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Voice Reader: High quality speech output app which will read you text in a total of 21 languages and in 32 voices.
Travel Voice Translator: GET CONNECTED - Travel Voice Translator, the world's first voice to voice app with Bluetooth-chat and offline folder system! Requires a stable Internet connection.
Voice Reader Web: Your expert for website-reading with 32 voices, clever browser functionality and a feature for saving webpages offline.
LinguaDict: Professional offline dictionary app with speech output and daily jokes.(A smile a day keeps the doctor away!)
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  Read gefroren (adj) frozen (adj)   Read  Read
  Read eingefroren frozen   Read  Read
  Read tiefgefroren frozen   Read  Read
  Read hartgefroren frozen   Read  Read
  Read hart gefroren frozen   Read  Read
  Read angefroren frozen on   Read  Read
  Read festgefroren hard frozen   Read  Read
  Read abgefrorenes Ohr frozen ear   Read  Read
  Read steif gefroren frozen stiff   Read  Read
  Read eingefrorene Zone frozen zone   Read  Read
  Read eingefrorener Fluss frozen flux   Read  Read
  Read eingefrorenes Rohr frozen pipe   Read  Read
  Read eingefrorenes Geld frozen money   Read  Read
  Read gefrorener Auftrag frozen order   Read  Read
  Read hart gefroren frozen stiff   Read  Read
  Read Frieren (n) freeze (n)   Read  Read
  Read Einfrieren freeze   Read  Read
  Read einfrieren freeze   Read  Read
  Read anfrieren freeze on   Read  Read
  Read ausfrieren freeze out   Read  Read
  Read überfrieren freeze over   Read  Read
  Read Stopp (n m) freeze (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lohnstopp pay freeze   Read  Read
  Read Lohnstopp wage freeze   Read  Read
  Read Preisstopp price freeze   Read  Read
  Read Rüstungsstopp arms freeze   Read  Read
  Read Einstellstopp hiring freeze   Read  Read
  Read Stop (n) freeze (n)   Read  Read
  Read Lohnstop pay freeze   Read  Read
  Read Lohnstop wage freeze   Read  Read
  Read Preisstop price freeze   Read  Read
  Read zufrieren (v) freeze (v)   Read  Read
  Read zufrieren freeze up   Read  Read
  Read zufrieren freeze over   Read  Read
  Read gefrieren (v) freeze (v)   Read  Read
  Read zugefroren (adj) frozen (adj)   Read  Read
  Read zugefroren frozen in   Read  Read
  Read zugefrorener Fluss frozen river   Read  Read
  Read Pause (n) freeze (n)   Read  Read
  Read Frost (n) freeze (n)   Read  Read
  Read Frostschutz Freeze protection   Read  Read
  Read Frost-Tau-Test freeze thaw test   Read  Read
  Read erfroren (adj) frozen (adj)   Read  Read
  Read erfroren frozen to death   Read  Read
  Read erfrorene Pflanze frozen plant   Read  Read
  Read vereisen (v) freeze (v)   Read  Read
  Read vereisen freeze over   Read  Read
  Read eiskalt (adj) freezing (adj)   Read  Read
  Read eiskalter Wind freezing wind   Read  Read
  Read harsch (adj) frozen (adj)   Read  Read
  Read Harsch crust of frozen snow   Read  Read
  Read eineisen (v) freeze (v)   Read  Read
  Read eineisen freeze over   Read  Read
  Read fixieren (v) freeze (v)   Read  Read
  Read Fenster fixieren Freeze Panes   Read  Read
  Read harschig (adj) frozen (adj)   Read  Read
  Read erstarren (v) freeze (v)   Read  Read
  Read frosten (v) freeze (v)   Read  Read
  Read kühlen (v) freeze (v)   Read  Read
  Read Preisstopps (n) price freezes (n)   Read  Read
  Read vereist (adj) freezes (adj)   Read  Read
Other results    
  Read eingefroren froze   Read  Read
  Read Gefrieren freezing   Read  Read
  Read tiefgekühlt frozen   Read  Read
  Read Einfrieren freezing   Read  Read
  Read ausschließen freeze   Read  Read
  Read Einfrierung freezing   Read  Read
  Read Einfrostung freezing   Read  Read
  Read einfrierend freezing   Read  Read
  Read GP freezing point   Read  Read
  Read vereist frozen over   Read  Read
  Read TK-Ware frozen foods   Read  Read
  Read harschen freeze over   Read  Read
  Read rausekeln freeze out   Read  Read
  Read Eisregen frozen rain   Read  Read
  Read Nullrunde pay freeze   Read  Read
  Read Erstp. freezing point   Read  Read
  Read saukalt freezing cold   Read  Read
  Read Eisnebel freezing fog   Read  Read
  Read Kühltruhe deep freeze   Read  Read
  Read anfrierend freezing on   Read  Read
  Read Standbild freeze frame   Read  Read
  Read zufrierend freezing up   Read  Read
  Read Standbild freeze image   Read  Read
  Read Frostboden frozen soil   Read  Read
  Read hinausekeln freeze out   Read  Read
  Read Gefriergut frozen cargo   Read  Read
  Read Eispunkt freezing point   Read  Read
  Read lausekalt freezing cold   Read  Read
  Read hundekalt freezing cold   Read  Read
  Read Gefrierkost frozen food   Read  Read
  Read Gefriergut frozen foods   Read  Read
  Read Standbild freezing frame   Read  Read
  Read Gefrierfisch frozen fish   Read  Read
  Read Kühlfalle freezing trap   Read  Read
  Read Frostboden frozen ground   Read  Read
  Read Gefrierfach freezing box   Read  Read
  Read Hundekälte freezing cold   Read  Read
  Read Tiefkühlkost Frozen food   Read  Read
  Read Gefrierzeit freezing time   Read  Read
  Read Preisstopp price freezing   Read  Read
  Read Frostnacht freezing night   Read  Read
  Read Eissoufflé frozen souffl   Read  Read
  Read Sperrbestand frozen stock   Read  Read
  Read Eisfläche frozen surface   Read  Read
  Read Gefrierladung frozen cargo   Read  Read
  Read Kältespray freezing spray   Read  Read
  Read Bodenfrost Ground freezing   Read  Read
  Read Tiefkühlware frozen foods   Read  Read
  Read Luftgefrieren air freezing   Read  Read
  Read Kreditsperre credit freeze   Read  Read
  Read Tiefkühlware frozen goods   Read  Read
  Read Freeze-Stempel freeze mark   Read  Read
  Read Kühlmittel freezing agent   Read  Read
  Read Tiefkühlkost frozen foods   Read  Read
  Read Gefrierfleisch frozen meat   Read  Read
  Read Titelteilung title freezing   Read  Read
  Read Kältemittel freezing agent   Read  Read
  Read Gefrierpunkt freezing point   Read  Read
  Read Tauchgefrieren dip freezing   Read  Read
  Read Tiefkühlfleisch frozen meat   Read  Read
  Read Frostwetter freezing weather   Read  Read
  Read Tiefkühlpackung frozen pack   Read  Read
  Read Lyophilisation freeze drying   Read  Read
  Read Schocktunnel freezing tunnel   Read  Read
  Read Frostkennzahl freezing index   Read  Read
  Read Tiefkühlzelle freezing cell   Read  Read
  Read Tiefkühlprodukt frozen food   Read  Read
  Read Gefriertechnik deep freezing   Read  Read
  Read Gefrierschnitt frozen section   Read  Read
  Read Gefrieranlage freezing plants   Read  Read
  Read Gefriertrockner freeze dryers   Read  Read
  Read Schockgefrieren fast freezing   Read  Read
  Read Bildstillstand frozen picture   Read  Read
  Read Änderungsnummer freeze stamp   Read  Read
  Read Nullgradgrenze freezing level   Read  Read
  Read Gefrierpunkte freezing points   Read  Read
  Read befinden freeze to zero   Read  Read
  Read Lohnstopp freezing of wages   Read  Read
  Read erfrierend freezing to death   Read  Read
  Read Preisstopp freezing of prices   Read  Read
  Read Mittelbindung freezing of funds   Read  Read
  Read Kreditsperre freezing of credit   Read  Read
  Read ausfrieren separate by freezing   Read  Read
  Read auf den Nullpunkt sinken freeze   Read  Read
  Read Kontosperre freeze of an account   Read  Read
  Read Mensch fresh frozen human ossicles   Read  Read
  Read Betriebsart Halten freeze mode   Read  Read
  Read vereiste Straße frozen road   Read  Read
  Read plötzliche Kälte freak freeze   Read  Read
  Read kalte Zone frozen zone   Read  Read
  Read gesperrtes Konto frozen account   Read  Read
  Read gesperrtes Depot frozen deposit   Read  Read
  Read gesperrter Kredit frozen credit   Read  Read
  Read gefrierender Nebel freezing fog   Read  Read
  Read starr vor Schreck frozen with terror   Read  Read
  Read jn. rausekeln to freeze s.o. out   Read  Read

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