing   Read  Read
  Read Freihandelszone free zone   Read  Read
  Read Handelskette chain store   Read  Read
  Read Verkaufspersonal (Handel) RSP   Read  Read
  Read Handelsbank merchant bank   Read  Read
  Read handelseinig in agreement   Read  Read
  Read Handelsrecht law merchant   Read  Read
  Read Handelsteil financial part   Read  Read
  Read Handelskette retail chain   Read  Read
  Read Handelsrecht merchant law   Read  Read
  Read Handelsbank commercial bank   Read  Read
  Read handeln (mit) negotiate   Read  Read
  Read Handelseisen finished iron   Read  Read
  Read Handelshaus commercial firm   Read  Read
  Read Handelsbank mercantile bank   Read  Read
  Read Handelsware commercial wares   Read  Read
  Read Handelsware commercial goods   Read  Read
  Read Handelsrecht commercial law   Read  Read
  Read mit Aktien handeln job   Read  Read
  Read Handelsrecht mercantile law   Read  Read
  Read Handelshaus mercantile house   Read  Read
  Read Handelsgruppe retail group   Read  Read
  Read Handelswelt commercial world   Read  Read
  Read Handelshaus commercial house   Read  Read
  Read Handelsstand merchant class   Read  Read
  Read Handelswert commercial value   Read  Read
  Read Handelsweg Commercial Channel   Read  Read
  Read Handelsfeld commercial field   Read  Read
  Read Handelssache commercial case   Read  Read
  Read Seehandelsrecht maritime law   Read  Read
  Read Großhandelspreis city price   Read  Read
  Read Handelssorte commodity grade   Read  Read
  Read Handelsflagge merchant flag   Read  Read
  Read Handelsfirma commercial firm   Read  Read
  Read Handelsspanne profit margin   Read  Read
  Read Handelsschiff merchant ship   Read  Read
  Read Handel treiben merchandise   Read  Read
  Read Handelsstadt commercial town   Read  Read
  Read Außenhandelsbank export bank   Read  Read
  Read Handelsvolk commercial nation   Read  Read
  Read Handelsmarine Merchant Navy   Read  Read
  Read Handelsstadt mercantile town   Read  Read
  Read Handelshafen commercial port   Read  Read
  Read Handelssorte commercial grade   Read  Read
  Read Handelsmarine merchant fleet   Read  Read
  Read Handelsplatz marketing centre   Read  Read
  Read Handelssache commercial cause   Read  Read
  Read Handelsgüte commercial grade   Read  Read
  Read Handelspreis commercial price   Read  Read
  Read Haupthandelsplatz staple town   Read  Read
  Read Handelsflotte merchant fleet   Read  Read
  Read Handelsbanken merchant banks   Read  Read
  Read Handelswaren merchant's goods   Read  Read
  Read Handelsgesetz commercial law   Read  Read
  Read Handelsriese commercial giant   Read  Read
  Read Großhandel betreiben job   Read  Read
  Read Handelsbilanz visible balance   Read  Read
  Read Handelsmagnat merchant prince   Read  Read
  Read Handelsmarine merchant marine   Read  Read

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