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Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
Voice Reader Web: Your expert for website-reading with 32 voices, clever browser functionality and a feature for saving webpages offline.
LinguaDict: Professional offline dictionary app with speech output and daily jokes.(A smile a day keeps the doctor away!)
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  Read Kredit (n) loan (n)   Read  Read
  Read Kredithai loan shark   Read  Read
  Read Autokredit auto loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditbank loan bank   Read  Read
  Read Bankkredit bank loan   Read  Read
  Read Bodenkredit land loan   Read  Read
  Read Autokredite car loans   Read  Read
  Read Warenkredit trade loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditrisiko loan risk   Read  Read
  Read Kleinkredit small loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditvaluta loan money   Read  Read
  Read Abrufkredite call loans   Read  Read
  Read Billigkredit cheap loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditanstalt loan bank   Read  Read
  Read Kreditverlust loan loss   Read  Read
  Read Baukredit building loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditmarkt loan market   Read  Read
  Read Kreditbedarf loan demand   Read  Read
  Read Hauptkredit primary loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditabkommen loan pact   Read  Read
  Read Kreditsaldo loan balance   Read  Read
  Read Kleinkredit consumer loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditpolitik loan policy   Read  Read
  Read Kreditgebühr loan charge   Read  Read
  Read Ausfuhrkredit export loan   Read  Read
  Read Eigenheimkredit home loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditantrag loan request   Read  Read
  Read Effektenkredit share loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditvertrieb loan sales   Read  Read
  Read Kreditsperre loan embargo   Read  Read
  Read Kleinkredit personal loan   Read  Read
  Read Landeskredit domestic loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditplafond loan ceiling   Read  Read
  Read Warenkredit commodity loan   Read  Read
  Read Lombardkredit lombard loan   Read  Read
  Read Saisonkredit seasonal loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditvertrag loan contract   Read  Read
  Read Warenkredit commercial loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditrahmen loan allowance   Read  Read
  Read Auslandskredit foreign loan   Read  Read
  Read Notstandskredit relief loan   Read  Read
  Read Zwischenkredit interim loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditverhandlung loan talk   Read  Read
  Read Finanzkredit financing loan   Read  Read
  Read Ratenkredit installment loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditausstattung loan terms   Read  Read
  Read Kreditbestand loan portfolio   Read  Read
  Read Kreditplafond loan portfolio   Read  Read
  Read Personalkredit personal loan   Read  Read
  Read Nettokreditaufnahme net loan   Read  Read
  Read Kundenkredit customers' loan   Read  Read
  Read Kundenkredit customer's loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditvermittler loan agents   Read  Read
  Read Kreditvergabe loan assignment   Read  Read
  Read Kreditvertrieb loan marketing   Read  Read
  Read Kreditvorstand loan committee   Read  Read
  Read Rüstungskredit military loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditgarantie loan guarantee   Read  Read
  Read Personalkredit character loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditabteilung loan division   Read  Read
  Read Kreditprüfung loan appraisal   Read  Read
  Read Lombardkredit collateral loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditantrag loan application   Read  Read
  Read Kreditprogramm loan programme   Read  Read
  Read Kreditbedarf loan requirement   Read  Read
  Read Kreditart type of loan   Read  Read
  Read Großkredit very large loan   Read  Read
  Read Personalkredit loan on trust   Read  Read
  Read Kreditbedarf demand for loans   Read  Read
  Read Kreditlaufzeit life of a loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditzeitraum life of a loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditzusage promise of a loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditvaluta proceeds of a loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditofferte tender for a loan   Read  Read
  Read Kreditvergabe granting of a loan   Read  Read
  Read Anleihe (n) loan (n)   Read  Read
  Read Goldanleihe gold loan   Read  Read
  Read Bodenanleihe land loan   Read  Read
  Read Kriegsanleihe war loan   Read  Read
  Read Goldanleihen gold loans   Read  Read
  Read Anleiheagio loan premium   Read  Read
  Read Anleihemarkt loan market   Read  Read
  Read Bahnanleihe railway loan   Read  Read
  Read Anleihekapital loan fund   Read  Read
  Read Anleihezins loan interest   Read  Read
  Read Anleihebedarf loan demand   Read  Read
  Read Staatsanleihe public loan   Read  Read
  Read Zwangsanleihe forced loan   Read  Read
  Read Anleiheangebot loan offer   Read  Read
  Read Dollaranleihe dollar loan   Read  Read
  Read Anleihepaket loan package   Read  Read
  Read Bahnanleihe railroad loan   Read  Read
  Read Anleihebedingung loan term   Read  Read
  Read Anleiheklausel loan clause   Read  Read
  Read Inhaberanleihe bearer loan   Read  Read
  Read Anleihebericht loan report   Read  Read
  Read Inlandsanleihe inland loan   Read  Read
  Read Bundesanleihe federal loan   Read  Read
  Read Anleihedienst loan service   Read  Read
  Read Zwangsanleihen forced loans   Read  Read
  Read Schatzanleihe treasury loan   Read  Read
  Read Anleihezinsen loan interest   Read  Read
  Read Staatsanleihe national loan   Read  Read
  Read Anleihekapital loan capital   Read  Read
  Read Anleihegremium loan council   Read  Read
  Read Anleiheprojekt loan project   Read  Read
  Read Anleiheskandal loan scandal   Read  Read
  Read Auslandsanleihe foreign loan   Read  Read
  Read Anleihewünsche loan request   Read  Read
  Read Anleihevertrag loan contract   Read  Read
  Read Inlandsanleihe domestic loan   Read  Read
  Read Inlandsanleihe internal loan   Read  Read
  Read Vorkriegsanleihe prewar loan   Read  Read
  Read Anleiheschuldner loan debtor   Read  Read
  Read Wertpapieranleihe stock loan   Read  Read
  Read Prämienanleihe premium loan   Read  Read
  Read Zwangsanleihe compulsory loan   Read  Read
  Read Vorkriegsanleihe pre-war loan   Read  Read
  Read Staatsanleihe government loan   Read  Read
  Read Auslandsanleihe external loan   Read  Read
  Read Rüstungsanleihe defence loan   Read  Read
  Read Anleihegläubiger loan holder   Read  Read
  Read Anleiheausstattung loan terms   Read  Read
  Read Anleihevertrag loan agreement   Read  Read
  Read Anleihebank public loan bank   Read  Read
  Read Anleihentranche slice of loan   Read  Read
  Read Anleihedienst loan debt service   Read  Read
  Read Anleihelaufzeit term of a loan   Read  Read
  Read Anleihebegeber issuer of a loan   Read  Read
  Read Anleihebedingung term of a loan   Read  Read
  Read Anleihelaufzeit period of a loan   Read  Read
  Read Darlehn (n) loan (n)   Read  Read
  Read Bardarlehn cash loan   Read  Read
  Read Bankdarlehn bank loan   Read  Read
  Read Kassendarlehn cash loan   Read  Read
  Read Termindarlehn term loan   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnskasse loan bank   Read  Read
  Read Baudarlehn building loan   Read  Read
  Read Kassendarlehn money loan   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnsmittel loan funds   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnskasse loan office   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnsbetrag loan money   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnszinssatz loan rate   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnskonto loan account   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnskasse loan society   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnssystem loan system   Read  Read
  Read Policendarlehn policy loan   Read  Read
  Read Wohnbaudarlehn housing loan   Read  Read
  Read Maklerdarlehn broker's loan   Read  Read
  Read Bodmereidarlehn marine loan   Read  Read
  Read Lombarddarlehn lombard loan   Read  Read
  Read Wucherdarlehn usurious loan   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnsgesuch loan request   Read  Read
  Read Baudarlehn construction loan   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnszinsen loan interest   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnshilfe loan assistance   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnsangebot loan exposure   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnsquelle loans resource   Read  Read
  Read Zusatzdarlehn additional loan   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnsvermittler loan agent   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnsvertrag loan contract   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnsquittung loan receipt   Read  Read
  Read Globaldarlehn loan en bloc   Read  Read
  Read Kundendarlehn loan to customer   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnsdauer life of a loan   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnsbetrag amount of a loan   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnszweck purpose of a loan   Read  Read
  Read Darlehen (n) loan (n)   Read  Read
  Read Bankdarlehen bank loan   Read  Read
  Read Kassendarlehen cash loan   Read  Read
  Read Darlehenskasse loan bank   Read  Read
  Read Darlehensschuld loan dept   Read  Read
  Read Baudarlehen building loan   Read  Read
  Read Darlehenskasse loan office   Read  Read
  Read Restdarlehen remaining loan   Read  Read
  Read Darlehenskonto loan account   Read  Read
  Read Deckungsdarlehen cover loan   Read  Read
  Read Darlehensbetrag loan amount   Read  Read
  Read Policendarlehen policy loan   Read  Read
  Read Privatdarlehen personal loan   Read  Read
  Read Saisondarlehen seasonal loan   Read  Read
  Read Wohnungsbaudarlehen home loan   Read  Read
  Read Baudarlehen construction loan   Read  Read
  Read Darlehenszinsen loan interest   Read  Read
  Read Maklerdarlehen broker's loans   Read  Read
  Read Darlehen loan of money   Read  Read
  Read Leihe (n) loan (n)   Read  Read
  Read Geldleihe Cash loan   Read  Read
  Read Leihe commodate loan   Read  Read
  Read Pfandleihe loan office   Read  Read
  Read Fernleihe inter-library loan   Read  Read
  Read Leihgabe (n f) loan (n)   Read  Read
  Read Leihgabe loan collection   Read  Read
  Read Leihgaben loan collection   Read  Read
  Read Dauerleihgabe permanent loan   Read  Read
  Read Leihgabe item on loan   Read  Read
  Read Ausleihe (n f) loan (n)   Read  Read
  Read Ausleiheschalter loan desk   Read  Read
  Read Kurzausleihe short-term loan   Read  Read
  Read leihen (v) loan (v)   Read  Read
  Read beleihen grant a loan   Read  Read
  Read beleihend granting a loan   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnsschuld (n) loan (n)   Read  Read
  Read Darlehnsschuldner loan debtor   Read  Read
  Read ausleihen (v) loan (v)   Read  Read
  Read leihend (adj) loaning (adj)   Read  Read
  Read Leihen (n) loans (n)   Read  Read
  Read geliehen (adj) loaned (adj)   Read  Read
  Read Ausleihungen (n) loans (n)   Read  Read
  Read Verleihung (n) loaning (n)   Read  Read
  Read leihen (v) loan to (v)   Read  Read
  Read geliehen (adj) on loan (adj)   Read  Read
  Read leihweise (adj) on loan (adj)   Read  Read
  Read Lehnwort (n) loan word (n)   Read  Read
  Read Tagesgeld (n) day loan (n)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read Festgeld fixed loan   Read  Read
  Read Tagesgeld call loan   Read  Read
  Read Leihgebühr loan fee   Read  Read
  Read Tagesgeld daily loan   Read  Read
  Read Laufzeit loan period   Read  Read
  Read Leihgelder loan funds   Read  Read
  Read Lombardbank loan bank   Read  Read
  Read Leihfrist loan period   Read  Read
  Read Tagesgeld demand loan   Read  Read
  Read Buchausgabe loan desk   Read  Read
  Read Lehnwörter loan words   Read  Read
  Read Leihtelefon Loan Phone   Read  Read
  Read Hypothek mortgage loan   Read  Read
  Read Wochengeld weekly loan   Read  Read
  Read Ultimogeld monthly loan   Read  Read
  Read Zinswucherer loan shark   Read  Read
  Read Tagesgeld overnight loan   Read  Read
  Read Beleihungswert loan value   Read  Read
  Read Großrisiko loan exposure   Read  Read
  Read Obligationär loan holder   Read  Read
  Read Fremdkapital loan capital   Read  Read
  Read Pfandleihhaus loan office   Read  Read
  Read Ausleihstatus loan status   Read  Read
  Read Finanzmakler loan brokers   Read  Read
  Read Leihmöbel loan furniture   Read  Read
  Read Effektenlombard stock loan   Read  Read
  Read Mediogeld fortnightly loan   Read  Read
  Read Bodmereigeld bottomry loan   Read  Read
  Read Ausleihbeleg loan document   Read  Read
  Read Umschuldung loan conversion   Read  Read
  Read Tilgungs-DL redemption loan   Read  Read
  Read Bodmereischuld bottomry loan   Read  Read
  Read Ausleihmenge quantity loaned   Read  Read
  Read Vorschusskassen loan offices   Read  Read
  Read Kapitaldienst loan servicing   Read  Read
  Read Tilgungsschuld indemnity loan   Read  Read
  Read Leihverpackung loan container   Read  Read
  Read leihweise as a loan   Read  Read
  Read Leihkraft worker on loan   Read  Read
  Read Leihwerkzeug tool on loan   Read  Read
  Read Warenlombard loan on goods   Read  Read
  Read Tagesgeld daily loan money   Read  Read
  Read Tagesgeld demand loan money   Read  Read
  Read Leihwerkzeuge tools on loan   Read  Read
  Read Bauspartarif home loan rate   Read  Read
  Read Ausleihbestand stock on loan   Read  Read
  Read Dreimonatsgeld ninety days loan   Read  Read
  Read Lombard loan against securities   Read  Read
  Read Gastprofessor professor on loan   Read  Read
  Read leihweise by way of loan   Read  Read
  Read vorschußweise by way of loan   Read  Read

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