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Personal Translator 14 Personal Translator is the efficient translation tool for all your needs: Spot on translations at your convenience.
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Voice Reader The excellent voice output of Voice Reader is available in up to 15 languages
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Linguatec Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:

Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
Voice Reader Web: Your expert for website-reading with 32 voices, clever browser functionality and a feature for saving webpages offline.
LinguaDict: Professional offline dictionary app with speech output and daily jokes.(A smile a day keeps the doctor away!)
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  Read Num. (n f) numbering (n)   Read  Read
  Read Numerierung (n) numbering (n)   Read  Read
  Read Nummerierung (n) numbering (n)   Read  Read
  Read Feldnumerierung (n f) field numbering (n)   Read  Read
  Read Zählfolge (n) numbering (n)   Read  Read
  Read Durchnumerierung (n) numbering (n)   Read  Read
  Read Zählweise (n f) pin numbering (n)   Read  Read
  Read Opuszählung (n f) opus numbering (n)   Read  Read
  Read Numerateur (n m) numbering box (n)   Read  Read
  Read Zählweise (n f) contact numbering (n)   Read  Read
  Read Nummernkreis (n m) numbering (n)   Read  Read
  Read Losnummerierung (n) batch numbering (n)   Read  Read
  Read Seitennumerierung (n) page numbering (n)   Read  Read
  Read Rahmennumerierung (n f) frame numbering (n)   Read  Read
  Read Zeilennummerierung (n f) line numbering (n)   Read  Read
  Read Skalenbezifferung (n) scale numbering (n)   Read  Read
  Read Personalnummer (n) personal numbering (n)   Read  Read
  Read Seitennummerierung (n) page numbering (n)   Read  Read
  Read Rufnummernplan (n m) numbering plan (n)   Read  Read
  Read Zählweise (n f) numbering system (n)   Read  Read
  Read Zählsystem (n nt) numbering system (n)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read Zahlenstempel numbering stamp   Read  Read
  Read Zahlensystem numbering system   Read  Read
  Read VNS sales numbering system   Read  Read
  Read LMNP land mobile numbering plan   Read  Read
  Read Nr. number   Read  Read
  Read Zahl number   Read  Read
  Read num. number   Read  Read
  Read Reihe number   Read  Read
  Read Anzahl number   Read  Read
  Read Nummer number   Read  Read
  Read Ziffer number   Read  Read
  Read zählen number   Read  Read
  Read Numerus number   Read  Read
  Read Zahlen numbers   Read  Read
  Read Nummern numbers   Read  Read
  Read Blende f/number   Read  Read
  Read Rufnummer number   Read  Read
  Read beziffern number   Read  Read
  Read REF-NR REF.NUMBER   Read  Read
  Read numerieren number   Read  Read
  Read Netznummer number   Read  Read
  Read Zahlzeichen number   Read  Read
  Read Startnummer number   Read  Read
  Read nummerieren number   Read  Read
  Read numeriert numbered   Read  Read
  Read nummeriert numbered   Read  Read
  Read Blendenzahl f/number   Read  Read
  Read Rückennummer number   Read  Read
  Read durchnumerieren number   Read  Read
  Read Ec EC number   Read  Read
  Read BN bit number   Read  Read
  Read durchnummerieren number   Read  Read
  Read A mass number   Read  Read
  Read NZ acid number   Read  Read
  Read KFM ECO number   Read  Read
  Read GBK GBK number   Read  Read
  Read Z atomic number   Read  Read
  Read Referenznummer REF.NUMBER   Read  Read
  Read Vize number two   Read  Read
  Read Az. file number   Read  Read
  Read Zahlenformat... Number...   Read  Read
  Read FPH green number   Read  Read
  Read Teilnehmerrufnummer number   Read  Read
  Read A nuclear number   Read  Read
  Read WW number redial   Read  Read
  Read A nucleon number   Read  Read
  Read CZ cetane number   Read  Read
  Read SNR record number   Read  Read
  Read Soli solo numbers   Read  Read
  Read pH-Wert pH number   Read  Read
  Read OZ ordinal number   Read  Read
  Read Unzahl huge number   Read  Read
  Read °E Engler numbers   Read  Read
  Read ANUM system number   Read  Read
  Read Eckwert key number   Read  Read
  Read Chiffre box number   Read  Read
  Read numerisch by number   Read  Read
  Read Unmenge vast number   Read  Read
  Read FELDNR field number   Read  Read
  Read Taktzahl bar number   Read  Read
  Read MR-Nummer MR number   Read  Read
  Read OP-Nummer OI number   Read  Read
  Read Polzahl pole number   Read  Read
  Read LT-Nummer LT number   Read  Read
  Read Bruch broken number   Read  Read
  Read ZP-Nummer ZP number   Read  Read
  Read UN universal number   Read  Read
  Read EN expansion number   Read  Read
  Read HO(V handover number   Read  Read
  Read Modul modulus number   Read  Read
  Read Kennzahl code number   Read  Read
  Read Dualzahl dual number   Read  Read
  Read Kennnummer ID number   Read  Read
  Read SN subscriber number   Read  Read
  Read Leitzahl number code   Read  Read
  Read Vielzahl vast number   Read  Read
  Read IP-Adresse IP number   Read  Read
  Read Rußzahl soot number   Read  Read
  Read Kopfzahl head number   Read  Read
  Read Losnummer lot number   Read  Read
  Read abzählen number off   Read  Read
  Read Blende f-stop number   Read  Read
  Read Plural plural number   Read  Read
  Read Faxnummer fax number   Read  Read
  Read Rufnummer PVC number   Read  Read
  Read Opuszahl opus number   Read  Read
  Read Machzahl Mach number   Read  Read
  Read Zahlring number ring   Read  Read
  Read Vielzahl huge number   Read  Read
  Read Massezahl mass number   Read  Read
  Read Rufnummer dial number   Read  Read
  Read Mach-Zahl mach number   Read  Read
  Read Biot-Zahl Biot number   Read  Read
  Read Bit-Nummer bit number   Read  Read
  Read Nummerart number type   Read  Read
  Read Messzahl index number   Read  Read
  Read Autonummer car number   Read  Read
  Read Kennziffer key number   Read  Read
  Read Nummer segment number   Read  Read
  Read Primzahl prime number   Read  Read
  Read Artnummer type number   Read  Read
  Read Leitzahl guide number   Read  Read
  Read SID-Nummer SID number   Read  Read
  Read Nummer modulus number   Read  Read
  Read Radix cardinal number   Read  Read
  Read Nummer network number   Read  Read
  Read Kubikzahl cube number   Read  Read
  Read Einzelheft odd number   Read  Read
  Read Ganzzahl whole number   Read  Read
  Read PTF-Nummer PTF number   Read  Read
  Read LTG-Nummer LTG number   Read  Read
  Read Basis cardinal number   Read  Read
  Read PIN-Nummer PIN number   Read  Read
  Read PERLE-NR PERLE number   Read  Read
  Read Basiszahl base number   Read  Read
  Read Moduszahl mode number   Read  Read
  Read Kennummer code number   Read  Read
  Read IVL-Nummer IVL number   Read  Read
  Read TAK-Nummer TAK number   Read  Read
  Read QSE-Nummer QAE number   Read  Read
  Read Unzahl immense number   Read  Read
  Read ESID-Zahl ESID number   Read  Read
  Read VSR-Nummer TCC number   Read  Read
  Read Teile-Nr. part number   Read  Read
  Read zahllos beyond number   Read  Read
  Read Grundzahl base number   Read  Read
  Read Variation dash number   Read  Read
  Read ACD-Nummer ACD number   Read  Read
  Read Job-Nummer job number   Read  Read
  Read Jodzahl iodine number   Read  Read
  Read Vorwahl prefix number   Read  Read
  Read Rufnummer call number   Read  Read
  Read Iodzahl iodine number   Read  Read
  Read TAN transaction number   Read  Read
  Read Farbzahl colour number   Read  Read
  Read Remittende back number   Read  Read
  Read Oktalzahl octal number   Read  Read
  Read APD-Nummer APD number   Read  Read
  Read Mehrzahl plural number   Read  Read
  Read APO transaction number   Read  Read
  Read Zellnummer cell number   Read  Read
  Read Spurnummer head number   Read  Read
  Read Zeilenzahl line number   Read  Read
  Read besetzt number engaged   Read  Read
  Read Stiftnummer pin number   Read  Read
  Read Sachnummer part number   Read  Read
  Read Codeziffer code number   Read  Read
  Read Kennziffer code number   Read  Read
  Read Codenummer code number   Read  Read
  Read Massenzahl mass number   Read  Read
  Read Segment segment number   Read  Read
  Read Rufnummer phone number   Read  Read
  Read Mittelwert mean number   Read  Read
  Read Typnummer model number   Read  Read
  Read Kubikzahl cubic number   Read  Read
  Read Suchzahl search number   Read  Read
  Read Dualzahl binary number   Read  Read
  Read Bandnummer tape number   Read  Read
  Read Seitenzahl page number   Read  Read
  Read Sachnummer code number   Read  Read
  Read Glanznummer big number   Read  Read
  Read Gewinnlos drawn number   Read  Read
  Read Säuregrad acid number   Read  Read
  Read Textnummer text number   Read  Read
  Read Testnummer test number   Read  Read
  Read Säurewert acid number   Read  Read
  Read Kennnummer code number   Read  Read
  Read Sachnummer item number   Read  Read
  Read Säurezahl Acid number   Read  Read
  Read Plannummer plan number   Read  Read
  Read CONO connection number   Read  Read
  Read Atomzahl atomic number   Read  Read
  Read Portnummer port number   Read  Read
  Read Wellenzahl wave number   Read  Read
  Read Binärzahl dual number   Read  Read
  Read Zahlenring number ring   Read  Read
  Read Takenummer take number   Read  Read
  Read Zugnummer train number   Read  Read
  Read Prüfzahl check number   Read  Read
  Read Losnummer joker number   Read  Read
  Read Nachwahl suffix number   Read  Read
  Read Indexzahl index number   Read  Read
  Read Buchnummer book number   Read  Read
  Read Wortnummer word number   Read  Read
  Read SCN sub-channel number   Read  Read
  Read Bonuszahl bonus number   Read  Read
  Read Endziffer final number   Read  Read
  Read Teilnummer part number   Read  Read
  Read Host-Nummer host number   Read  Read
  Read ZLNR destination number   Read  Read
  Read Zusatzzahl extra number   Read  Read
  Read Blendenzahl stop number   Read  Read
  Read Ganzzahl integer number   Read  Read
  Read Zusatzzahl bonus number   Read  Read
  Read Notruf emergency number   Read  Read
  Read Losnummer ticket number   Read  Read
  Read Postleitzahl zip number   Read  Read
  Read Lewis-Zahl Lewis number   Read  Read
  Read Teilenummer part number   Read  Read
  Read Teilenummer item number   Read  Read
  Read Fuzzy-Zahl fuzzy number   Read  Read
  Read Blechdicke gauge number   Read  Read
  Read Prüfnummer test number   Read  Read
  Read Zykluszahl cycle number   Read  Read
  Read Impulszahl pulse number   Read  Read
  Read Kenn-Nummer code number   Read  Read
  Read Werknummer works number   Read  Read
  Read SPID-Nummer SPID number   Read  Read
  Read Werknummer badge number   Read  Read
  Read Weber-Zahl Weber number   Read  Read
  Read ISDN-Nummer ISDN number   Read  Read
  Read Waggonnummer car number   Read  Read
  Read Gesamtzahl total number   Read  Read
  Read Euler-Zahl Euler number   Read  Read
  Read Cetanzahl cetane number   Read  Read
  Read Sendenummer send number   Read  Read
  Read Pendant opposite number   Read  Read
  Read Typennummer type number   Read  Read
  Read ZZF-Nr. approval number   Read  Read
  Read Kennziffer index number   Read  Read
  Read Stückzahl piece number   Read  Read
  Read Einzelnummer odd number   Read  Read
  Read Chiffrezahl code number   Read  Read
  Read Adernnummer wire number   Read  Read
  Read Belegnummer form number   Read  Read
  Read Knotenzahl nodes number   Read  Read
  Read Nummerntaste number key   Read  Read
  Read Einzahl singular number   Read  Read
  Read Basisnummer base number   Read  Read
  Read Mehrzahl greater number   Read  Read
  Read DLCI-Nummer DLCI number   Read  Read
  Read DNIS-Nummer DNIS number   Read  Read
  Read Meßziffer index number   Read  Read
  Read Reynolds-Zahl Re number   Read  Read
  Read Ladenhüter back number   Read  Read
  Read ASOS-Nummer ASOS Number   Read  Read
  Read Feldnummer field number   Read  Read
  Read Steuernummer tax number   Read  Read
  Read Zellenummer cell number   Read  Read
  Read Hausnummer house number   Read  Read
  Read Schlagzahl steel number   Read  Read
  Read Octanzahl octane number   Read  Read
  Read Dateinummer file number   Read  Read
  Read Spurnummer track number   Read  Read
  Read Oktanzahl octane number   Read  Read
  Read Farbnummer color number   Read  Read
  Read REF-NR reference number   Read  Read
  Read Losnummer lottery number   Read  Read
  Read Knotennummer node number   Read  Read
  Read Ziffernring number plate   Read  Read
  Read Realmnummer realm number   Read  Read
  Read Spulennummer reel number   Read  Read
  Read Zeilennummer line number   Read  Read
  Read Zimmernummer room number   Read  Read
  Read Zinszahl interest number   Read  Read
  Read Kennziffer prefix number   Read  Read
  Read Zahlkörper number field   Read  Read
  Read Massezahl nucleon number   Read  Read
  Read Massezahl nuclear number   Read  Read
  Read Flugnummer flight number   Read  Read
  Read Chiffrenummer box number   Read  Read
  Read Magazinnummer bin number   Read  Read
  Read Rufnummer station number   Read  Read
  Read Atomnummer atomic number   Read  Read
  Read NZ neutralization number   Read  Read
  Read Lottozahl winning number   Read  Read
  Read Lottozahl lottery number   Read  Read
  Read Zahlenlotto numbers pool   Read  Read
  Read Kartennummer card number   Read  Read
  Read Rekordzahl record number   Read  Read
  Read Kopiennummer copy number   Read  Read
  Read Zahlengerade number axis   Read  Read
  Read LOS-Zuordnung LOS Number   Read  Read
  Read Endungsnummer end number   Read  Read
  Read Blocknummer block number   Read  Read
  Read Integral integral number   Read  Read
  Read Indexnummer index number   Read  Read
  Read Postleitzahl code number   Read  Read
  Read Laufzahl sequence number   Read  Read
  Read Alphanummer alpha number   Read  Read
  Read Binärzahl binary number   Read  Read
  Read Nummernoper number opera   Read  Read
  Read Telexnummer telex number   Read  Read
  Read ID identification number   Read  Read
  Read Nummernschild car number   Read  Read
  Read Lagernummer store number   Read  Read
  Read Typennummer model number   Read  Read
  Read Aktenzeichen file number   Read  Read
  Read Seitennummer page number   Read  Read
  Read Seitennummer side number   Read  Read
  Read Glückszahl lucky number   Read  Read
  Read Lagennummer layer number   Read  Read
  Read UPT-Rufnummer upt number   Read  Read
  Read Einzelheft single number   Read  Read
  Read Bankleitzahl code number   Read  Read
  Read Adernummer buffer number   Read  Read
  Read Schubnummer batch number   Read  Read
  Read USt-ID-Nummer VAT number   Read  Read
  Read Nummernzeile number line   Read  Read
  Read Basisnummer basic number   Read  Read
  Read Sachnummer serial number   Read  Read
  Read Zündzahl firing numbers   Read  Read
  Read Visumsnummer visa number   Read  Read
  Read Kupferzahl copper number   Read  Read
  Read Baunummer factory number   Read  Read
  Read Kursnummer course number   Read  Read
  Read Abgussnummer cast number   Read  Read
  Read Hausnummer street number   Read  Read
  Read Nusselt-Zahl Biot number   Read  Read
  Read VZ saponification number   Read  Read
  Read Gruppenzahl group number   Read  Read
  Read unzählig without number   Read  Read
  Read Schiebezahl shift number   Read  Read
  Read Satznummer record number   Read  Read
  Read AG.-Nr. operation number   Read  Read
  Read Iststärke actual number   Read  Read
  Read Zahlkörper number domain   Read  Read
  Read Überzahl superior number   Read  Read
  Read Schecknummer check number   Read  Read
  Read Taylor-Zahl Taylor number   Read  Read
  Read Bündelnummer band number   Read  Read
  Read Tarifnummer tariff number   Read  Read
  Read Ebenennummer level number   Read  Read
  Read Sarkomer sarcomere number   Read  Read
  Read Sammelnummer group number   Read  Read
  Read Froude-Zahl Froude number   Read  Read
  Read EQN-Lage equipment number   Read  Read
  Read QSE-Nummer section number   Read  Read
  Read Lorenz-Zahl Lorenz number   Read  Read
  Read Quadratzahl square number   Read  Read
  Read Anreiznummer event number   Read  Read
  Read Blendenzahl f-stop number   Read  Read
  Read Phasennummer Stage number   Read  Read
  Read Peclet-Zahl Peclet number   Read  Read
  Read Schlüsselzahl key number   Read  Read
  Read Massenzahl nuclear number   Read  Read
  Read Massenzahl nucleon number   Read  Read
  Read Massenzahlen mass numbers   Read  Read
  Read Zufallszahl random number   Read  Read
  Read Sachnummer drawing number   Read  Read
  Read Cauchy-Zahl Cauchy number   Read  Read
  Read Schrittnummer step number   Read  Read
  Read Stufennummer level number   Read  Read
  Read Chlorzahl chlorine number   Read  Read
  Read Klausurnummer exam number   Read  Read
  Read Stufennummer lever number   Read  Read
  Read Gewinnzahl winning number   Read  Read
  Read Sachnummer article number   Read  Read
  Read Methanzahl methane number   Read  Read
  Read SV-Nummer Soc.Sec. number   Read  Read
  Read Zahlenfolge number series   Read  Read
  Read Valenzzahl valence number   Read  Read
  Read Kettennummer chain number   Read  Read
  Read Artikelnummer item number   Read  Read
  Read Artikelnummer part number   Read  Read
  Read Stokes-Zahl Stokes number   Read  Read
  Read Rahmennummer frame number   Read  Read
  Read Grundzahl cardinal number   Read  Read
  Read Modellnummer model number   Read  Read
  Read Gutzahl acceptance number   Read  Read
  Read Kennzahl Marangoni number   Read  Read
  Read Fermat-Zahl Fermat number   Read  Read
  Read Motornummer engine number   Read  Read
  Read Zahlenstrahl number scale   Read  Read
  Read Stefan-Zahl Stefan number   Read  Read
  Read Oktanziffer octane number   Read  Read
  Read Slice-Nummer slice number   Read  Read
  Read Zahlenreihe number series   Read  Read
  Read So-Zahl Sommerfeld number   Read  Read
  Read Zahlenmenge number series   Read  Read
  Read Nummernspiel numbers game   Read  Read
  Read Fehlernummer fault number   Read  Read
  Read Fehlernummer error number   Read  Read
  Read Stapelnummer batch number   Read  Read
  Read Wellenzahlen wave numbers   Read  Read
  Read Netznummer network number   Read  Read
  Read Auftragsnummer job number   Read  Read
  Read Newton-Zahl Newton number   Read  Read
  Read Autonummer license number   Read  Read
  Read Inkognito Outgoing number   Read  Read
  Read Zahlenkette number string   Read  Read
  Read Nummer logarithmic number   Read  Read
  Read Kalenderwoche week number   Read  Read
  Read Ausgabestand issue number   Read  Read
  Read Rossby-Zahl Rossby number   Read  Read
  Read Tripel three-digit number   Read  Read
  Read Dampfkennzahl vapor number   Read  Read
  Read Zahlenformat number format   Read  Read
  Read Numerus logarithmic number   Read  Read
  Read Rufnummer extension number   Read  Read
  Read Ausweisnummer badge number   Read  Read
  Read Internet-Adresse IP number   Read  Read
  Read Kanalnummer channel number   Read  Read
  Read Auftragsnummer task number   Read  Read
  Read Werkzeugnummer tool number   Read  Read
  Read Spulennummer volume number   Read  Read
  Read Rufnummer directory number   Read  Read
  Read Datenrufnummer data number   Read  Read
  Read B-Rufnummer B-party number   Read  Read
  Read Wagennummer vehicle number   Read  Read
  Read Rufnummer Telephone Number   Read  Read
  Read Nummernrevue number review   Read  Read
  Read Nummernschild number plate   Read  Read
  Read Zahlenkörper number field   Read  Read
  Read Zahlenlotto number lottery   Read  Read
  Read Dezimalzahl decimal number   Read  Read
  Read Höchstzahl maximum number   Read  Read
  Read Härtezahl hardness number   Read  Read
  Read Baryonenzahl baryon number   Read  Read
  Read Dialognummer dialog number   Read  Read
  Read Musternummer sample number   Read  Read
  Read Ordinalzahl ordinal number   Read  Read
  Read Belegnummer voucher number   Read  Read
  Read Zahlensystem number system   Read  Read
  Read Ordnungszahl atomic number   Read  Read
  Read Kennzeichen licence number   Read  Read
  Read Gruppennummer group number   Read  Read
  Read Mindestzahl minimum number   Read  Read
  Read Effektivzahl actual number   Read  Read
  Read Zahlenbereich number range   Read  Read
  Read Signalnummer signal number   Read  Read
  Read Drehzahl revolution number   Read  Read
  Read Bereichszahl extent number   Read  Read
  Read Bestellnummer order number   Read  Read
  Read Archivnummer serial number   Read  Read
  Read Seriennummer Serial Number   Read  Read
  Read Geheimnummer secret number   Read  Read
  Read Sachnummer document number   Read  Read
  Read Kolumnenziffer page number   Read  Read
  Read Gewinnummer winning number   Read  Read
  Read Passnummer passport number   Read  Read
  Read Zufahrtnummer Entry number   Read  Read
  Read Patentnummer patent number   Read  Read
  Read Quinärzahl quinary number   Read  Read
  Read Paßnummer passport number   Read  Read
  Read Kontonummer account number   Read  Read
  Read Kontrollnummer test number   Read  Read
  Read Formatnummer format number   Read  Read
  Read Bildnummer exposure number   Read  Read
  Read Gemarkung cadastral number   Read  Read
  Read Quantenzahl quantum number   Read  Read
  Read Telefonnummer phone number   Read  Read
  Read Kontrollziffer desk number   Read  Read
  Read Anlagennummer asset number   Read  Read
  Read Leitwegnummer route number   Read  Read
  Read Leitungsnummer line number   Read  Read
  Read Lagernummer storage number   Read  Read

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