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Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
Voice Reader Web: Your expert for website-reading with 32 voices, clever browser functionality and a feature for saving webpages offline.
LinguaDict: Professional offline dictionary app with speech output and daily jokes.(A smile a day keeps the doctor away!)
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  Read Belastung (n) loading (n)   Read  Read
  Read Axialbelastung Axial loading   Read  Read
  Read Zugbelastung tensile loading   Read  Read
  Read Bodenbelastung floor loading   Read  Read
  Read Kantenbelastung edge loading   Read  Read
  Read Knochenbelastung bone loading   Read  Read
  Read Federbelastung spring loading   Read  Read
  Read Stoßbelastung Impact loading   Read  Read
  Read Schubbelastung thrust loading   Read  Read
  Read Belastungsplan loading plan   Read  Read
  Read Belastungsspule loading coil   Read  Read
  Read Belastungsprobe loading test   Read  Read
  Read Belastungsdauer loading time   Read  Read
  Read Belastungsart type of loading   Read  Read
  Read Ladung (n) loading (n)   Read  Read
  Read Aufladung line loading   Read  Read
  Read Erzverladung ore loading   Read  Read
  Read Loseverladung bulk loading   Read  Read
  Read Faktorladung factor loading   Read  Read
  Read Beiladung additional loading   Read  Read
  Read Laden (n) loading (n)   Read  Read
  Read Urladen initial loading   Read  Read
  Read Fernladen remote loading   Read  Read
  Read Blockladen block loading   Read  Read
  Read Systemladen system loading   Read  Read
  Read Zuladen subsequent loading   Read  Read
  Read Belegung (n) loading (n)   Read  Read
  Read Mischbelegung mixed loading   Read  Read
  Read Kanalbelegung channel loading   Read  Read
  Read Belegungsplan loading plan   Read  Read
  Read Belegungszeit loading time   Read  Read
  Read Auslastung (n) loading (n)   Read  Read
  Read Auslastungsgrad loading rate   Read  Read
  Read ladend (adj) loading (adj)   Read  Read
  Read selbstladend self loading   Read  Read
  Read Beschwerungsmittel (n) loading (n)   Read  Read
  Read Beschicken (n) loading (n)   Read  Read
  Read Beschicken filler loading   Read  Read
  Read Beschweren (n) loading (n)   Read  Read
  Read aufladend (adj) loading (adj)   Read  Read
  Read Einlegen (n) loading (n)   Read  Read
  Read Einspannen (n) loading (n)   Read  Read
  Read Gewichtung (n) loading (n)   Read  Read
  Read Verladen (n) loading (n)   Read  Read
  Read Beladen (n) loading (n)   Read  Read
  Read Durchflutung (n) loading (n)   Read  Read
  Read Füllen (n) loading (n)   Read  Read
  Read Ladungen (n pl) loadings (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lastwechsel (n m) loadings (n)   Read  Read
  Read Staub (n) Dust loading (n)   Read  Read
  Read Sehne (n) tendon loading (n)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read Achslast axle loading   Read  Read
  Read Achsdruck axle loading   Read  Read
  Read Windlast Blast loading   Read  Read
  Read Bespulung coil loading   Read  Read
  Read Frachtbuch book loading   Read  Read
  Read Pufferung float loading   Read  Read
  Read Massenlast mass loading   Read  Read
  Read Freileitung line loading   Read  Read
  Read Federdruck spring loading   Read  Read
  Read Ladeart loading type   Read  Read
  Read Pollenflug pollen loading   Read  Read
  Read Ladeplatz loading bay   Read  Read
  Read Drehmoment Torque loading   Read  Read
  Read Laderampe loading bay   Read  Read
  Read Schwachlast lower loading   Read  Read
  Read Füllstoff filler loading   Read  Read
  Read Ladedock loading dock   Read  Read
  Read Lademaß loading area   Read  Read
  Read Modul-Lader module loading   Read  Read
  Read Pupinisierung coil loading   Read  Read
  Read Ladetage loading days   Read  Read
  Read Ladezeit loading time   Read  Read
  Read Lastspule loading coil   Read  Read
  Read Laderampe loading ramp   Read  Read
  Read Spulenmuffe loading pot   Read  Read
  Read Ladegabel loading fork   Read  Read
  Read Ladebühne loading ramp   Read  Read
  Read Ladebühne loading jack   Read  Read
  Read Faktorgewicht factor loading   Read  Read
  Read Ladekran loading crane   Read  Read
  Read Tagesversand daily loadings   Read  Read
  Read Ladeluke loading hatch   Read  Read
  Read Lademaß loading gauge   Read  Read
  Read Verladerampe loading bay   Read  Read
  Read Laderaum loading space   Read  Read
  Read Pupinspule loading coil   Read  Read
  Read Ladestelle loading yard   Read  Read
  Read Ladestelle loading area   Read  Read
  Read Ladefläche loading area   Read  Read
  Read Ladegleis loading track   Read  Read
  Read Ladestock loading stick   Read  Read
  Read Ladekante loading level   Read  Read
  Read Ladeeinheit loading unit   Read  Read
  Read Ladeplatz loading berth   Read  Read
  Read Verladezeit loading time   Read  Read
  Read Verladerampe loading ramp   Read  Read
  Read Lastfehler loading error   Read  Read
  Read Ladekran loading cranes   Read  Read
  Read LE loading equipment   Read  Read
  Read Verladeort loading place   Read  Read
  Read Verladekai loading berth   Read  Read
  Read Ladegruppe loading group   Read  Read
  Read Verladehafen loading port   Read  Read
  Read Verladegleis loading side   Read  Read
  Read Verladefrist loading days   Read  Read
  Read Beladeplan loading table   Read  Read
  Read Laderoboter loading robot   Read  Read
  Read Lastwechsel loading cycle   Read  Read
  Read Verladerisiko loading risk   Read  Read
  Read Verladegerät loading gear   Read  Read
  Read Verladestelle loading yard   Read  Read
  Read Spulenpunkt loading point   Read  Read
  Read Ladegestell loading frame   Read  Read
  Read Beladegetriebe loading gear   Read  Read
  Read Verladeplatz loading berth   Read  Read
  Read Verladebrücke loading ramp   Read  Read
  Read Ladestreifen loading strip   Read  Read
  Read Verladegleis loading track   Read  Read
  Read Verladestrecke loading road   Read  Read
  Read Lastfaktor loading factor   Read  Read
  Read Laderbagger loading shovel   Read  Read
  Read Verladekosten loading costs   Read  Read
  Read Ladegebühr loading charge   Read  Read
  Read Ladebrücke loading bridge   Read  Read
  Read Speicherdrossel loading coil   Read  Read
  Read Verladearbeiter loading hand   Read  Read
  Read Ladeverzeichnis loading list   Read  Read
  Read Füllraum loading chamber   Read  Read
  Read Verladeanlage loading plant   Read  Read
  Read Ladekammer loading chamber   Read  Read
  Read Ladedichte loading density   Read  Read
  Read Lademannschaft loading hands   Read  Read
  Read Sättigungsdosis loading dose   Read  Read
  Read Überfahrbrücke loading ramp   Read  Read
  Read Umschlaganlage loading plant   Read  Read
  Read Urladegerät loading device   Read  Read
  Read Nutzlast loading capacity   Read  Read
  Read Ladezentrale loading center   Read  Read
  Read Ladezeit time for loading   Read  Read
  Read Verladesystem loading system   Read  Read
  Read Ladeerlaubnis loading permit   Read  Read
  Read Ladeservice loading service   Read  Read
  Read Abladeklausel loading clause   Read  Read
  Read Beladegebühr loading charge   Read  Read
  Read Ladeprozeß loading process   Read  Read
  Read Schaufellader loading shovel   Read  Read
  Read Ladesegment loading segment   Read  Read
  Read Laderoutine loading routine   Read  Read
  Read Umschlagbetrieb loading plant   Read  Read
  Read Ladegebühr loading charges   Read  Read
  Read Lastfall loading condition   Read  Read
  Read Bespulungsplan loading scheme   Read  Read
  Read Verladebrücke loading bridge   Read  Read
  Read Ladetempo speed of loading   Read  Read
  Read Ladeprogramm loading routine   Read  Read
  Read Ladegestell loading platform   Read  Read
  Read Verladekosten loading charges   Read  Read
  Read Lastantwort loading response   Read  Read
  Read Verladeband loading conveyor   Read  Read
  Read Einladeort place of loading   Read  Read
  Read Verladestelle loading station   Read  Read
  Read ladebereit ready for loading   Read  Read
  Read Ladebewegung loading movement   Read  Read
  Read STL Submerged turret loading   Read  Read
  Read Verladehafen loading terminal   Read  Read
  Read Verladerampe loading platform   Read  Read
  Read Verladedatum date of loading   Read  Read
  Read Verladewaage loading balances   Read  Read
  Read Ladevorgang loading operation   Read  Read
  Read Algorithmus loading algorithm   Read  Read
  Read Ladevorgang loading procedure   Read  Read
  Read verladebereit ready for loading   Read  Read
  Read Bandlader tape loading routine   Read  Read
  Read Posthof post office loading bay   Read  Read
  Read Last load   Read  Read
  Read Ldg. load   Read  Read
  Read Last Loads   Read  Read
  Read laden load   Read  Read
  Read Laden load   Read  Read
  Read Fuhre load   Read  Read
  Read Hucke load   Read  Read
  Read Ladung load   Read  Read
  Read Einzug load   Read  Read
  Read Bürde load   Read  Read
  Read Ladegut load   Read  Read
  Read reich loaded   Read  Read
  Read Hublast load   Read  Read
  Read beladen load   Read  Read
  Read Leistung load   Read  Read
  Read belasten load   Read  Read
  Read aufladen load   Read  Read
  Read verladen load   Read  Read
  Read einlegen load   Read  Read
  Read Traglast load   Read  Read
  Read einladen load   Read  Read
  Read nachladen load   Read  Read
  Read beladen loaded   Read  Read
  Read bespult loaded   Read  Read
  Read geladen loaded   Read  Read
  Read Belastung load   Read  Read
  Read einsetzen load   Read  Read
  Read einziehen load   Read  Read
  Read aufbürden load   Read  Read
  Read Auslastung load   Read  Read
  Read befrachten load   Read  Read
  Read belastet loaded   Read  Read
  Read bestücken load   Read  Read
  Read Ladegewicht load   Read  Read
  Read bezastert loaded   Read  Read
  Read aufgeladen loaded   Read  Read
  Read pupinisiert loaded   Read  Read
  Read Geschiebelast load   Read  Read
  Read herunterladen load   Read  Read
  Read präpariert loaded   Read  Read
  Read Stromverbraucher load   Read  Read
  Read laden load up   Read  Read
  Read Einzug/Ausgabe load/eject   Read  Read
  Read LL load logical   Read  Read
  Read Ausgabe/Einzug eject/load   Read  Read
  Read Nullast no load   Read  Read
  Read Gutlast ok load   Read  Read
  Read Last load survey   Read  Read
  Read Eislast ice load   Read  Read
  Read Last linear load   Read  Read
  Read Lastbus load bus   Read  Read
  Read aufladen load up   Read  Read
  Read Last torque load   Read  Read
  Read Lastarm load arm   Read  Read
  Read Gutkraft ok load   Read  Read
  Read LDB load database   Read  Read
  Read Ladekamm load cam   Read  Read
  Read Ladung cargo load   Read  Read
  Read Ladetyp load type   Read  Read
  Read Vollast full load   Read  Read
  Read Nutzlast pay load   Read  Read
  Read Nutzlast net load   Read  Read
  Read Achslast Axle load   Read  Read
  Read Volllast full load   Read  Read
  Read Teillast part load   Read  Read
  Read Vollast heavy load   Read  Read
  Read Laderaum load room   Read  Read
  Read Raumlast room load   Read  Read
  Read Rohlast total load   Read  Read
  Read Ladetaste load key   Read  Read
  Read Nettolast net load   Read  Read
  Read Lastzone load aera   Read  Read
  Read Nettolast pay load   Read  Read
  Read Ladeteil load part   Read  Read
  Read Lastfall load case   Read  Read
  Read Ladeband load tape   Read  Read
  Read Windlast wind load   Read  Read
  Read Zuglast train load   Read  Read
  Read Radlast wheel load   Read  Read
  Read Nutzlast live load   Read  Read
  Read Lademaß load area   Read  Read
  Read Ladezeit load time   Read  Read
  Read Last modeling load   Read  Read
  Read Tragseil load cable   Read  Read
  Read Ladedaten load data   Read  Read
  Read Ladedatei load file   Read  Read
  Read Probelast test load   Read  Read
  Read Datenlast data load   Read  Read
  Read Achsdruck axle load   Read  Read
  Read Lastdaten load data   Read  Read
  Read Lademaß load space   Read  Read
  Read Prüflast test load   Read  Read
  Read Laststufe load step   Read  Read
  Read Steuerlast tax load   Read  Read
  Read Lademarke load line   Read  Read
  Read Tragzahl rated load   Read  Read
  Read Ladedatum load date   Read  Read
  Read Grundlast base load   Read  Read
  Read Lademodus load mode   Read  Read
  Read Head-Load head load   Read  Read
  Read Hauptlast main load   Read  Read
  Read Ladekarte load card   Read  Read
  Read Voll-Last full load   Read  Read
  Read Link-Last link load   Read  Read
  Read Lastfluß load flow   Read  Read

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