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Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
Voice Reader Web: Your expert for website-reading with 32 voices, clever browser functionality and a feature for saving webpages offline.
LinguaDict: Professional offline dictionary app with speech output and daily jokes.(A smile a day keeps the doctor away!)
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  Read Front (n m) front (n)   Read  Read
  Read Front camera front   Read  Read
  Read Warmfront warm front   Read  Read
  Read Kaltfront cold front   Read  Read
  Read Lohnfront wage front   Read  Read
  Read Front front line   Read  Read
  Read Glasfront glass front   Read  Read
  Read Ladenfront shop front   Read  Read
  Read Tastenfront key front   Read  Read
  Read Ostfront eastern front   Read  Read
  Read Heimatfront home front   Read  Read
  Read Preisfront price front   Read  Read
  Read Wellenfront wave front   Read  Read
  Read Stoßfront shock front   Read  Read
  Read Kältefront Cold front   Read  Read
  Read Polarfront polar front   Read  Read
  Read Böenfront squall front   Read  Read
  Read Westfront western front   Read  Read
  Read Meeresfront ocean front   Read  Read
  Read Front-End front end   Read  Read
  Read Arbeitsfront labor front   Read  Read
  Read Flammenfront flame front   Read  Read
  Read Warmluftfront warm front   Read  Read
  Read Volksfront popular front   Read  Read
  Read Siedefront boiling front   Read  Read
  Read Kaltluftfront cold front   Read  Read
  Read Gewitterfront storm front   Read  Read
  Read Volksfront people's front   Read  Read
  Read Frontklappe front lid   Read  Read
  Read Arbeitsfront Labour Front   Read  Read
  Read Mittelfront central front   Read  Read
  Read Nebenfront secondary front   Read  Read
  Read Wellenfronten wave fronts   Read  Read
  Read Küchenfront kitchen front   Read  Read
  Read Einheitsfront united front   Read  Read
  Read Frontlinie front line   Read  Read
  Read Legierungsfront alloy front   Read  Read
  Read Möbelfront furniture front   Read  Read
  Read Fronteinzug front feed   Read  Read
  Read Wachstumsfront growth front   Read  Read
  Read Einheitsfront popular front   Read  Read
  Read Abwehrfront defensive front   Read  Read
  Read Arbeitsfront manpower front   Read  Read
  Read Frontfolie front sheet   Read  Read
  Read Gewitterfront thundery front   Read  Read
  Read Frontblech front panel   Read  Read
  Read Wellenfront shock-wave front   Read  Read
  Read Frontansicht front view   Read  Read
  Read Schaufensterfront shop front   Read  Read
  Read Fronttafel front panel   Read  Read
  Read Dotierungsfront doping front   Read  Read
  Read Druckwellenfront shock front   Read  Read
  Read Frontblende front panel   Read  Read
  Read Frontrahmen front frame   Read  Read
  Read Frontplatte front panel   Read  Read
  Read Laufmittelfront solvent front   Read  Read
  Read Frontmotor front engine   Read  Read
  Read Frontschiene front panel   Read  Read
  Read Frontlader front loader   Read  Read
  Read Frontgriff front handle   Read  Read
  Read Frontabdeckung front panel   Read  Read
  Read Frontantrieb front drives   Read  Read
  Read Frontscheibe front window   Read  Read
  Read Frontfixieren front fusing   Read  Read
  Read Frontkonsole front console   Read  Read
  Read Frontspoiler front spoiler   Read  Read
  Read Frontscheibe front crystal   Read  Read
  Read Frontverkleidung front cover   Read  Read
  Read Frontstutzen front support   Read  Read
  Read Frontmontage front mounting   Read  Read
  Read Wellenfront Shock wave front   Read  Read
  Read UDINE-Front-End UDINE front end   Read  Read
  Read Frontantrieb front wheel drive   Read  Read
  Read Fronturlaub leave from the front   Read  Read
  Read Frontdienst service at the front   Read  Read
  Read Frontbericht report from the front   Read  Read
  Read Zweifrontenkrieg war on two fronts   Read  Read
  Read Frontmotor front mounted engine   Read  Read
  Read Frontload front load; front access   Read  Read
  Read gemeinsame Front united front   Read  Read
  Read an der Front at the front   Read  Read
  Read an der Heimatfront on the home front   Read  Read
  Read in Front sein to be in front   Read  Read
  Read in Front liegen to be in front   Read  Read
  Read an der Heimatfront back at the home front   Read  Read
  Read an der Front stehen to be at the front   Read  Read
  Read an der Front (sein) to be at the front   Read  Read
  Read vorder (adj) front (adj)   Read  Read
  Read Vorderreihe front row   Read  Read
  Read Vorderhof front yard   Read  Read
  Read Vorderpfote front paw   Read  Read
  Read Vordersitz front seat   Read  Read
  Read Vorderfuß front foot   Read  Read
  Read Vordertür front door   Read  Read
  Read Vorderrad front wheel   Read  Read
  Read Vorderwalze front roll   Read  Read
  Read Vorderachse front axle   Read  Read
  Read Vorderzimmer front room   Read  Read
  Read Vorderzahn front tooth   Read  Read
  Read Vorderdeckel front covr   Read  Read
  Read Vorderansicht front view   Read  Read
  Read Vorderachse front axles   Read  Read
  Read Vorderreihe front bench   Read  Read
  Read Vorderrahmen front frame   Read  Read
  Read Vorderdeckel front cover   Read  Read
  Read Vorderzähne front teeth   Read  Read
  Read Vorderbremse front brake   Read  Read
  Read Vorderradbremse front brake   Read  Read
  Read Vorderfenster front window   Read  Read
  Read Vorderfront front section   Read  Read
  Read Vorderblende front shutter   Read  Read
  Read Vorderradantrieb front drive   Read  Read
  Read Vordermann person in front   Read  Read
  Read Vordereingang front entrance   Read  Read
  Read Vordermann vehicle in front   Read  Read
  Read Vorderansicht view of front   Read  Read
  Read Vordergebäude front building   Read  Read
  Read Vorderansicht front elevation   Read  Read
  Read vorder one at the front   Read  Read
  Read vorder at the very front   Read  Read
  Read Vorderansicht view from the front   Read  Read
  Read vorder one at the very front   Read  Read
  Read Vordertaste front half of the key   Read  Read
  Read vorderer Buchdeckel front cover   Read  Read
  Read vordere Keule front lobe   Read  Read
  Read Vorderseite (n) front (n)   Read  Read
  Read Vorderseite front page   Read  Read
  Read Vorderseite front side   Read  Read
  Read Vorderseite front surface   Read  Read
  Read vorn (adv) front (adv)   Read  Read
  Read Vorname front name   Read  Read
  Read Fenster nach vorne window to front   Read  Read
  Read vorn (adv) the front (adv)   Read  Read
  Read vorn at the front   Read  Read
  Read vorn from the front   Read  Read
  Read nach vorn to the front   Read  Read
  Read vorderst (adj) front (adj)   Read  Read
  Read zuvorderst right at the front   Read  Read
  Read vorne (adv) the front (adv)   Read  Read
  Read vorne in the front   Read  Read
  Read vorne from the front   Read  Read
  Read nach vorne to the front   Read  Read
  Read vorne (adv) in front (adv)   Read  Read
  Read vorneweg in front   Read  Read
  Read immer vornean sein to be always in front   Read  Read
  Read Anfang (n m) front (n)   Read  Read
  Read Zuganfang front part of a train   Read  Read
  Read vorderster (adj) front (adj)   Read  Read
  Read Vorderteil (n) front (n)   Read  Read
  Read vornweg (adv) in front (adv)   Read  Read
  Read vorn (adv) in front (adv)   Read  Read
  Read vorn in front of   Read  Read
  Read Wetterfront (n) front (n)   Read  Read
  Read vorne (adv) up front (adv)   Read  Read
  Read Vorderseiten (n pl) fronts (n)   Read  Read
  Read vorne (adv) out front (adv)   Read  Read
  Read vorderstes (adj) front (adj)   Read  Read
  Read Breitseite (n) front (n)   Read  Read
  Read vorne (adv) down front (adv)   Read  Read
  Read IT-Front (n) IT front (n)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read Seeseite sea front   Read  Read
  Read Strände sea fronts   Read  Read
  Read Hemdbrust shirt front   Read  Read
  Read Ostfassade east front   Read  Read
  Read Tastenstirn key front   Read  Read
  Read Korn front sight   Read  Read
  Read Strohmann front man   Read  Read
  Read Vorrohr front pipe   Read  Read
  Read Ladenfassade shop front   Read  Read
  Read Bugrad front wheel   Read  Read
  Read Haustür front door   Read  Read
  Read Vorspann front team   Read  Read
  Read Leadsinger front man   Read  Read
  Read Wellenfläche wave front   Read  Read
  Read Vorhof front court   Read  Read
  Read Hintersetzer false front   Read  Read
  Read Stirnseite front end   Read  Read
  Read Blende front panel   Read  Read
  Read Korne front sights   Read  Read
  Read Stirnwand front wall   Read  Read
  Read Rezeption front desk   Read  Read
  Read Juristenstand legal front   Read  Read
  Read Vorgarten front yard   Read  Read
  Read Flammrohr front pipe   Read  Read
  Read Orgelprospekt organ front   Read  Read
  Read Cercle front stalls   Read  Read
  Read Prospekt (von Orgel) front   Read  Read
  Read als Strohmann dienen front   Read  Read
  Read Kopfsprung front dive   Read  Read
  Read Titelblatt front page   Read  Read
  Read Titelseite front page   Read  Read
  Read Hauptkampflinie main front   Read  Read
  Read Sperrsitz front seats   Read  Read
  Read Kassenbereich front end   Read  Read
  Read Stirnwand front plate   Read  Read
  Read Stoßwelle shock-wave front   Read  Read
  Read Suchlicht front light   Read  Read
  Read Titelei front matter   Read  Read
  Read Deckblatt front cover   Read  Read
  Read Objektivträger camera front   Read  Read
  Read Informationstechnik IT front   Read  Read
  Read Ansichtsplan front view   Read  Read
  Read Geschäftsfassade shop front   Read  Read
  Read Vorsatzlinse front lens   Read  Read
  Read Titelseite front cover   Read  Read
  Read vor in front of   Read  Read
  Read Eingangstür front door   Read  Read
  Read Titelfigur front pager   Read  Read
  Read vorweg at the front   Read  Read
  Read vors in front of   Read  Read
  Read Titelseiten front pages   Read  Read
  Read Vorgarten front garden   Read  Read
  Read Bandzug front tension   Read  Read
  Read Geschäftswelt business front   Read  Read
  Read Seitenverstellung cross front   Read  Read
  Read Grenzschutz front guard   Read  Read
  Read Griffblende front panel   Read  Read
  Read Vorbau front building   Read  Read
  Read Bedienerfeld front panel   Read  Read
  Read Vorzug train in front   Read  Read
  Read vorsetzen sit in front   Read  Read
  Read Zentralbüro front office   Read  Read
  Read Anflugleitstrahl front beam   Read  Read
  Read Regierungsbank front bench   Read  Read
  Read Radlader fronted loader   Read  Read
  Read Spitzenreiter front runner   Read  Read
  Read vorausgehen go in front   Read  Read
  Read Aufriß front elevation   Read  Read
  Read Verschlussplatte front plate   Read  Read
  Read voranstellen put in front   Read  Read
  Read Beifahrer front passenger   Read  Read
  Read Endtriebwagen front railcar   Read  Read
  Read Vorblende front diaphragm   Read  Read
  Read Schöndruck front printing   Read  Read
  Read Spitzenkandidat front runner   Read  Read
  Read Spitzenreiterin front runner   Read  Read
  Read Vorauszahlungen front moneys   Read  Read
  Read Arbeitskontakt front contact   Read  Read
  Read vorgelagert in front of   Read  Read
  Read Kopfleitwerk front controls   Read  Read
  Read vorausfahren drive in front   Read  Read
  Read Stirnverzahnung front gearing   Read  Read
  Read Stoßwelle Shock wave front   Read  Read
  Read Bugbewaffnung front armament   Read  Read
  Read Empfang Front of House   Read  Read
  Read Blendmauer blind front wall   Read  Read
  Read Nagezahn rodent front tooth   Read  Read
  Read vorgehen go up in front   Read  Read
  Read VAM front axle module   Read  Read
  Read vorlassen let go in front   Read  Read
  Read Vorbreite front porch width   Read  Read
  Read Vorsteckfach front feed chute   Read  Read
  Read MILF Moro Islamic Liberation Front   Read  Read
  Read Vorrechner front end processor   Read  Read
  Read Fahrerlehne front seat backrest   Read  Read
  Read Spoiler rear / front spoiler   Read  Read
  Read Vorrechner front end processors   Read  Read
  Read Störklappe rear / front spoiler   Read  Read
  Read Abreißkante rear / front spoiler   Read  Read
  Read Luftleitblech rear / front spoiler   Read  Read
  Read voreinander in front of each other   Read  Read
  Read voreinander one in front of the other   Read  Read
  Read Augen geradeaus! eyes front!   Read  Read
  Read erster Waggon front carriage   Read  Read
  Read falsche Fassade false front   Read  Read
  Read gute Stube front parlor   Read  Read
  Read gute Stube front parlour   Read  Read
  Read verdeckte Knopfleiste fly front   Read  Read
  Read offener BH open front bra   Read  Read
  Read verkehrt herum back to front   Read  Read
  Read Slip ouvert open front panty   Read  Read
  Read Stirn (von Taste) key front   Read  Read
  Read Stirnkante (von Taste) key front   Read  Read
  Read an der Spitze in front   Read  Read
  Read Mädchen am Empfang front desk girl   Read  Read
  Read in pleno in front of everyone   Read  Read
  Read Mann an der Spitze front man   Read  Read
  Read recto folio on the front (of a page)   Read  Read
  Read ins Feld hinausziehen to go to the front   Read  Read
  Read im Feld stehen to be at the front   Read  Read
  Read ins Feld gehen to go to the front   Read  Read
  Read ins Feld rücken to go to the front   Read  Read
  Read ins Feld ziehen to go to the front   Read  Read
  Read an der Spitze sein to be in the lead, to be in front   Read  Read

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